September 27th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

I received you grand letter yesterday afternoon and gosh it was a nice big one. I haven’t got much news to tell you in this letter because I haven’t done much since Friday night, that was when I last wrote you.
I was speaking to your Mother yesterday afternoon as soon as I have finished reading you letter to see if she had any mail from you and she said no, so I told her all the news you told me, but I hope she has one for herself on Monday or heaven help you.
Boy, Bob certainly was lucky to be posted to Manning Depot Toronto, what’s the matter with you O’l dear, you must be slipping down there in the Air Force, but I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for us that you get a posting closer to home.
Bill Dear, how long have you now been down in Halifax? I know it seems like years but exactly how many months?
Well Bill darling, Marg finally told me yesterday that her and Ted were being married at Christmas as far as she knows. She told me I could tell you but not to anybody else until she hears more from Ted. She has been expecting word all week, she had 2 letters on Monday but has not had any since but the mail takes a terrible time from Newfoundland. Ted said they could get married this leave or his next leave but if they wait until his next leave it will be another year and I told her she shouldn’t wait, it’s too much fun. Don’t you think so dear? I think I will be wearing a long dress in pink, Marg is wearing a long satin one and I think Nan Wilson is going to the other bridesmaid.
So darling if it is at Christmas for sure do you think there is a chance you might get home? But there is lots of time yet so we will just have to wait and see.
I was speaking to you Dad yesterday. Marg and I saw him when we were coming home from work. He was on his way up to Aunt Mattie’s. He was going to bring her down for supper. She is fine and so is everyone here dear, including me and boy am I ever eating. They can’t seem to give me enough to eat.
I went tot he show with Irene and Marg last night and we went to the Imperial and saw “Big Shot” with Humphrey Bogart and it was a very good picture. It poured rain last night though and we got soaked.
After the show we went to Aunt Bessie’s for a while as Mom, Dad and Beverley were there but I was in bed by 12:15AM.
Believe it for not dear but I bought some wool yesterday and I am going to try and knit a pair of socks, so don’t faint from the shock. I guess you are low in socks are you? I will not promised when I will have them finished but I will try and send them down to you soon.
We are all going to Aunt Bessie’s for supper tonight so I will phone your Mother before I go and see how she is doing. You Mother had a phone call from Leon’s Mother and she phoned to see how you were doing and where you were posted. Leon is stationed in London and seems to like it there very much. London is so far away from here dear, I hope that they do not think of posting you there, or I will have to come down and have a word with the Captain!
How is Bob getting along down there? Tell him I was asking for him. Is he behaving himself? Or should I ask such a question.
Lloyd came home this weekend. I think he is leaving next weekend. The first thing he did was to go over to his Mothers place to make sure that she is alright as I think she is still not speaking to Gladys.
Bill, do you know Victor Dehavilland? He was killed in a plane crash here in Canada just a few weeks ago and I was talking to him about a year ago. It is such small world and I wish it was smaller so it would bring me closer to you.
Well darling I guess I will finish now as my stomach calls and boy am I hungry but darling I will write Tuesday and give you some more gossip for good old Toronto.
So dearest missing you terribly and loving you very much



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