November 22, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well here it is Sunday and I’ve just returned from having dinner and boy what a dinner. Cream of Tomato soup, boiled ham, carrots, potatoes and ice cream and apple pie for dessert. Boy oh boy will I be putting open weight for you.
Well dear only a couple more days and it is the end of the month and then December, and then you will be here. My boss, Sergeant Weldon asked me about going home to Toronto on my 5 days leave and he said that he didn’t think it was worth it because for one thing the train would at least 2 days to get home and it would cost about $45 anyway. Then I said I was mainly going home to bring you down, well then he said why don’t I get a room at the Nova Scotian for my leave for 4 or 5 days. I really think that would be a lot of fun darling don’t you? Just you and I together for 5 days. I really do think that would be best even though I would like to come home very much. I would only be home for 1 day anyway. But darling I want to find out what you really think is best before I decide finally.
I will have 5 days starting on the evening of December 28th until the morning of January 3rd so darling if you could leave Toronto the morning of the 27th you would get in here he night of the 28th. I’m going to go to the accounts Section and get your transportation warrant. I will send it down to you and you will have to bring it in to the station for a train ticket. Dear, I would like you to make your reservation early so that you will be sure to get a good berth and seat. Let me know whether you want an upper or lower. I think an upper would be awful. Well anyway darling I won’t make any definite arrangements until I hear from you so you let me know what you think would be best.
I can hardly wait to see you again dear and thank goodness it won’t be like last time and I won’t have to leave you after 2 weeks. It will be just like another honeymoon darling and that is why I thought it would be very,. very nice to stay at a hotel for the first 4 or 5 days.
Well let me see what has happened since I last wrote you, nothing very much as usual. I’ve been doing a little painting and drawing. Friday night I went to the station theatre and saw a funny pair of pictures. Saturday night I went downtown and sae “Flying Tigers” boy, now that really is a great picture. Have you seen it yet dear, it is certainly worth seeing. Tonight I guess I will go to the show again. I don’t know what the picture it bit it is the only thing to do on a Sunday night.
So you are still worried about not getting enough money, well dear you say that now but I have more than I know what to do with down here, and I want you to spend that $75 that you will be getting this month on yourself. I’ve got so much myself that I didn’t even go up at the middle of the month and get my pay. I’m going to let it total up until you get down because I’ll need it then. You had better bring our bank book down with you and if you need any loose cash let me know because you will have to buy your meals on the train.
I’ve ordered a dozen Christmas cards dear so if there is anybody in particular that you would like me to send some to just let me know. I figured I would have 2 or 3 people I would send them to myself. Maybe you can get some addresses from my Mom and Pop, specifically anyone who is the states that we should be sending the Christmas cards to.
Well dear I’ve got to hurry because I want to get this int he make by 2 o’clock. I should have written you yesterday afternoon dear, but I had to work for a while and I did not get a chance.
I guess Marg is getting excited. I would have liked to see the wedding for Marg’s sake but after the way Ted acted I would not go across the street to see him married, but anyways darling I know you will be the loveliest girl there anyways. Just you make sure that the other guys know that you are my wife, and my one true love. I think what you had in mind for Marg’s Christmas gift is very nice and you go ahead and get it. You can get my Dad a pipe for me dear and I do not know what to get my Mother and for your Mom and Pop something very nice and do not forget baby Beverley too and from the bottom of my heart I just wish that was our baby we were buying presents for.
Well darling loving you very, very much and hoping to see you soon dear.
I remain you very loving husband,



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