September 6th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I have just finished reading your rather “wee” letter dear but you know how glad I was to receive it.
I certainly am glad to hear that your are going or have gone up North by now and you should have a swell time dear and I certainly hope you do. I just wish that I was going too. It certainly would be cozy being in bed up there on these nice chilly nights wouldn’t it dear? Oh boy!! But I know how you act up in the north woods so you behave yourself or I’ll come up and there and take you over my knee.
Well dear you got my shirts I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble because I could have got them down here but I thought seeing as you get discount that would be just fine. But thanks very much darling. I certainly appreciate it very much.
Bob has not been back yet so I don’t know whether he had a good time or not but I’ll bet he did have a wonderful time with his wife. But I bet no one had such a fantastic time on their honeymoon as we did eh darling?
Right now all the boys in the barracks are indulging in a “quiet” little games of cards, the radio is playing and generally things are pretty much in an uproar. So if this letter is rather incoherent you will know why.
I received a letter from Mrs. Dean yesterday and she said Mr. Ingham was fine again and that the surveyors were there. She said that she was very glad we came up and that we are welcome any time at all. Don’t tell anybody but she said that you were pretty sweet. But that wasn’t new to me because I’ve always know that dear.
Oh yes its funny but she said that Jack Northcotte was getting married and she did not mention that it was Kay! That is something that was left up to chance eh?
Pardon me dear but I’m going to have my picture “took”. Well it is taken now dear. I’ll try and get one to send home. That reminds me dear have a roll taken of you in your swell new dresses and send them down because darling I really think that they are tops. It’s too bad that you cant a few photos of you in those nighties of yours.
Dear I really missed you last night more than ever. I was thinking that perhaps if I do not get off before Christmas you could down for a week in January sometime. I could get you a special rate on the train and I think you would certainly enjoy the trip and holiday. But will just wait and see what happens.
The reason I sent your last letter regular mail was that the Postal Clerk told me it would get there just as soon because the weather conditions between here and Toronto weren’t very good and the planes were being held up.
Has Marg McLeod got married yet? They’ll wonder why they didn’t do it years ago, I don’t know why I didn’t. I enjoyed it so much that you can rest assured that there are many, many more anniversaries ahead of us.
Well darling I guess that is about all the news I have for now but I’ll write you as soon as I hear from you. SO darling loving you very, very much.
I remain your ever loving husband



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