September 4th, 1942

I’ve just finished opening up your package dear and I want to thank you very much. Everything was just fine. But the cookies were shaken up a little bit but they were certainly disappearing from under my nose.
The weather down here today has been pretty cloudy and its been raining slightly but I have Glen Miller on the radio and he’s beating it out and its a funny thing and he is playing “miss you” and darling that is how I feel about you right now. Well darling you can rest assured that we have everything we need down here.
Well dear I’m certainly glad that you have a job that you think you’d like. I certainly hope you do because I would hate to think that you were working at some new job that you didn’t fancy. But you new job sounds OK to me and I really think you’ll do fine.
I got my Mothers letters OK and I was very glad to receive it and I will answer her tomorrow and also drop a little note to my Aunts. I’m still nibbling at your cakes (pardon cookies) and they certainly do go down good dear. I’m getting something to eat every night before I go to bed now. I’ve got a friend who works at night in the mess hall and that really is the place to get to know somebody because I’m really liking the food down here.
I’ll tell you I happened to meet him. I was up in one of those offices talking to one of the fellows and this other guy came in wanting to make long distance calls to Montreal. Well he phones this girl and tells her not to worry and to go to the hospital on Friday, so we have our own ideas on what is happening. Anyways after he was through it seems he was married and his wife was expecting her second, he left today by plane and gets 7 days special leave. They really treated him OK. Well that is one good thing even though we are 1400 miles apart it only take 5 hours by plane and the R.C.A.F is starting a special trip for service personnel. So some day I might drop in for supper.
I hope you let you Mother and Father know I’m thinking about them and they are all OK, and your little sister and Marg too.
Well we had a couple more swimming practices but they say the Navy has a pretty strong team. So Monday is the big day. I’ll let you know how everything goes. But we are not just out to win, we are really having a swell time. Boy there certainly are a bunch of boys getting married, some have brought their wives down here and I really do feel sorry for them especially when they are going overseas as pilots. That is one thing you do not have to worry about dear and that is being a pilot. I would have though if it had not been for these damn eyes of mine. But you know darling I would not do a thing to make you worry so everything has worked out the way it should have.
How is that Dot McKee doing, or better still how is she behaving? I think that I choose the right wife as she might of been a handful. HA HA.
I heard a rumour that Jack Dowds was in Moncton N.B. I don’t know whether that is right or not, they say the woman down there are pretty wild down there, so Jack will fit in just fine. Incidentally dear you last cookie had just disappeared so they speak for themselves.
Well dear that is about all for now, but I will drop you another letter as soon as I receive yours
So loving my darling wife with all my heart
I remain your loving husband


XXXXXXXXXXXX – this line if from the boys

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