November 15th, 1942

Hello Honey:

I received your wee letter darling and I hoped I would write a longer one than that last one even though I have not got very much news.
The weather has turned real cold over night here dear but the barracks are so hot that we have to open the windows to cool off. I was down to the YMCA yesterday afternoon and I saw this guy about getting a place, but he said I had come too early because I would put a months rent down to hold a place. So he said to come back in a couple of weeks and he said he would see that he could do then. He had about 50 places yesterday and he said I should not have to much trouble at all getting a place and I really don’t think we should myself. We will take the first place I get a chance at and then you can look around for a better place.
I received a nice parcel from Mrs. McCombie and she sent a cooked of packages of cigarettes, 100 in all. So I split them up amongst the boys and they were very glad to get them. I guess I had better written her a small note thanking her.
My Mom and Pop are celebrating their marriage celebration around the 27th I think dear. So I thought you could buy something nice from the both of us. So I’ll leave it up to you darling. You are getting your 20% off now aren’t you? Well how about doing some of my shopping for you and I. You can send some presents to my Aunts and Uncles from the both of us and to my Mom and Pop. I can get hold of some Air Force cards down here so if you want me to send some down to you at your address let me know.
I went to the show last night dear and saw “Desperate Johnny” last night. Boy it was certainly a great picture if you have not seen it dear make sure you don’t miss it. And that guy Flynn, what does he have that makes girls sigh, maybe it is because of what they read in the paper about him, having some trouble with a girl.
Well dearest, in just about 4 weeks now and boy am I ever looking forward to see you. It has been 3 months to the day that I left and darling it really had gone by so slowly. I guess I can hold out for another month.
By the way dear if you get your Air Force Marriage pay at the end of the month don’t worry about it because I signed over $40 to you so you should get $75. I figured you would need some extra money at Christmas and don’t worry about me because I’ve got so much money that I didn’t even go down to get paid on the 15th. I’m going to buy your Transportation Warrant dear and send it down to you. I won’t need to get it for 3 weeks or so, so I’ll give you all the instructions by then. I was told that is only costs about $10 more to go by T.C.A so darling if you think you would like that let me know.
Ted really is not doing right by Marg is he? I really did not think any family could be so mean as they are. I’m certainly glad that we have not got any troubles like that dear. I was kind of hoping that Marg would call the whole thing off and you could come down right away. But I guess she must like him to well.
We had more fun around here last night. One of the boys filled up a new “safe” with water and tied the end, then this person put it in Bob’s bed and boy what a mess it was. He is still drying out his bed and mattress today.
I have spent the last 3 hours writing letters and my hand is beginning to cramp something awful. I got your letter and my Aunts finished so I guess I won’t have time to get my Mothers letter finished tonight, but I will write her tomorrow.
Well dearest missing you very, very much and loving you from the bottom of my heart.
I remain you very loving husband,



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