October 13th, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well dear here it is Tuesday night already and I have just finished doing the dishes, or should I say helping. I received your lovely letter yesterday darling and I also received your lovely scarf today. I think you very much Bill dear, now you will be spoiling me if you keep that up, but darling I really love it and I also love you very much, but you already know that.
Everybody is fine here dear, you Mother was going to have her teeth pulled today so I have been trying to get her on the phone for about an hour but the line is busy but I will try again in a few minutes and let you know how she is.
I haven’t put more weight on though I’m just between 108 & 109. How about you? And by the way O’l dear, you just keep away from those waitresses. Boy what a time I am going to have with you if I come down there to Halifax.
Well dear I have just finished speaking to your Mother and she is feeling fine. She had 4 teeth pulled today and she didn’t even feel it. She has to go back to the dentist on Friday. She thought she might have had a letter from you today but no luck. So darling please drop her a note. Did you get the box I sent down to you? You should have it by now dear and from what I hear is that is should be a swell box to get!
I haven’t done anything exciting either dear as I told you in my last letter. I went down to Auntie Bessie’s for dinner on Sunday and had a grand chicken dinner and while I was down there Irene make me a nice hat. I was home and in bed by 12PM which was pretty good.
After dinner Mom and Pop took baby Beverley home in the car so Irene and me decided to walk home with the carriage. And guess who we ran into, Jack Aitken. He looked at me sort of queer and wondered how I would a baby so soon after being married, but them he remembered that I had a baby sister and then it was all OK from there. He was asking for you and wanted to know where you were so I told him and he told me how wonderful Halifax was, especially the women. Why is that all I hear about Halifax, should I be worried dear?
Yesterday I phoned and asked you Mother and asked if it was OK if I brought all our things over to her place and she said sure. Pop drove me over and we had 2 car loads of things and boy were some of those things heavy. We put them in the middle room. After that I went home as Marg was getting a chicken dinner ready for us. At night I went to the show with Irene and we took Beverley down to Aunt Bessie because she was going to look after the baby so that Mom and Pop could go to the show as well.
Pop is on his holidays this week but he is just staying home, it is too bad that he could not get away because we really are having grand weather here.
Marg is getting real excited and she has just gone over to get her letter from Mrs. Irwin and she has decided to have Irene as a bridesmaid as well. The three of us went down to the wholesale fabric market from work and Irene and I got our material, we are both wearing the same colour and it is a very pale shade of blue satin. I think it should look really nice. Doris is going to make all our dresses. Gosh dearest I still hope you get home because I picked blue as I know you like it. So even if you don’t see me at Christmas I thought it would be nice to have after the war is over and we should perhaps go to a formal dance.
Darling that was a lovely thought you had about phoning me and darling it would have been a grand thrill just to hear you voice again but darling I would rather wait and have you phone me at Christmas time because I know if you are not here I am going to feel pretty blue. I was telling your Mother and she said as much as she wanted to speak to you it was too much money, so I was thinking if you did phone at Christmas (here I am away ahead of myself again) I would go over to your Mothers and you would speak to us both. My number is still the same darling we didn’t have it changed but just in case you get mixed up, I will tell you once again what it is. HA 6788 (remember ?).
I guess I will have to make this short because we have just had some people drop in on us. I don’t know them they are some friends of Auntie Jessie.
I sent your socks away today so let me know how they fit you and if you want the legs made longer because I have started to make you another pair.
So darling please try and get home. I am glad to hear that Bob is 100%, just see you keep it that way until you get home. Well dearest I will close now, but I will write you again on Thursday so dearest with all my love and loving you very very much
Love from your wife who is loving you more deeply,



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