September 13th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I am very sorry darling that I took so long in writing you, but I will tell you later in my letter why I was so late and then you will forgive me (I hope). How are you dear and how did you make out in the swimming events? I thought perhaps I would have had a letter from you telling me how you made out but no suck luck.
Right at the present moment while I am writing your letter I am eating a nice juicy pear (are you jealous). I have been very busy today. I have finished packing all our lamps dear and they are all set to go over to your place if you Mother does not mind. Then I did my washing and now I am going away to have my bath so just excuse me for a few moments dear until I have my bath.
Well dear I am back again all nice and clean and it took me exactly 20 minutes not bad eh? Well dear now I will tell you why I didn’t write you on Thursday like I promised you.
Your Mother went down to the hospital to see your Aunt Mattie and when you mother got home she called my Mother to tell her that she had her operation and that she was suffering an awful lot. She then asked if my mother would call Dr. Johnson and ask him what really is the matter with her as they don’t know yet. So Mom phoned the doctor and the news he gave her wasn’t too good so Mother phoned your Mom to come on over here as she had something to tell her.
It seems that they did not do the full operation but took a piece of her bladder away to have it tested as the doctors think that it is cancer but they are not sure until the test is taken or it might just be a tumour like what my Mother had. They have not told Aunt Mattie yet. The only person who knows is your Mother and us and she has not called anyone else in the family.
So darling do not breath a word to anybody. I was just telling you that in case you write you Aunts. Your Mother was feeling pretty bad about it, but we have not heard yet so darling we will just have faith and hope it is just a tumour. I know you will be anxious to hear.
I have been quite busy this week. Wednesday night as I told you I went to a shower for a girl in my Sunday school class and did I ever get a surprise because they gave me a lovely gift as well. I got a wooden sandwich tray shaped as a leaf and was it ever lovely. I went to the lodge dance with Mother, Dad, Jessie and Marg and we had a great time. Then Friday night I went over to see your Mom and Pop as I wanted your Mom to go to the show with me but she told me just to come on over and as usual we had a nice talk and she was also telling that in your last letter you wanted 4 children. Well dear are you going to want to have enough for a football team? I also have put on 7 pounds since our honeymoon and your Mother asked if I was feeling alright (you know what I mean) and I said as far as I know I am alright. I guess only time will tell.
The Saturday night I went to the show with Irene so that was my week. Oh darling here is some more news for you. I am being invited to 2 wedding next Saturday, one at 3:30PM and one at 7:30PM. I think the early one is Marg McLeod. She phone Marg and I last week to see if we would go, she is having a church wedding but is wearing a short dress also and the reception is going to held in her house. The the other wedding is Lloyd Duff’s, they just made up their minds last week. They are not sure of the time yet as I do not think Lloyd has got permission yet. Gladys is wearing a short dress and I think their reception is being held at the Diet Kitchen but I am not sure yet. I will be going to showers for Marg and Gladys so boy will I be busy.
Well darling I guess that is about all the news for now as Marg is yelling for the pad to write to Ted, but darling I promise you I will write you on Tuesday for sure and let you know how your Aunt is.
So darling loving you and missing you more than ever.
From your weee wife (all 107 pounds)



P.S I am sending you some pictures that we took last weekend
P.P.S write soon

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