September 25th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received you nice wee note yesterday, but I didn’t get a chance to answer it until tonight. How are you keeping dear?
It is now Friday night and I am staying home to watch Beverely, I don’t mind though because I wanted to write you letter. Have you written your Mother yet? I am going to phone her after I write this letter but up until yesterday she hadn’t heard from you.
The weather here is still very cold and it has ben like a barn in our office and at home we can’t put the furnace on until Dad gets the pipes up and we just got them yesterday. We have the Quebec heater on in the kitchen so at least one room is warm.
I am glad you went to see Matt Kenny, I just wish I has been there with you and I certainly know how he can put those sentimental songs over as I have heard him on the radio.
I was over at your place on Wednesday and everybody is fine including your Aunts and it was grand and warm over at your place as you Dad had the furnace on and as usual we had a grand talk. Your Mother has your rocking horse down from the attic and she is going together your Dad to paint it and then she is going to give it to Beverley and after Beverley is finished with it we are going to get it dear.
Yes dear, I got the license OK and it is under lock and key. I sent you down a parcel yesterday dear so I hope you get it ok and I hope the cookies don’t get smashed up. I guess you should get it by Sunday or Monday but let me know dear.
I was supposed to got to he show with Gladys tonight but it seems she has a fight with Aunt Alberta, I don’t know if I should tell you this or not but I can’t seem to keep anything from you dear but perhaps your Mother will tell you so if she does you can let on that you don’t know a thing.
It seems that Lloyd has a joint account with his Mother and Gladys wanted to have it transferred to her name so they way she put it made Aunt Alberta got mad and she told Lloyd to get Gladys out of her house so he did and that’s that and as far as I know she isn’t talking to them. I feel sorry for poor Lloyd, it is only right he is going to stick up for his wife but also think how he must feel bout his Mother because she has been so good to him He is torn between Gladys and his Mother.
I think that is terrible because he might be going overseas in a couple of weeks and who knows what may happen over there. Oh well it will all work out OK. I hope for Lloyd’s sake it does.
I went to the show last night with Marg last night and we saw “Birth of a baby” and the both of us were near sick. I definitely haven’t got a weak stomach, but when we saw the baby being born it just about turned our stomachs. The picture was very interesting though. Now I know exactly what to do dear when I am going to have a baby and it also tell you when you know you are going to have a baby but I did not need to learn that as I saw what my own Mother went through last year.
I have some more news for to tell you that I shouldn’t because I don’t know for sure myself, so I want you to keep it to yourself until I know if it is true or not. Nobody knows yet but I think Marg and Ted are getting married when he comes home on leave at Christmas. Marg told her mother and Aunt Jessie told my mother and Mother told me so thats how the news got around. Marg hasn’t told me yet is until she does Mums-the-word.
If she does get married I am to be the Matron of Honour. She will be wearing a long dress and she will be having a big wedding. Oh darling I only hope that if it is true that by some chance you might be able to come down for it because I probably won’t be able to get down there. But I will let you know for sure on Sunday because by that time I think she will have told me. If you write you Mother do not tell her yet dear.
Gosh darling I am missing you so much its awful. Everybody thinks I don’t because I don’t cry when you leave me but if they only knew. I cry inside and darling its true I miss you with every beat of my heart. I think sometimes it actually hurts.
Darling I will close this letter now before I start to cry uncontrollably on the paper, and that surely will not do. So dearest loving you very much. All my love from your 107 pound wife.


P.S. write soon

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