September 8th, 1942

Hello dearest:

Well darling this was a grand day for as I received 2 letters from the grandest husband in the world (guess who), that’s right dear, its you. You see how I love you when you send lots of mail? I also received dear my first cheque from the government it was for $30.15 and its going right into the bank except for keeping out the money for your insurance. I am going to let your Mother keep paying it but I will give her the money every month.
I am glad you got my box OK, it was too bad that the cookies got shaken up a bit, I tried to pack them as best as I could. Did you give the boys some? How did Bob enjoy his vacation? I guess he will have lots to tell you, and let me know how he made out?
Your Mother was around tonight but I didn’t see her, but I was talking to her on the phone before I went out. I went to the show with Irene and Marg and saw “Keep the Wild Wind” and it was a swell picture. Your Mother came around to borrow on of my Mothers bed jackets for your Aunt Mattie as she going to the hospital tonight as I told you in my last letter. I am glad dear that you wrote to them.
It is about 11PM and while I am writing your letter I am listening to a well orchestra on the radio, and I am getting lonesome for you. Just think darling its been a month since I have seen you and it seems like years.
I will be kept busy this week. Tomorrow night I am going to a shower for one of the girls who used to be in my Sunday School class then Thursday night I am going to the Lodge dance as this is the first dance of the year and I am looking forward to it as I have not been dancing since you left.
Then Friday night I thought I would take you Mother to the show, so that’s my week all gone. So you get something to eat every night before you go to bed? Some guys have all the luck, but don’t eat too much or you will be having bad dreams..
Everyone here is just fine and little Beverley has a head cold. She is so cranky and is not getting any sleep, well that makes for all of us in the house when she wails. I hope she gets better soon. You just take it easy O’l dear when you are competing in the swimming race because I love you so take it easy ok? I wish you lots of luck dear in the races, I guess I am a wee bit late in wishing you that seeing as the races were yesterday but le me know how you made out.
I saw Dot KcKee today but I didn’t get much of a chance other than to say hello to her, but it looks as if she had a good time last night. I also saw Jan Hamilton today and Jack is being posted at the end of the month either overseas or out to the coast. She was looking fine and she was asking for you. Gosh are you popular!
I don’t think Jack Dowds was in Moncton N.B. as he was around to see your Mother Saturday afternoon and stayed from 4 until 9PM. So I guess he told your Mom a lot but he never mentioned being down there but I guess she will tell you all about it when she writes you.
I had a grand weekend dear and both Marg and I said it would have been grand if you and Ted were there. It was very similar to Mrs. Dean’s cabin there are not too many cottages close together and the Allen’s cottage is off all by itself and it is built on solid rock and the view is grand. I took some pictures and I should have them tomorrow so when I write you on Friday I will enclose them. I went our fishing and I even took the fish off the hook myself, so now I consider myself a real fisherman. It was cold up there at nights but we had the stove on and lots of blankets, but darling I missed you as you could have kept me warm and nice and cuddly.
Darling how much would it cost me to come down to Halifax? And are you sure you can get me a special rate, because Mrs. Fletcher, is a friend of ours, he daughter is married to a fellow in the Army in Halifax and it cost her $70.00 to go down there by train and that isn’t chicken feed dear. So see if you can find out if can get a special rate for me.
I think Marg McLeod is being married about the 20th or 25th of this month but I am not sure. You still have not sent me the marriage cerficate yet, so try and remember dear to enclose it in your next letter or you will losing it down there. I am very sorry dear that my last letter was short but I explained why because Marg had used all of my paper except for those 2 sheets, but I hope this makes up for it and I will write you Thursday, so darling will close now. Loving you ever and ever so much and hoping it won’t be long till I see you dear.
Love for your wife who misses you very much.



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