October 2nd, 1942

Hello Dearest:

I received your swell letter yesterday dear with the pictures in it and they were really lovely. I’ve got them all tucked up in my locker but they make me want to get home all the more.
As I mentioned in my last letter I’m on duty all this week so I haven’t been out at all. Last night I went to the station show and saw “Birth of the Blues”. I saw it before you know but it was worth while seeing again and I really enjoyed it. I have been working pretty hard lately darling but I do not mind at all because it helps the time pass by quickly and helps keep my mind from thinking about you and darling if you only know how much I do that.
I think that picture of you and the baby is really one of the nicest I’ve ever seen of you. I just hope we’ll have a few of our own soon dear and I do mean soon. I think I would be just about the happiest guy in the world to be walking down the Danforth some day with you pushing a baby carriage. Boy would everybody look at my lovely wife and babies and darling if I can possibly do it I will.
I am getting rather short on socks at the moment dear. I bought a couple of pairs to wear with my low shows but I need some heavier ones for my issue shoes so thanks in advance and you know how much I appreciate them whether they are perfect or not.
I didn’t want to frighten you about going overseas but I’ve heard rumours that some of us might be going one of these days but you know you can never believe what you hear so I’m not worrying about it too much and if I do have to go, you won’t have to worry about me dear because I would not imagine that I would go to the front lines, or maybe even Air Force Headquarters in London. But as I said before don’t give it a thought because I really don’t think it would be for a very long time yet. I said about 4 or 5 years anyway (HA HA).
I certainly would like to be home when Marg and Ted get married and it isn’t so very far away now only about 12 weeks, if I am still down here by then we should get 5 days and we might even get a 48 HR. pass with that making 7 days. So if all turns out well I honestly don’t think we’ll be down here by then. I certainly hope I get a little closer to home.
I was thinking that Lloyd might get a chance to come down here for a little bit. I would certainly like to see him before he goes overseas. I’m glad that you received the cheque for $60. It should be $75 next month. I have not had it changed but I’m hoping that I get a chance to do it before the 5th because if I don’t you’ll have to wait an extra month for the extra $15. I’ve paid for the $100 bond so I guess it will be forwarded to my home, so I don’t know what to do with it, but I would suggest that you get my Mother to put it with my other ones and give it to my Aunt so she can put it into her safety deposit vault because I don’t think it is safe to leave around the house because they are just like money so you tell my Mother what I suggested as I think it is the best idea.
There is something else I want to do dear and that is to change my insurance to you, the one my Mother has been paying. I think that she should keep but my London Life policy I’ll have you named as the beneficiary and it is for $3000 I think but you can also speak to my Mother about it or if you would rather have me write her first let me know. But I guess there is no particular hurry for it.
My Mother told me that my Uncle can’t get those batteries but I’ve got another deal on the fire so I think that I won’t need them anyway. I was inquiring down here though and I found out that I can get them down here so if the other thing does not come through I will be able to get a couple myself.
So Mrs. Simpson wants Marg and Ted to take 2 rooms, boy the trouble some people have; we never have any worries like that do we dear, and I know that we never will.
I’m glad to hear that your Mother and Pop and little sister are all OK, but I am sorry to hear that Marg is not so well and I certainly hope that she is OK from all the troubles she is having.
Well darling I’ll close now because I’ve run out of news but I’ll write you on Monday so hoping to hear from you very, very soon.

All my love darling,



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