September 20th, 1942

Hello Darling:

It is now Sunday afternoon and I though I would write you now rather than wait until tonight because I will catch the 5PM mail. I was expecting a letter from you yesterday morning as you promised you would write me every second day but maybe the mail was held up Well dear whats new?
Well dear I have had a busy time with weddings since I wrote you last Thursday. Friday night I went and had my hair done then I was going to take Gladys’ gift to her, your Father was going to drive your Mother and I but he was too tired so we didn’t ‘t go. I stayed home and had a bath and did my nails and was in bed about 10PM. Then yesterday it was quiet for a whole 2 minutes and we have had company this weekend. About 6PM Friday night Auntie Jessie got a telegram from Uncle James’ brother saying he was in Montreal and was going to try and come and see her. He is from Glasgow and is with the Merchant Marines and he also wired Ian up at Alymer and he got a pass to get off for the weekend to see his uncle. Ian arrived in Toronto at 3AM and I had to get out of my bed so as to give Ian any bed.
Then Uncle Bob arrived about 10:30AM yesterday morning but he had to leave last night at 11:15PM as he had to be back in Montreal. He was with that convoy of 4 ships that were sunk just off the coast of Nova Scotia. He was saying that they were just 4 miles from land and gosh darling that is not far from you. Ian leaves today at 5:30PM back to Alymer.
Marg and I went to Marg McLeod’s wedding it was very nice but it was awful quiet there was only about 30 people in the church and they had a terrible day. It was raining all day. They did not seem very nervous though and after the wedding we went back o Marg’s house fort he reception. I think she had about 25 guests.
Then we had to rush as we had to be at Lloyd’s at 7:45 and we just made it there before the bride. They had a very nice wedding and Gladys looked very nice and so did Ruth. Murray Duff was an usher and as I was walking down the aisle with him he said “didn’t you used to work at College st?” and I said I did. He said he thought I recognized you, he said I guess you don’t remember me and I said I did. He looked very nice, his wife and little girl.
After the church service we took Roy Duff and some other fellows and boy can he dress. I forget the other fellows name but your Mother knows him well and was he funny. You Aunt Agnes and Aunt Mattie were there and they looked lovely except Aunt Mattie is looking terribly thin. They had a hall at the Diet Kitchen till 11:30, they danced a wee bit but not very much as they had rugs down on the floor. They had a fellow playing the piano and he sure could play. We left about 10:45PM as we had to go down to the station to see Marg’s uncle Bob away.
Gosh darling, when I saw Marg and Gladys looking so happy on their wedding day I wished it was us all over again and boy did I miss you last night and I just had a good weep when I came home.
What have you been doping with yourself?
Well dearest that is all the news for me now as I have to get dressed before supper, but I will write you again on Tuesday so how about you keeping your word and write me every second day because darling I feel so darn lonely but your letters always make me feel better.
Gosh darling I hope the day comes very soon when I can be in your arms again because I certainly miss them, so please write soon dear.
All my love dearest



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