September 21st, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well just a wee little note to let you know that I am thinking of you all the time dear and if you knew just how much you would grab the first train and come down here.
It has been a miserable day, it has rained since this morning and all of my clothes are just soaked yet I got a new raincoat today and boy is it ever classy. It is a new issue with lots of drape and everything.
I was thinking how well it would be at home tonight nice and cosy and everything. Oh boy I can hardly wait dear. By the way Mart Kenny put on a show last night just for the service men at the and boy was it ever the biggest show in town. I have never seen an orchestra put so many guys into such a sentimental mood as they did and when they sand those song, I think that there was not a dry eye in the crowd.
We are certainly having some fun here tonight. All the boys are in and boy oh boy are they all excited. One of the boys is from London Ont, and he is really quite a funny guy. He has locked his key in his locker and he has borrowed a hack saw to saw the lock off but we told him it would be easier to take out the screws and now that he has the door off he can’t find the key. So he has to cut the lock off anyways. Never a dull moment here.
I’m certainly glad that my aunt is feeling OK for a while anyway. That news hit me harder than any news that I ever received. But I’m hoping and praying for a little better news. I don’t know what I’d do dear if anything ever happened to you, so take good care of yourself darling.
Well I guess the weddings are all done now boy, do I wish I was just going into the Royal York right now with you dear but I won’t be very long before we are together and then just watch out.
Did I forget to thank you for the shirts dear they swell and thank you very much. I wish I would repay you for everything you have done dear. When I come home, to think of our love for one another I really realize how lucky we are. Most of the boys talk about how they have many girls and all the girls are dating many boys. When I tell them how long I have been with you and that you have been the only one for me they really cannot believe me. But I know how lucky I was and so you see dear I didn’t let you get away and so now you are in the clutches (HA HA).
By the way dear did you get the license ok and incidentailly do you know how much money I’ve saved already? $22 not bad eh? Don’t ask me how and I will let you no lies.
Well that is about all dear for now but I’ll write you as soon as I get your answer so with all my love I remain
Your loving husband



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