October 4th, 1942

Hello Daring:

Here I am again that O’l Toronto wife of yours. I received your very nice letter dear on Friday but I thought I would wait and answer it now because I would have more news to tell you.
How are you keeping darling? Well I hope the answer is well and that you are behaving yourself. It is now about 6:30PM Sunday night and Marg, Dad and myself have just come back from the Union Station as we had Norman here for the weekend and so we just took him down to the train. My goodness but the station was packed, I’m beginning to know that place inside and out.
We have had miserable weather here today as it has rained all day. I was going to go over to see your Mother and Father but it was too wet out so I will stay in and finish your socks. I’m going strong on them, I think I made them too short for you but you can let me know before I start on your other pair and I will make them longer. Why didn’t you tell me that you needed socks? I didn’t think you needed any because you Mother said you had 9 pairs. What have you been doing with them?
Thank you very much for the picture dear, it was very good and they boys look very nice that you chum around with. Where is Bob? How come he was not in the picture, was he out and about with some gals or was he the one taking the picture?
Thursday night I took your Mother to the show. We went to the Palace and saw “Sabateur” and another picture and they were very good. Then after the show I walked up to Rice’s Dairy with your Mother and she treated me to a Sundae and boy was it good. Friday night I went and had my hair done and I went right from work and did not get home until 9. Then I read your letter and went to bed (alone, shucks).
I was at a trousseau tea yesterday afternoon, and it was Kay Watson’s, thats her that is marrying Jack Northcotte and they are being married next Saturday. Boy have the Watson’s ever got a beautiful home. Darling do you think there is a chance of you getting up for Marg and Ted’s wedding? Gosh, I hope so because I am having a new dress made for it. Marg got all her stuff for her cake so your Mother will be able to get started baking it.
You were asking about Dot McKee dear and if I had seen her. No dear, I have not seen her for a long time, but she is not working in the General Office of Eaton’s any more as far as I know. It seems then when her boss was away on his holidays Dot and Francis, her girlfriend, well it seems they were cutting out quite a bit, she was late every morning so they decided they would give Dot and Francis a transfer out of the General office, so I don’t know what office they are in or even if they still work for Eaton’s. I might just go over and poke around to see what happened.
Gosh dear, if you only knew how much I miss you and I was looking back on all the good times we used to have and how you used to run over and it just seems so far away. I just can’t wait to have you every night after this awful was is over, just think of the fun we will have.
Marg is getting all excited, she was just telling me that she hopes that after Ted goes back that she will be ok. I think you know what I mean what is worrying Marg. She will be all alone with Mrs. Simpson and that could spell a bit of trouble for Marg.
Aunt Jessie is home tonight and they are all sitting in the front room discussing Marg’s wedding, but there will be some excitement around here because Aunt Jessie is very excitable. She was loud enough at my wedding let alone her own daughters.
I received a thank you card from Gladys and Lloyd yesterday for our wedding present. Lloyd has gone back to Ottawa and expects to go overseas next week. Your Pop is writing you tonight also dear so I guess you will get it at the same time as you get this one. Darling you said again that you would get home for 2 weeks because I don’t know if you are kidding or not and the is certainly not anything to kid about, but enough about that.
Well darling I will close now because it is almost 7:30 and Kay Kyser is on the Bandwagon radio show tonight and boy has he ever got a swell orchestra now.
So darling, loving you with all my heart and hoping dear that you will posted near home.



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