October 6th, 1942

Special Letter from Aunt Mattie;

My Dear Bill:

I am really ashamed of myself in not writing before this late date, but you know how easy it is to put off from day to day and knowing that you get all the news from Doreen and you Mother.
Well Bill I must say you write a wonderful letter and I am quite proud to think that I have a nephew who thinks so much of me.
Well there has been a lot of exciting happens since you left. I suppose you heard all about Lloyd’s wedding. It was very nice but not as nice as the Lewis/Booth wedding of course that was a master piece. And now Margaret’s wedding next and I believe that is it between Christmas and New Years. Do you think that you will be able to get up to it, I certainly hope you can.
Mrs Dean called me on the phone on Sunday night. She got home about 10 days ago and she had a very nice summer. Not much company but she did say that she enjoyed you and Doreens’. She said that you are both too cute for words and wished to be remembered by you both.
Mrs Henderson is still up there with her son and his wife and but the weather is turning so I suppose that they will be coming back down soon.
Lloyd is still in Ottawa and no word of him leaving so he may be down again this weekend. We have had lovely weather here but it is cool and dull today, but they are expecting cooling weather to come to us soon. Well Thanksgiving is on Monday and there is some talk about going to the Hunter’s for dinner. I wish you were home so that you and Doreen could come along.
I understand from your letters that you were doing some administration work at the station, just how do you like your job? Do you wish you had other duties or is this something that you feel well suited for?
I also understand that you now do your own washing. Do your press your shirts? With all this experience I can see you helping out Doreen when she does the washing or is this something that you will leave to her expertise.
I hear that your little sister in law Beverley is sitting in her high chair and drinking her tea out of an egg cup. They are starting her young, she is actually a cute thing and very much a small version of Doreen.
I noticed what you said in your letter about Lloyd and Gladys being as happy as you and Doreen are. Well I hope they will and I also hope in years to come you will still feel the same and I think of each one does their part that you will and after the war is over and you are together and looking forward to raising a family that is the outstanding truth. I hope I am here to see this all come about.
I think that I have told you all for the present and hope that you are well and take take good care of yourself and we are looking forward in seeing you soon.

With fondest love,

Aunt Mattie

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