November 17th, 1942

Hello Dearest;

I received your very nice letter today so I thought I would answer it right away. I see you received my wee letter, I know it was shorter than usual but I still don’t think it was wee, gosh one of the girls in our office was writing her husband down at work and she wrote him one page. She was saying she never writes him much more so I don’t think you do too bad.
I have just came in from the show and as soon as I write your letter I am going to hop into bed. I went to the show with Irene and saw 2 swell pictures. I was talking to your Mom before I went to the show and she was at the dentist today, but she did not get the rest of her teeth pulled. She just got he impressions taken. I was going over to see her tomorrow night but Mom and Dad have to go to a meeting so I have to stay home and watch Beverley, so your Mother said she would come over and say with me.
Yes darling I know you were getting a parcel from Mrs. McCombie as she was telling your Mother that she was going to send you one so be sire and write her Bill because I think it was very nice of her, and I’ll just her those boys enjoyed those cigarettes.
I am glad you told me about your Mom and Pop’s anniversary, have you any suggestions what I can get them dear? Auntie Lizzie is having a shower for Marg next Friday so I thought I would give your Mother her gift there, but let me know what you think. There is also another shower for Marg on Wednesday over at Mrs. Collards and another one on the first Wednesday in December and Ann Noddle and I are having one for her the 2nd week in December, oh boy what fun.
I was down at Auntie Bessie’s cutting out pictures for Marg’s brides book last night and I will have to go down on Friday night again, poor Marg I am telling her so many lies.
You were saying Bill that if I wanted any Ari Force Cards you would send them to me. I think they would be very nice, but I have 2 boxes here which I bought about 2 months ago, so I am well ahead of you. Bill dear I am going to get mad at you, I told you not to sign any more money over to me, because I said before you will not have enough for yourself. I see that I am going to have to give you a talking to when I come down here so just watch out.
You were also saying that if I wanted to I could come by T.C.A, that is nice of you Bill, but I think I would rather wait until you were with me on my first trip and anyway we can use that $10.00 because it is going to cost us quite a bit and darling here is the good news. I finally went in and asked Mr. Court for my months leave and he was very nice about it and said I could have it off as long as I did not leave him for Christmas. Boy was I relieved when he said I could.
Marg went into her boss yesterday and asked is she could take 5 weeks off, but he told her he would only allow 2 weeks leave as it was some new government order that no one can have more than 2 weeks leave. So I guess I was lucky because Mr. Court did not know about this new rule.
Boy you sure have fun down there, only why do they always pick on poor Bob? I think I will have to take him under my wing when I come down. Have they played any jokes on you yet?
Ok Bill darling I am getting so excited, you had better wear a red rose on your label when you meet me as I might not know who you are. Another thing Bill, maybe you had better send my bill for the radio up in your next letter as I might need it, I don’t think I will bust just in case.
Auntie Bessie had a letter from your Uncle Stan today saying that he was coming home as an instructor as a Sergeant Major, but she got a telegram last week saying that his leave had been cancelled. Wasn’t that a shame, so poor Auntie Bessie was feeling pretty blue tonight. I do not blame her because it has been 3 years since Uncle left here.
Bill dear I thought we would buy Beverley a play-pen for Christmas. I thought we could get Marg a coffee table for a wedding present as she and Auntie Jessie have us our Tea Wagon. So I am going to take Marg with me when I buy it because I might choose something she did not care for, so we will go up to College St Eaton’s on Saturday afternoon and get it. Do you think that is OK?
Mrs Collard was telling us that Ian was recommended for his commission, but we have not told anyone yet in case it is a lot of talk and I am not sure if he will like that or not because he wanted to be back home in Scotland for Christmas. But if he gets his commission he might be kept here as an instructor and he always said he didn’t envy anyone who became an instructor as it is a tough job. I think Bill that is a lot of talk, you know how people make more out a small thing to make themselves feel important.
Well darling I am afraid I will have to close now because it is getting late and I have to do a lot before I go to bed. But darling I will write you again on Thursday or Friday.
So dearest loving you with all of my heart and just think dear it won’t be line before I will be able to have you in my arms and kiss you for real. Love,



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