September 30th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very eagerly awaited letter yesterday dear and I’m sorry that I did not have a chance to answer it until today. But I’m on duty watch this week and I had to work until late last night and I did not get a chance to write.
That is another dandy picture you sent and I’m putting it in a picture album. I’m going to buy one and darling that is the outfit that I really liked so well. I like to look over your pictures every night before I go to bed and then I really have some nice dreams and I mean nice.
I certainly hope Ted and Marg get married because darling you haven’t been one bit happier then I have since I’ve been married and I just hope they do as well. Yes darling I’m looking forward to seeing you again so much that I warn you a week ahead so you can be ready. Even if it is 2 weeks leave it is a lot more than the army gets. But then again I might be lucky and het a nice posting around home but I doubt it. So here is hoping that this comes true and they do not send me overseas too soon.
The weather has turned nice again and I think I will play a little tennis as soon as I finish this letter. Oh darling I’m looking forward to all the fun we can have together after this was is over and I would’t be so surprised if it wasn’t over in another year.
I am certainly glad that my Aunt is feeling OK again and I certainly hope that it lasts for a long time. But you never can tell about that disease but I’m hoping for the best.
I’m expecting a letter from my Mom tomorrow or so, with all the street gossip. I wonder how Don is making out and if the Army has got to him yet? I hope he gets int he Air Force though because he couldn’t ask for anything better.
We had a swell cake for supper and as much as you want but I didn’t make a pig of myself even though I want to just put on weight, just for you dear. I mean after all you do not want a husband to be all skin and bones do you? Or is that what you like?
All the boys are listening to the baseball game and what a racquet so if this letter sounds little bit funny you know why. We certainly did start something when we got married dear. They all saw how happy we are that is why and when I see you again darling I’ll prove just how lovely our married life can be and you’ll agree with me it is the most ideal and lovely relationship in the entire world. But I think we already realize that don’t we dear? I know I do anyway. It really make me feel so close to you honey.
I just hope we have a daughter just like you and as far as I’m concerned. I will be right in there helping change the diapers, bathing the baby and I will just love her so much it will hurt.
Well dear thanks for making or trying to make me a pair of socks. I’ll certainly welcome them. I’ve bought a couple of pairs of sicks from the store but I just wear them with my low shoes.
Bob is in fairly good shape again and in fact he was almost picked up on Saturday night. But I guess he hadn’t had very many drinks in him because he turned the little gal down.
Yes dear I read about Victor De Havelland. I knew him to see him but and it really is too bad. One of the boys that I used to work with in Ottawa also got killed in a crash while flying a plane. I do not know if you read about it or not but his name was Fred Hawke, he was really a swell fellow too. But I wouldn’t want you to worry about me darling so that was the only reason that I didn’t apply to be a pilot or observer. But we know that these eyes would not allow me to do it.
Well darling I’ll write you on Friday again and give you a lot more news. So dearest missing you very very much and loving you more and more then ever.



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