November 2, 1942

Helo Darling:

Here I am again, I thought I would have had a letter from you today but no luck, but maybe I will have one tomorrow (I Hope).
How are you darling? Have you put on that 25 pounds yet? As for me I feel like a million bucks, so darling I hope the weeks hurry by so that I can be with you just to prove how much I do love you.
I was just talking to your Mother a few minutes ago and she was telling me she had a letter from you, so I was glad. She was all tickled with it. I am sorry to hear that you missed Lloyd, because I know he would have liked to have seen you before he went overseas. I guess he will be on his way by now because his Mother has not heard from him since he went down.
I am staying in tonight as Mon and Dad want to go down to Aunt Bessie’s for a little while, but I don’t mind because I want to wash my hair and I am still knitting on your socks, but don’t give up hope dear because I really hope to have them finished this week.
Saturday night I went to the show with Marg. The pictures were not that bad but I had seen better. As you know it was Halloween night and the poor kids got an awful night for it because it rained all night. Marg and I were soaked before we got to the show, but we took it ok. After the show we went over to Auntie Bessie’s and had a cup of tea, but we didn’t stay late. I was home and in bed by 11:30PM not bad eh?
Yesterday which was Sunday, I didn’t get up until 1PM. I was tired, I don’t know what from though. Then I phoned your Mother and she asked me over for dinner so I went and boy was it ever a grand dinner. There was just one thing missing dear and I think you know what it was. Yes dear it was you. We had dinner at 5 o’clock and Aunt Mattie, Aunt Agnes, Uncle Dave were there also. Your Aunt Leni has gone over to the States for a few days. After supper we all sat in the front room and had a nice evening. Your Dad drove me over to Auntie Lizzie’s when he took your Aunts home. Everyone was over at Aunt Lizzie’s because they wanted to see baby Beverley.
Everybody thinks she looks like Mother, except that they says she has eyes like me, only hers are big blue ones. Gosh Bill she gets cuter every day, you should see her now, she is just starting to crawl. She will be 8 months old tomorrow. Just think darling when we have a baby 8 months old.
Marg was just talking to Mrs Simpson and she said that she had a letter form Ted, and he has his ticket booked on the T.C.A and will be home for sure on the 23rd. He will have 17 days at home, seeing as he is flying home. So Marg is all tickled and I don’t blame her because I know how excited I am just thinking that I will have a month with you.
I think I will try an do all my Christmas shopping with my 20% off. Right at the present moment I am listening to Glen Miller and he is playing “At Last” and boy that is what I am going to say when I see you.
I guess you Mother will telll you when she writes you but she has all her teeth out except the 3 at the front and gosh you can hardly notice the difference. She will have her new teeth in about 3 weeks time. So you will not know when when you come home.
I bought some material today to have a new dress made. I have not put any of my new clothes on as I am saving them until I come down and see you as I want you to be the first person who sees me in them.
I think we will be starting to work overtime very soon because we are getting very busy. They were telling me that about 5 weeks before Christmas we work every night, but I don’t mind because if I work hard, I do not think my boss will mind me taking a month off. But as I said before darling I don’t care what he says, I am coming.
Well dearest I guess I will have to stop now because I have run out of news, but I hope I have a letter from you tomorrow. Then I will be able to give you more news when I write you on Wednesday.
So darling loving you from the very bottom if my heart
Lots of love and kisses



2 thoughts on “November 2, 1942

  1. Wishing Doreen had mentioned colour, style of her new dress. And titles of movies they were seeing.
    Poor Bill’s mother, probably about forty years old and had almost all her teeth removed!


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