September 12th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I have just finished reading your swell letter dear, and I was going to telegraph you this afternoon and find out if anything was wrong. Because I was certainly worried about you dear because I hadn’t had a letter since last Sunday.
I am going to write you every second day from rather than wait until I get a letter from you because the mail will be held up more often from now as since we are having bad weather conditions and it will be held up.
I’m certainly glad that you are having a busy time dear, because I would certainly not like to think that the time is hanging on your hands. Because darling you know that you mean more to me than anybody or anything else and I would do anything in my power to make you happy. Bob came in on Sunday night OK but this is really a joke because he is in the hospital. He was taking medicine all last week but it didn’t do him any good. So he went in this morning for an examination. I’ll leave it up to your imagination on why he is in there now. Yes that’s right (too bad eh?) Oh well that is what happens to a naughty boy. But don’t mention it to anyone as he wants this to be kept a secret.
My Mother certainly sent a swell cake down didn’t she, or have you not seen it yet? There is about 2 pieces left so that speaks for itself. Well darling we lost the swimming competition but I did great individually. I did not place in the top 3 but was 5th in one of the reaces. I guess those army guys know how to practice for such a competition as only one of our Air Force guys came in first in any of the races. All in all we had a swell time.
Last night they had a picture on the station “Love thy Neighbour” and Mary Martin was in it. Boy she certainly has lovely legs, but honestly darling I really think you have legs, every bit s lovely as hers. Oh what I would give to be posted closer to you so I could see those legs. Remember all the times I would come down when I was posted in Ottawa for the weekends? Gee darling I certainly used to look forward to seeing you then, so you can imagine how I feel now
Oh well darling, perhaps if we pray hard enough something might happen, anyways I think I’ll know what is going to happen within the next month so we will just sit tight until then. It would cost you about $30.00 to come down here dear, your friend certainly paid too much. If I am still here by Christmas you could perhaps take a couple weeks off and come down darling. Because the way I miss you now dear I know I couldn’t last out until the next leave I get.
Has Marg heard from Ted how he likes Newfoundland. I heard that it wasn’t too bad a station and incidentally the boys feel awful wolfish after a few months there. So tell Marg to watch herself when Ted comes home at Christmas. Maybe he will surprise and slip a ring on her finger as Marg is certainly a great kid.
By the way dear, I have some interesting news for you. I was reading up some new regulations in regards to the department of men in the R.C.A.F and I found out that if you were to have anything happen, like have a baby or have your tonsils out in fact anything at all at the hospital or dentist or X-ray clinic, the government will pay 50% of the bill. So darling go ahead and have a couple of babies, but I forgot that you will need a bit of assistance from me and I am up tot he challenge.
Well darling I will write you Monday for sure so darling loving my darling wife very, very much, I remain

Your very loving husband



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