November 13th, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well here it is Friday night and I know I promised to write you last night but I felt sort of sick in the stomach so I went right to bed when I came home form work, but I feel swell today. I went to work today as usual so don’t worry darling there are no little Lewis’ yet.
This will be a rather hurried letter because this is the night of the shower for Marg and I would be late by the time we got home, so I thought I would write you now. We are having quite a time. Marg and I are supposed to go to Doris’ for a fitting on our dresses and we were to pick up Irene, thats how we were supposed to get her down to Auntie Bessie’s, but good Ole Marg has decided she doesn’t want to go out, so I will have to hurry and think of something. Boy is it ever cold here tonight. I’ll bet it is below zero or pretty close to it.
If you hear that awful screaming down there, that is just Beverley. She is crawling all over the front room floor. She really is not crying, but learning to talk and what an awful noise she makes. I am glad dear that you got the radio OK and I am glad that you get so many stations. How come you just get them after 12 o’clock. Or is that the time you get in at nights. Oh now the truth comes out eh? Just wait until I get my hands on you and darling that will not be long now.
I was over to see you Mom and Dad on Wednesday night and they are fine dear, but I guess she told you in her letter. Your Dad was working though and did not get home until 9PM. I had a piece of gum stuck on the back of my coat that some kid threw at me at the circus and it was annoying me. So Dad got some gasoline and took it off for me. I was going to phone your Mom tonight but I will be seeing her at Auntie Bessie’s so I won’t bother. Aunt Agnes and Aunt Mattie were supposed to come also but Aunt Mattie isn’t able to get out so Aunt Agnes will not be coming either as she doesn’t like to leave her alone. Did you write them yet Bill? I hope so. You should have joined the bowling club because I could go and watch you when I come down or is it strictly stag?
Well dear it is all settled with Marg and Ted. Marg is giving in and is going over there to stay with the Simpsons. So I hope the Simpson’s are happy now that they have their own way, but I only hope that they are half as happy as what we are dear and that they have as much love for each other as we have, but I guess they have in their own peculiar way.
I am glad that I won’t have to bring a lot of things down with me dear because I won’t spoil my things but I will take some bedding and towels down with me., Your Mother was telling me not to come home with a lots of kids and I said no more then 5, I promise.
I guess I will go to the show tomorrow night. I don’t know what is on yet but I hope they are good. I am going to stay downtown tomorrow afternoon and do some looking around because I am going to do my Christmas shopping on my 20%. I told your Mom she could put her things on my 20% if she wanted to. I certainly picked a swell day to stay down because its the Santa Claus Parade tomorrow morning and I just know the stores will be crowded, but as you know dear I am a bear for punishment. Any more word on your Christmas leave yet dear? Gosh I hope you get home even if it is for only 1 day.
Well dear I am really sorry but I will have to finish now as I promised I would get Beverley dressed for Mom as she is going to Aunt Bessie’s also, but darling I will promise to write you a nice long one on Sunday.
So dearest, loving you with all my heart, your loving wife,



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