November 11th, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well here it is on Wednesday night and I really feel like writing you a long letter darling and I hope I can think of enough to make up for some of those short ones that I have been writing.
I’ve just returned from the canteen where I had a chocolate bar and a pint of milk and I’m all by myself, oh yes and I forgot to say that I’m listening to Harry James. I received your radio dear and I’m really tickled pink with it. I can get about 20 stations on it and that is after 12 o’clock and I had it going here until 1 o’clock this morning. In fact I almost got thrown out of the barracks for having it on so late. I can just imagine us dancing to some go this music when you come down here. Time is really just sliding by, just a little more than 5 weeks.
The boys all went bowling tonight and that is why I am alone. I would have joined the bowling club but I figured that when you come down next month I would have to quit and so it wouldn’t be much use starting just for a month or so. The weather is still holding out fine. I have not put on my heavy coat yet and I just hope it stays like this until the end of the month anyway. It really has been the swellest summer and fall that I can ever remember.
I received my Mothers letter and as usual it had all the latest gossip. I’m so very sorry to hear that my Aunt is failing fast. I just hope that I get a chance to see her again before anything happens, because I would never be able to get over it if anything ever happened and I did not get a chance to get home.
So your Mom and Pop are looking over my Aunts place? I hope they can get settled in some place before the weather gets too cold. Accordingly to the news today I wouldn’t be too surprised if we aren’t looking for a nice little bungalow for ourselves in the next year, as soon as this darn war is over.
So you have a couple of surprises for me? I really haven’t got the slightest idea what it could be darling but we aren’t going to have an addition to the Lewis family are we dear? I wouldn’t mind myself, in fact I would feel pretty proud but I guess it must be something else. By the way I hope to have a couple of surprises for you too darling.
I feel so sorry for Marg, the more I hear about that guy Simpson the madder I feel. If I was Marg I know that I would tell him and those Simpsons, and that would free her up as well as you to come down here sooner.
No dear you don’t have to bring those things. I was talking to that fellow I was telling you about in my last letter and he said that for you to bring down as little as you possibly can and to send home for anything you need. So you baked a pie, nice going dear. I know you can cook anyway and it really wasn’t a surprise.
You can say that again dear, about us having a lot of fun when this war is over. This army life is really going to make me appreciarte getting back home in fact I don’t think I’ll go out of my house for at least a month once I get back to Toronto with you.
Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if I do run into Ian when he comes down here to ship back off to England, but as you said I will keep an eye out for him, and of course an eye “on” him.
Well darling I guess I will have to cut this short but as the vocalist for Harry James is singing “you’re always in my mind, but out of sight” from the song “This Love is Mine” So darling with all my love, I remain your loving husband,



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