October 16, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well here I am again dear your 2 1/2 month old husband who certainly misses his sweet little wife very, very much.
Nothing much earth shattering has happened here dear since I last wrote you. I took the afternoon off yesterday, note that “I took”. Well anyway I spent the afternoon shopping and I bought a pair of laces and a new soap dish and had my supper at the Wings Club. I had some meal tickets for the Nova Scotian but I left them in my other uniform but I can use them some other time.
Eaton’s have really a nice place down here, there are five floors and it really is quite a nice bright modern store. I was up inquiring about a little mantel radio but you can’t get one at all. I had hoped to get one for your birthday darling but as I said I could not get one anywhere and since they will not be making anymore until the end of the war I wanted to get one for the place we will get when this is all over. And honey, I cannot wait until we have a place of our own. When I come home at night to our lovely little house to the sweetest and most loving wife a man could ever have. I want you to know how much I trust you and you should always trust me.
That is one big thing nowadays, trust and faith. I guess they are the same thing, anyways if every married couple had that same faith and love for each other that we have darling there would be a lot more happy marriages and I really think that we know each other so well before we got married and that means an awful lot and we had so much to look forward to that I don’t think I will ever forget out honeymoon.
I have been keeping an eye open for a place down here dear, because things seem to have blown over as far as postings are concerned and even though you could come down only for a month I would certainly be the happiest guy in Halifax. I figured that it would cost about $35 to bring you down first class including a berth meals etc. You could consider it like a holiday and if you liked it you could stay. So darling think it over and in the meantime inquire around and see if there is an chance to be moved in Eaton’s down here because it is really a big outfit. Simpsons also have a really big store here as well but I’ll look around for a place dear and see what I can do because I’d like to have you down here more than anything else in the world.
I’m just talking to one of the boys he has a baby, and the wife and the baby live in a room and he says that it is just grand. He has given me a swell tip, he says that he knows people who have just built a new house and they might be looking for a couple just like us. He says that it is the greatest mistake for us to be separated and he said that he would pay $100 just to have his wife for 2 weeks because if he went overseas it would have been well worth it.
So darling jobs are easy to get down here so don’t worry about that and I’ll get a place but answer this letter as soon as you can let me know. I think it is a great idea so darling I do not see why you can’t do it.
The place he spoke to me about is just five minutes from the camp and I’m just been out and seen it and it doesn’t look to bad at all but I’ve got to ask the young couple who own it first but I’ll wait until I hear from you.
Well let me see, oh yes, I saw Clark Gable and Lana Turner last night. You said you saw the picture too. It was certainly hot stuff and she really knew how to kiss. That certainly made me miss you. Tonight I guess I’ll go to the station show.
Well darling think over what I spoke to you about and let me know. You know how much I want you to come down dear, so I just hope you can make it and I don’t see why not. If it is the money situation dear forget about it because it would be worth anything to have you down here with me even if it only for a month. So again, just think it over.
So darling with all my heart darling, I’ll just end by saying I love you very much



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