September 22nd, 1942

Hello Dearest:

I received your grand letter yesterday dear and I was glad to see that it was a nice long one. You were saying that you received my weeee note well darling seeing as how I am writing you 3 times a week they are bound to be shorter because before I only wrote 2 but I don’t think that they are so terribly wee.
At the present moment I am sitting with a large sweater over my shoulders because it has turned so cold it is just like winter. Quite number of people have their furnace on but as we haven’t got the pipes yes it is very cold in the house. I saw a lot of people with this winter coats on yesterday and today. As I told you I have been sleeping by myself but last night it was so cold that I went in with Marg to get warm, but darling I wish you were home to keep me warm. How about it?
I was speaking to your Mother not the phone just a few moments ago and she was telling me that your Aunt Mattie was telling her she received a lovely letter form you and I am glad that you wrote to her. Your Mother was asking me if I had told you about Aunt Mattie’s condition and I said yes, but told her that you would not tell anybody. Your Mother has not told your Dad in case he should happen to say anything. I told her that she should have a letter from you tomorrow as you said you were writing her the day after you were writing me.
Mother and Pop and Marg and Beverley are all fine and they re asking for you so is Auntie Jessie. I am fine too dear.
I weighed myself last night again and with my coat I weigh 109 pounds. Oh boy but it is OK dear (I hope) unless I am fooling myself.
You were asking me darling if I would like to come down to Halifax. Well darling you know I would more than anything else int he world but as you say you might be posted in 2 months. I think we should wait and see and if I were down there dear I might not get a job and I think while we have the choice we should save all the money we can. But I’ll tell you this much if you are not home for Christmas I am coming down to you because darling I couldn’t take brining in the New Year without you being with me. I think I will be able to get off work, my boss isn’t such a bad guy. He isn’t as nice as my other boss but he is OK. He doesn’t bother much with you. They say we are terribly busy there at Christmas for about a month before, we work every night but I won’t mind.
I am glad you liked my picture dear. I bought another roll of film so as soon as I finish it I will send them down to you. How about you sending me some?
We were all down at Aunt Alberta’s Sunday night, I mean your Mother and Dad, Aunt Mattie and Aunt Agnes and who do you think were there….the bride and groom. They came for supper and they are going to stay at Lloyd’s place until he goes back off of his leave, which is tomorrow night at 11PM. He thinks he will be going overseas in a couple of weeks. He just has to finish his training and then he thinks he will go with the next lot.
So darling I am much better off than Gladys because even if you are far away from me there is one happy thought which is you are not overseas and on the front lines.
I am going over to see your Mom and Pop tomorrow night. Your Dad had a holiday yesterday so you Mother and him went to Niagara for the day themselves. They didn’t take your Aunts because it would be too much of a ride for your Aunt Mattie.
On Friday might Mother and you Mother and I are going to a shower for Gladys. Ruth is having the shower for her. I am going to a trousseau tea next week for Kay Watson. That is her that is getting married to Jack Northcotte. I think they are being married 2 weeks this Saturday.
Marg has just gone over to Mrs. Simpson’s home dear and I am all by myself so you can now come over dear and keep me company. Darling can you promise me one thing. One time when you come home you will take me to the Royal York Hotel for a night because darling that night will remain in my heart forever. I think we could have a swell time don’t you?
I had a lovely letter from your Aunts in England. I am enclosing it with my letter so you can read it but don’t loose it. Send it back as soon as you have finished because I want to keep it.
I wrote them last week thinking them for the telegram but I guess it will be about a month before they get it.
Well dearest I guess that is about all for now but I will write to you on Thursday when I come home from the show.
Loving you more and more every day dear, and can’t wait for you to come home.



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