September 24th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I am sorry dear that I have not written you sooner but I have really been busy the last few days so I hope you won’t mind to much now that you know why.
I have just about next to nothing to tell you though dear. I have been working the last 3 nights. I received a very nice letter from my Mother the same time as I got you and I will answer hers today as well.
I have just been talking to one of the boys here and the lucky guy, so you know where he is going, No.1 Manning Dept. Toronto . I’m praying that my chance is coming next. Oh darling if I got down there I would be the happiest guy in the world, and you know why.
You have been a busy little girl the last week haven’t you. But don’t go and get yourself run down now because who knows I might drop in on you and then with my in bad shape, well, there is just no future in that.
I just hope something happens down here and we know what is going to happen next one way or the other pretty soon. At any rate dear even if the worst happens I will at least get 14 days that is a lot more then Lloyd had and I guess that is enough time to have 3 or 4 babies or should we try and break the record. I know I would love to start and try, but this war is hanging over our heads.
Boy I’ve seen a lot of boys come through here from Toronto but I guess there are still quite a few kicking around. Just you keep you married self in check dear, if they are running around all the girls back home in Toronto.
Has Marg heard from Ted lately, how does he like it up there in Newfoundland? Boy I bet he would like to be back in Malton. Do you remember those Saturday and Sunday nights when you couldn’t get rid of me. Boy dear I would give anything to be back there again and then we would listen to all those spooky stories on the radio with you sinking in to my knee, that was the best part of it. I certainly used to look forward to that darling and you can bet that we will have fun like that one day when I get back home.
I want to tell you again dear that if you want anything you go ahead and buy it. You have some money ion the bank and dear I want you to use it. I can’t wait to see your new coat. I just wish I could take you out for the first time you wear it.
You did not tell me you where you are putting on the weight? I am using my imagination on where.
I think Bob and I are going to the show tonight as there is nothing doing on the station. I don’t know what is on but they play pretty good pictures around so we ought to see something fairly good.
It was a really swell day today and it should be after the rain we had here. But darling our barracks are just swell with all the water coverings and the heaters, we are just keeping fine. I am alone and lonely, but fine all the same.
Well darling I guess that is all for now and so I’ll just end by saying I love you ver very much and I hope to see you very soon darling because I never thought I could miss anybody so much as I do you.



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