September 27, 1942

Hello darling:

I have just received your very nice package and darling I want to thank you very much but you shouldn’t have gone to all that trouble and expense.
Boy those cakes were not even messed up a bit. I’m giving each of the boys one cake for now but that will leave enough for another round or so tonight.
Last night a Roy and I went to the show and saw “Song of the Island” with Betty Grable and it was so funny, colourful and all in all it wasn’t bad. I was expecting a letter today but I guess the rain has held up the mail.
I haven’t got very much to tell you dear except that I certainly miss you and love you very much. But you know that. I missed you last night more than ever and you can imagine that when I get home we are going to go to the Royal York. Would it be nice if we could celebrate each August 5th there? I think that would be really swell.
I am looking forward to getting home more than ever, even though my leave seems so far away. But I bet I will still be in Canada regardless.
R.J Hobbs right now is yawning in his favourite spot, a bed, and you know why? Roy and him have been playing badminton and they look pretty tired and played out. I guess we will be going to the show at the station tonight.
It is pretty miserable here today. It has been raining a bit and getting a little colder each day. I just wish I was sitting in the front room back home dear with you beside me. I know how lucky I was then but I really realize now how much I really look forward to that again.
One of our boys got posted back to Ottawa Friday so I don’t think it will be very lone before something comes through but I do not think that I will be posted close to home, but all I can do is just wait, pray and be hopeful.
I guess Jack Dowds is still kicking around Manning Depot. Boy he is rather lucky but then in his trade he gets a lot bad breaks too so I guess in the long run I’m further ahead than he is.
Well dear so much for all my gossip. How is the job going? I hope you like it and you say you weigh about 109 pounds boy you will certainly make a nice armful and don’t you think I’m not going to find out when I come home.
There are certainly a lot of boys down here getting married. I think there were 3 last Saturday alone. but I really don’t think any of them got such a swell little wife as I did and I really mean that darling. but I think that there wives are a little more hotter stuff in bed ( I am kidding of course, how would I know?).
Well darling I have been at this letter for over an hour and I am afraid that I have not written anything good. Bob is just telling me that he all shot dear. He totally exhausted but he says he always has enough pep to meet up with one of the girls in Halifax.
I do not know how I am even writing this letter. The boys are running around trying to catch flies and sticking them on fly tape and then running around after each other. I guess the boys have a lot of pent up energy, god help the girls in town when they get their leave.
Well darling that is about all for now but I’ll write you Tuesday dear and so darling you “Always in my heart” and all my love



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