November 5th, 1942

Hello my Darling:

I am awful sorry dear, I am so late in writing you but I was out last night and didn’t get a chance to write you but I guess one night won’t make much difference. I received you grand letter tonight dear and as usual after I finished reading the letter I always feel much better, they seem to bring you so much closer to me, does that sound funny to you?
I am feeling fine dear except that I have a wee cold but it is not bad but I am using all of Pop’s hankies up. Everyone here is fine dear including your Mom and Dad. I went down not he streetcar with your Dad this morning and he was wanting to know if I had heard from you so I will tell him all the news tomorrow.
I took Mom to the show last night as she has not been with me for some time but the pictures were not very good but Mom enjoyed them and on Tuesday night I took my material down to have the dress made. The woman who used to make my dresses had a heart attack this summer and the doctor told her she had to quit sewing so I had to find another dressmaker. I am going to one on Paps Avenue so I hope she is OK.
Tonight we all went down to Auntie Bessie’s as it was Aunt Jessie’s night off, but we did not stay long as we were all tired and as soon as I finish your letter I am going to be (all by myself darn it!) as I always say no future in that.
Bill darling I sent your radio down to you, so by the time you receive this letter your might have the radio but if not be on the look out for it and let me know if you recieve it ok. I couldn’t get that one I was telling you about but I got a better one, you just have to plug it in. There was only one left and it was sold but it so happens the man I bought the radio off had one put away for a friend of his and at the last moment the order was cancelled so he told me I had better take it now, so I did. I got a RCA Victor radio and it cost $27.50 but the man was going to give me my 20% off so that brings it down to $22.03 which is not bad. I ordered it yesterday so I didn’t think it should take longer than a week to get to you. Now don’t you go selling this one.
As usual it is raining tonight again, but it has turned mild which I don’t mind and I certainly hope it stays that way until after Christmas. Auntie Bessie is having a shower for Marg next Friday night so I guess we will all be busy around here next week. Poor Marg I think she will have a nervous breakdown before her wedding and I am not kidding. She was off work today and she does not look good and it is all around those Simpsons, her future in-laws. Bill that I should say such a thing but I dislike everyone of the Simpsons. I know I’m terrible but I can’t help but, if you could only see how much unhappiness they are causing Marg because she will not go over there and stay with them. They had an awful row over there the other night. Auntie Jessie went over there with Marg and the things they called Auntie Jessie was just horrible. Mrs Simpson came over here to see Mom, not for a friendly visit mind you, as she was snubbing her something awful but my Mother sure told her off. She told her it was entirely up to Marg and Ted what they wanted to do and where they wanted to live and it is not up to anybody else. They said if Marg did not give in and come over to live with them, they might as well call the whole wedding off. Boy that burned me up, it is not up to them to call the whole thing off, it is up to Marg and Ted. I know they do not care for me and I can handle that part. I will tell you all the details when you come home as I could go on for hours and hours talking about all the problems they cause for a lot of people.
Well enough of that now to get onto some cherry news. Bill darling if you only knew how much I am looking froward to coming down to you, but darling I promise I will certainly make up for all the lost time. Darling you were saying that you hoped you got a real nice place for me well dear do not worry about that because I would be tickled to stay in a tent with you and I really mean that Bill. So do not worry about me not liking the place you get for me because I know I will love it. I don’t care as long as you are with me. Gosh darling I miss you so much.
Well dearest I guess I will finish now because it is about 12PM, but I promise I will write you on Sunday.
So darling until I hear from you again, lots and lots of love



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