September 30, 1942

Hello Dearest:

I just received your grand letter today and thought I would answer it right away. I am sorry I didn’t write you last night as I promised you I would but I was over seeing your Mother and Father last night and I was late getting home and I didn’t get a chance to write you.
I am glad you received my parcel OK and as for being expensive it doesn’t cost me very much. I am glad that you gave the boys some. They went very fast, I didn’t post it until Thursday and I didn’t think you would get it until this week.
I haven’t done anything this week so far. Monday night I stayed in and was working on your socks and I have one almost finished, I think I will have them finished this week, I hope. But don’t you look at them too close when you get them because there might me a few mistakes but you will have to excuse me because they only my first pair but practise make perfect as you say. Then last night as I said I went over to your Mothers and everyone is doing fine. You Mother was making grape jelly down in the basement and she was also doing some pickles. Your Aunts are fine and it seems that Aunt Mattie was also making some grape jelly.
I see by the paper that there was quite a flood down at Halifax, did you get it. I was a wee bit worried, just wee bit dear wondering if it was near you. You never mentioned in your letter only to say that you had a lot of rain. After I finish your letter I am going to work on your socks, boy what an old married woman I am now and darling am I ever loving it except that I would love it a lot more if you were here with me. Gosh darling do you think it will be a long time before we are together again?
I think I will go to the show tomorrow night. I was asking you Mother to come so she said she would see. Then Friday night I am going to have my hair done . I am not going anyplace but it needs doing.
Darling, what do you mean by saying that you were looking forward to coming home even if it is a special leave. Bill darling you are not going overseas are you because that is something that I never thought about. I do not know if I could take it dear if they sent you overseas, but I guess I would have to be like the other wives and take it whether I want to or not, but darling do not hold anything back from me.
Well enough of that or I will start being foolish and start to cry and worry. You were saying Bill that you never received my letter well darling you should have because I posted it last Thursday so you should have received it by Saturday.
So Bob is pretty well played out. I wonder what doing, well darling I can only imagine what kind of trouble Bob can get into with all those “hot stuff” Halifax girls.
As I told you in my last letter, Marg and Ted are being married for sure between Christmas and New Years and darling I think I am going to wear pink, a long dress and as I said in my letter do you think there is any chance of you getting home, even if it is for 1 week? Gosh I would be the happiest girl in the world. I don’t think that they will have an awfully big wedding. I will be her only bridesmaid, I think she is going to be married at Donlands Church as Mr. and Mrs. Irwin are going to be the guests. Your Mother and Pop, Aunt Agnes, Aunt Mattie are also going to be guests but of course the invitations are not sent out yet. Your Mom is going to make Marg’s cake I think and you Aunts are going to help.
Oh I forgot to tell you I received our cheque yesterday dear and it was for $60.00 so right into the bank it goes dear.
Gosh dear, I have been meaning to tell you in every letter that your Uncle Bob can’t get those batteries because they are frozen. I take it that means that there is a shortage and that he will not be able to get them for you.
Marg had a letter form Ted yesterday and has to have 2 letters of reference, one for her minister and one from her boss. Marg came home from work and today she is having her troubles already. Mrs. Simpson wants her and Ted to take 2 rooms from her and Marg doesn’t want to do that. So I don’t know what going to happen. She had terrible pain in her side, she had trouble with her side about 3 years ago and the same thing is coming back again. So maybe it is all connected.
Well darling I will close for now as I have run short of news but I will write you on Sunday, so dearest hoping to hear from you very soon.
All my love, my darling,



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