October 21st, 1942

Hello Darling:

I’ll start out by saying that I am an awful person for not writing sooner, but believe it or not dear your Toronto wife has been a busy woman.
At the present moment ut us raining cats and dogs and I am just soaked as I have just came in from work. So I thouhght I would write you before I had my supper because I will be rushing around after supper as your wife is stepping out tonight (With Mom and Pop). We are going to a party at the Watt’s place so Marg and Auntie Jessie are also going Oh and I almost forgot little Beverley. We are all taking her up there to show her off. You know Bill I think she is going to be curly as tonight her hair is all in little curls and she is fair. Boy is she stays that way she is certainly going to be a killer when she grows up. She is beginning to look like Mother everyday. Oh darling I wish we had one for our won, but as you say dear, there will come a day (I hope).
I am so glad Bill that you wrote you Mother. I was talking to her for a few minutes last night but I didn’t have long to talk to her because I had to meet Irene at the corner of Paps at 7. Your Mother was not feeling very well yesterday, I guess her mouth is bothering her although she never says, but Mother was talking to her today and she is fine. She was up at Aunt Amttie’s and Aunt Agnes baking Marg’s wedding cake. I am going to call her as soon as I finish your letter. Your Mom was at the dentist again on Monday and she had 3 teeth pulled.
Well darling what have you been doing with yourself? Oh by the way dear, remember that redhead I was telling you about in the office? Well we were chatting on our break the other day and guess where she comes from, Halifax, and boy if that is what the gals down here are like, then I bet you have your hands full. She certainly knows a lot about life and she is only 21! She has been married for 5 years, had a baby after the first year and now has been separated for 2 years. She know where you are stationed down there, as she used to go to all he dances and she knows a few boys in the band. Boy is she some gal.
Well dear as I was saying I have been quite busy this week. Monday night I went to the circus. This girl on our office knew one of the guys who was playing int he band at the circus and he gave her 2 tickets so she asked me if I would go with her and I said I would love to. I had a nice time at the circus but there were some newsboys sitting behind us and they threw some gum down and it got stuck on the back of my coat but other than that I enjoyed myself.
Tuesday night I went to the show with Irene and it wasn’t bad. Bill McKenzie has joined up and he is going away as a truck driver. I saw him when I was walking on Paps and we had a lovely talk. He might be going overseas and he told me that he has a girlfriend now. He has been going with her for 3 months and it is about time he had a girlfriend as he is almost 20 now.
Now darling, here is the important news, I guess I should have started with this. I have decided that I am going to come down o you for a month. I will ask for a months leave which I hope they will give me but if not I will just take it because I don’t I can stand being away from ou much longer. But the worst of it is I won’t be able to leave until about December 27th or 28th. I think Marg is planning on being married not he 26th which is on a Saturday, so I would try and leave on the Sunday if I can get a train out on the Monday, but I want to be down beside you for New Years. So darling do you think that will be OK? I couldn’t come down just now and leave Marg because she was so good to me before I was married, attending all of my showers and giving me one. So I would have to be here for Marg as I have my dress material, so darling do you think you can wait that long? I know I can because now I will have something to look forward to.
After I finished reading you letter I made my mind up that I was coming down to you even if it was only for a month, but as you say perhaps I will get a job down there and stay down with you because I am afraid that once I am near you again dear I won’t want to leave you.
Are you going over to see that couple about that place and darling don’t worry about me liking the place I don’t care if its a tent as long as I can be with you. Are you sure they will let you sleep over, or have you asked yet?
I think perhaps I would probably have the chance of going back to the General Office if I wanted to. I was taking to some of the girls who had left the office to be married and had been called back in. They just started calling them this week it seems they can’t get the girls I guess and they want the old experienced girls back, but I think if they call me I will tell them I am going to stay where I am. Although I like the kids over in the General office a lot better than where I am and I had a lot more fun, but I like my work in this office so that means a lot.
I was thinking about what happened to Jan Hamilton yesterday. I think she is working in the office at John St so I must give her a call. Now lets see if there is amy more gossip I can give you. Oh yes, Marg and I are going to see Audrey Sherman on Friday night, we have kept putting her off as she lives so far away but she phoned us the other night, so we promised we would go.
Well darling I guess I will finish now as I have to hurry and get dressed, but I will write you on Friday either before I go to Aundrey’s or after I come home.
So loving you an awful lot and darling just wait until I come down there

Love Doreen


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