October 13th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I have just finished reading you letter darling and I might say it was very newsie. I received my Mother’s parcel also and that was quite a pleasant surprise also. I’m glad you liked your case darling but you didn’t say anything about the other parcel I sent you so I hope it hasn’t gone astray because it was sent before the case.
I thought of you all day on your birthday and I felt pretty bad too about not being with you on it. I think it was the first time since I’ve known you that we were not together but it won’t be long before we are together for good and you will be all mine alone.
This letter might sound a little funny in places as there is a lot of confusion going on and someday I might be able to tell you all about it and when I do you’ll realize the they are very good letters under the circumstances. It has been a perfect day and last night was just perfect for looking at the stars. But darling all I can do is dream about you right now, but there will come a day when we are able to watch the stars together. There was a picture here last night, it was the “House of the Seven Gables” it was a pretty good picture but a little on the dreary side and that way I feel right now I needed something a little livelier to cheer me up.
I have a proposition for you dear. One of the boys has an apartment down here and I think it isn’t a bad place and he will not be using it for a month or so and he wanted some fellow to take it for a month, and I was going to suggest that you come down for November and come down for a holiday and see how you like the place. But I am pretty sure something is going to break down here pretty soon so I won’t say anything more about it until I get a definite answer one way or another.
Seeing as Marg is getting married in December you will need to be around to give her a hand. But as I said before I will nose around and get something more definite about what is going to happen in regards to my posting.
Well I guess my Mother had made a visit to the dentist by now and I’m certainly glad that she went. The way those dentist do their work nowadays they’ll certainly make her look like a million dollars. Let me know how things turn out darling. I visited our station dentist yesterday and had a couple of teeth filled and got quite chummy with him and he was letting me know all about it.
I think we have about half of the eligible bachelors from Toronto down here and boy there certainly is a gang of Toronto fellows down here, but they hardly ever go out either, so you see all the Toronto boys behave themselves just like I do.
So Lloyd is still kicking around eh? How does Gladys look these days, has she got that satisfied look yet? She ought to as they stayed at the King Edward every 2 weeks and boy that certainly sounds like good fun to me.
Well darling I realize that this letter is a letter that is on the short side, but I’ll write you on Thursday or Friday and keep you up to date with developments at the Y depot. So darling I’ll just close by saying that I love you more then anything, and I hope that I will always be in your heart.
So with all my love and devotion
Your loving husband



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