October 25th, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well darling, here I am again, from your wee wife who can hardly wait to come down to you and just think darling it won’t be very long. I received your lovely letter dear on Friday and as I promised in my last letter that I would write you when I came home from Audry Shermans and honestly darling I had every intention of writing you but on our way home Marg and I saw a terrible accident at the corner of Greenwood and Danforth so both of us being very nosy we got off the streetcar and we were there for over an hour and we nearly froze as it was very cold and but he time we got home it was away after 1 and then I just crawled into bed.
There were 2 cars in the accident and both were overturned, you never sae such a mess of glass all over the place. We got there just as they were pulling the people out of the cars. In on car there were 3 fellows of about 20 years of age and int he other car there were 3 women and a little boy about 6. One lady had her hand cut, 2 of the women could walk away, the little boys head was bleeding and the other woman was unconscious. It took the ambulance and the police about half an hour to get there. So there you have it, our excitement for the night.
What have you been doing for excitement darling? I have not had a chance to go over and see your Mother and Dad this week, but if they are not going out today then I will go over tonight although I phone her all the time. Marg and I went down on the street car with your Dad yesterday morning and he wanted to know if I was still going down and I said yes. They have all made me practically promise that I would only stay 1 month, but I have not promised as I said in my last letter I don’t think I could leave you. Darling I hope I have a letter form you tomorrow, to let me know if coming down in December will be ok with you. I get so excited that I can hardly keep still. I was asking the kids at work if they thought Mr Court (thats my boss) would let me have a month off and they said sure, but even if he won’t I will still come but I think he will let me.
Will we be boarding darling or will I be cooking your meals because if I am I will have to start taking lessons so let me know dear so I will know just what to take down with me. Have you been around to see the people yet?
When I was at Audrey’s she gave me a little present and guess what I got? 2 pairs of cute panties one in white and one in pink so darling, I am putting them away until I come down to you. Are you all set to keep me warm because I here it is pretty cold down there in the winter time but if you promise to keep me warm, I don’t care how cold it gets. Audrey has a cute place she has a flat and she had furnished it very nice but I don’t envy her darling because I would rather wait until you come home so we could pick our things out together.
Marg is writing Ted just now, poor Marg she is having an awful time. Mrs. Simpson still wants her over there and so does Ted so she doesn’t know what to do. Did I tell you she is having Irene as a bridesmaid as well as me. We all have to got down for our fitting at Doris’ on Tuesday. I was at the show with Doris last night. Bob was on picket duty and could not get down this weekend. We went to the palace and had to stand in the lineup for over an hour. We had to wait until 9 o’clock show, but the pictures were very good so we didn’t mind. After the show we went tot he Alpine Grill and had something to eat.
Raymond Kinkaid got his call last week for the army, so he called long distance Alf Cormach as he still thinks he can place him in the office at the Air Force, so we will just wait and see.
Pop is sitting here in the front room eating peanuts and Mother is upstairs in the bed with Beverley and as soon as I finish your letter I am going to start on your other part of socks. I had started them before but I ran out of wool and when I went together some more will I could not get any to match my wool so I had to get some different kind so I will have to start all over again.
Darling when I come down there will you promise to take me to some dances? I am just dying to get down here to you. Darling I can just imagine the swell time we will have together. I have not told them here but I am going to try and get into Eaton’s in Halifax, but I will not say anything until I get down there and see if I can get in because both your Mother and my Mom will try and convince me to come home in case I am in the “family” way if you know what I mean.
Here I am all set to come down and I have not heard from you yet, because you might want me down here before Christmas but I think darling that I explained in my last letter why I couldn’t so darling I hope I get a letter from you tomorrow.
Well darling I guess I will finish now as I have no more news to tell you.
So dearest until I hear from you
All my love darling

P.S In eight weeks these will be real!

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