November 3rd, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your swell letter yesterday dear, and I really am sorry that I didn’t answer it last night. I went to the station show and I came back but, there was a blackout for the rest of the night and I couldnt get it started after all that.
The weather down here has been great too dear, it has been warm and even at nights, but I hope by the time that you get down here dear the nights will be cooler so we can lie close in bed together. It is so nice that the darn flies are bothering me something awful while I’m writing this.
Darling that $60 that you received is all yours and you do just what you want with it. I think myself, taking out a War Bond is a good idea and if you want any clothes or anything go ahead and get them darling.
Well let me see what I’ve done since last wrote. Oh yes, I went to the show on Saturday and saw “Forest Rangers” it was pretty colourful picture with wonderful scenery, but there wasn’t much of a story and darling, you certainly remind me of Paulette Goodard, no kidding. But I think you look a lot smarter and I wouldnt trade you for anyone dear and I mean that always darling.
So you are putting on weight, oh boy. I can’t wait until I see you again but I’m afraid the time is going to go by slowly. It certainly is wonderful being married isn’t it dear? Even though we are apart, knowing that we’ll be together before very long. I really don’t know how to put it down dear, but I just wish that I could give you a home and all the things that a girls could have when she is married, but someday dear I promise that I’ll make it all up to you. I only hope that you like it down here, I’m certainly going to try my best to help you enjoy yourself but as long as you are down here, that is all I want.
So you get 20% off on the 18th? I didn’t know that or I would have asked you to wait until then to get the radio but that is only saving $2.25 and that isn’t very much, but then again they might not have any left by then. Let me know how you make out dear on this situation.
Now about the room, well I haven’t decided on anything as of yet. I’m going to see this place tomorrow, but there are a lot of places I am going to look over. I’ll give you a lot more information about it towards the end of the week, but don’t worry about learning to cook or anything dear because I’ll look after everything. I just hope that I get a real swell place because it is for the nicest girl I know and darn it all but I’m so much in love with her I don’t know what I am going to do! That’s a good idea dear about bringing down a little as you can and then sending home for anything you need. You won’t really need very much, we can buy plates and cups and other things like that down here.
So Ted is going to fly home, boy he must have lots of money, it is certainly going to cost him something. I just hope that I get home for Christmas but we haven’t heard anything as yet. But if I don’t get off don’t worry about coming down on the train as I said before the one you’ll come on will be a sleeper and there won’t be hardly any soldiers on it as far as I know. It will cost you about $40. You’ll get on in Toronto and 9:15AM in the morning and change at Montreal, you will get the “Ocean Line” there and you’ll have your berth on it so you ought to have a swell trip. But I certainly hope that I can get down to come back with you.
I really don’t know what you can buy Ted & Marg for their wedding. How about a toaster or a lamp or even a baby carriage (They might be faster at that than us you know). I’ll leave it up to you dear.
We have Glen Grey on the radio and he is playing “Serenade in Blue”, it brings back those swell memories of when I used to come over to your place and listen to all those bands. Oh darling of those days were just back again and someday they will dear. Only we’ll be in a place or our won and I won’t have to go home every night, boy won’t that be wonderful. And Darling you know that you are the one and only girl that I ever want to be with from now on.
Well dear I’m sorry that I have not got any more to tell you except that I love you more than you’ll ever know but I’ll try to show you on your arrival down here.
So i’ll just close by saying, lots and lots of love darling,



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