October 18th, 1942

Hello my darling:

Here I am finally. I received your nice letter dear on Thursday but I didn’t get a chance to write you until now dear.
How are you keeping? Good, just keep it that way dear. It is now 5PM on Sunday and I am anxiously waiting for my supper as I am starved, so I thought I would start your letter before supper. Aunt Jessie just came in and of course she is making a bee line right for Beverley. You should see her Bill, she is getting to be a darling, she is 7 months old and she is just at the cute stage.
As per usual dear nothing exciting has happened here. Wednesday night I went up to see Helen Allan, and I was late getting home. They have a nice little house. She was saying that Jack might be getting a leave in a few weeks time, but she is not sure. Thursday night I went to the show with Doris, and it wasn’t too bad. She was expecting Bob home for the weekend as he gets every second weekend off. Don’t think I am envying her because I am not (much).
Friday night I went over to see your Mother as she was going to be alone as you Pop was stepping out, he was going to a stag party. Your Mother has some more teeth out on Friday but she is fine though. She goes back again on Monday.
Darling why don’t you drop her a line and thank her for that nice parcel she sent you? You are in the dog house again. Oh dear. You know dear if you would write her more often she would write you more. So how about it? I hate to have to remind you all the time dear, but don’t you dare tell your Mother I told you to write.
Did you get my socks dear? Were they too big?
Last night Mother and Dad wanted to go out, and they couldn’t take Beverley with them because she had a cold in her eye so I said I would stay in as it is the first Saturday I have stayed in for a long time. I asked Irene up because Marg was going over to sleep with Mrs. Simpson and Mrs Simpson was going away for the weekend. So Irene and I just had a nice evening here with her knitting and me with my reading. She is making Bob a sweater. Then Jessie can in so I guess it was about 1:30AM before they went home and about 2 before I got to bed. That is terrible seeing as how I am not used to being up so late.
They forgot it was my birthday last week, so they brought my present last night. So come home dear, as they bought me a pretty blue nightie, but I am just going to put it away until you come home. Which I hope is pretty soon.
Yes darling I certainly would like to come down there for a month or so with you, if you only knew how much I want to come down, but darling as you say we better wait for a while to see if and where you will be posted. I guess I will be needed here for Marg’s wedding because I will be giving her a shower. Of darling I hope with all my heart and soul that you are not posted overseas. Do you think I am terrible for saying that. I guess a lot of people would say well he is not the only one who has gone over, but darling I don’t care, so I will just pray that you get posted closer to home.
Darling what a terrible thing about that boat being torpedoed off the coast of Newfoundland? When I think all those poor little children being drowned it gives me the creeps. Oh darling its getting awfully close to home now don’t you think?
Your Mother was talking to Mrs Halliday yesterday and she was telling you Mother that Alex had transferred to the Navy and he is now Chief Petty Officer and he will either he stationed at Toronto or Ottawa. How is that for luck, but your Mother said he had pull.
I am going up to see you Aunt Mattie and Aunt Agnes tonight with your Mother and Dad. Aunt Mattie wasn’t feeling very well yesterday but I think she is some better today.
You were asking me if I has seen Gladys and how she was looking. Well dear I haven’t seen her but I hear she is looking OK. So you do want me to look into developments? Excuse me dear while I go have my supper, but I promise I won’t be long.
Well darling here I am back again after having a lovely supper and while I was having my supper there was recorded music by Glen Miller and he played “At Last” boy I must go see that picture when it comes to Toronto.
Well dearest I guess I will close now because you Mother and Dad are calling me at 7PM and it is now 6:30PM but I will write you on Tuesday.
So darling loving you more and more each day
All my love to my dearest husband



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