October 21st, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well here i am again dear, your very lonely Halifax husband. I received your rather short letter yesterday but darling as usual it cheered me up very much.
Right now I’m arguing with the trumpet player in our orchestra about different bands. He is from Hamilton and is quite a boy, but aren’t all orchestra boys? He was giving all the gossip about the boys in the band down here. I was telling him that you look like the drummers wife, only cuter and darling as far as I am concerned you are the cutest and sweetest little girl of them all and darling you’ll always be that to me.
Well now darling I guess you have received my last letter by now and I certainly hope that you have decided to come down dear as soon as you say “yes” I’ll get hold of a place and even though it couldn’t be like the place I had always planned for you to have, but anyway darling we would be together and that is what counts the most to me right now.
We wouldn’t be able to save as much money dear, but I don’t think that really matters so very much, especially if I had to go overseas but I honestly don’t think that I’ll be going for quite a while now.
I want you to realize dear that you might only have one room darling and I wouldn’t mind that as long as you were there. We would have $102 coming in per month and if you wanted to get a job, you wouldn’t have a bit of trouble and I’m sure that we could get along fine on what we would make so honey it all depends on you.
You let me know what you decide and even though it is only a month or so, I want you to come down here very much dear. Let me know and I’ll get a place and I’ll forward you the train ticket and all you have to do is pack and come. The fare is about $40 and includes you berth and meals dear. And as I said before that would be well worth it.
So darling I won’t say anymore about it until I hear from you but darling you know how much I want you and miss you so I certainly hope that you decide to come. All the fellows I’ve talked to have said it was well worth it and that their wives liked it too.
The weather is still great, in fact it is almost like a summer day, but I would advise you to bring your new coat. Things as usual are pretty quiet. Bob is working nights and looks pretty well shot most of the time. Some of the boys and myself went to the show last night, we saw a couple of class “B” productions and as there was lots of action I didn’t much mind them.
There is a show on at the station tonight so I guess that is where I’ll go. This town has got some nice shows though in fact here are three or four nicer ones than we have in Toronto. I wrote my Mother on Monday so I guess she will have received my letter by now. I am glad to hear that she did not have any trouble with the dentist.
When you told me that Beverley was 9 months old I could hardly realize it. I mean the time seems to be going by so fast when you think of it like that, but the time seems so long since I have been with you and kissed you. But darling I certainly hope we can fix that up, what do you say?
Well I guess Marg is getting a bit nervous by now. Did you tell her not to worry and that everything will turn out OK, if her wedding turns out as good as ours, they will have swell time. Make sure you tell her from me not to worry so much.
I guess you and your Mom and Pop have not found a place yet to live? That is another thing that might be a benefit if you come down here dear. Your Mother and Pop can get an apartment easier than a house, but I certainly hope they find some sort of a place, as you have put it your current place is not up to snuff.
Well let me see now, I think that is about all dear but as soon as I get an answer I’ll write you and give you all the instructions and darling there isn’t a single reason for not coming down even though it might be only for 4 or 5 weeks and darling if it would worry you to quit Eaton’s forget about it because you could walk into a job anywhere. So dear here is hoping and don’t let anyone try to get you to decide, because it is whatever you decide and want to do yourself.
So darling hoping to see you soon and from the bottom of my heart I love you more everyday dear, so lets get together and do something about it, what do you say?



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