October 23, 1942

Hi Darling:

I have just received your last letter today dear, and you know just how glad I was to get it and practically this time because as you said we have something to look forward to.
I think you have the best idea about coming down after Marg’s wedding. I was thinking about that when I wrote you but since your husband loves you so very much darling I thought about the expense, but this way dear if your husband gets off at Christmas he will be able to bring you back. I really think that would be the best myself.
Here is the way I thought we could work it. You can try and get a months leave after Christmas that should not be hard since it will be pretty quiet but then, It will only cost about $35 to come down by first class and if you like it down here you can try and get a job down here and as I said before you should not have any trouble at all. Eaton’s and Simpson’s have both got dandy big stores. But I want you to know that it entirely depends on yourself dear, because you don’t have to work unless you want to yourself.
I can’t get a good radio at all down here darling, so I wondered if you could look around in Toronto and try and pick up a nice little mantel job. Something about $25 or so dear. I’ve saved up about $45 or so and if you came down it will certainly be nice to have a radio around. So darling look around but let me now what you think about it they are not making them now you know and I really think we should get one before that are all gone. I’ve got an offer on my portable and I think I’ll take it because I’m going to make $10 on it.
Well now for the news. I had a needle this afternoon but I guess your husband can take it because it didn’t bother me at all. But I knocked off for the afternoon anyways. I was going downtown to see “Panama Hattie” and have my dinner at the Nova Scotian but I think I’ll wait for tomorrow because they are going to have a show on at the station tonight.
I’ve been doing a lot of daydreaming about when you can come down dear. But I’m going to keep everything a surprise until you come down. But darling, I am going to try and make it all up to you. All the good times you have missed since I’ve been down here. It’s certainly a funny thing but I have not the slightest wish to go to dances or do anything since I’ve been married dear. I know I’ve got the sweetest and truest little wife waiting for me and darling I would not do a thing to mar the most beautiful thing in the world and darling that is our love for one another.
I don’t know how to put it down but I think you feel the same way as I do about it. It really is a wonderful feeling the way I feel, you feel it deep down inside yourself and darling I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.
Well now dear how are you fixed for money? I’m going to send you some money dear just for yourself and I want you to spend the lot on some nice clothes (don’t forget those sweaters) for when you can come down here. You know darling I think that you are the cutest bit of stuff I’ve seen. But you know that a it was only for your money that I married you.
So the red head in your office had you out, well you better watch out dear, she’s liable to lead you astray because you know that these wolfies really do go after married women. How long has she been in Toronto? And does she know the band? I’ve got one of the boys in the band working for me, he is the trumpeter and he is from Hamilton. That reminds me I don’t know if I told you about the drummer and his wife. She’s the cute little girl you saw at the station and reminds me so much of you. Well anyway he was riding in the streetcar and some man started talking to him and asked him if he played in the band down here, he said yes and they got talking. Well anyway this man is quite interested in music and he asked Bill Campshell, that’s the drummer, to come and live at his place and bring his wife and what a swell place they’ve got now, with the run of the house and kitchen and everything. So you see dear, somebody get the breaks down here and darling if you were down here anywhere our anyplace would seem like heaven.
Well dear I hope this letter does not seem too sentimental and mushy to you, but darling it is the way I feel about it and I want you to know how much you really mean to me and how much I love you.
But I think you do. So for now I’ll finish off by saying I hope I can just wait until I see you again but it seems so far away dear. So darling pray that the time passes swiftly.
All my love from the bottom of my heart.



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