September 4th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received you nice letter tonight dear when I came home from work, and I thought I would answer it now because I am going away for the weekend and I won’t be home till Monday night. I see by your letter that are feeling OK again, and I am glad dead because I would hate you to be sick when you are away down there. I can’t understand how it was 4 days until you heard from me, but I guess was a tie up in the mail.
You were saying that you were having hot weather well good for you because the last 2 days here have been very cold, everybody is going into dark colours all ready.
Well dear I started work yesterday and I like it very mch it is much quieter than the general office and the girls are much older, but they seem very nice. It is interesting work, it has to do with people from out of town who want to have a budget plan and we have to check on them to see if it OK for them to have it. We get to learn all about their business, we get some very interesting letters and you think my spelling is bad you should read some of them.
Thank you very much dear for the $20.00, are you sure you can afford to send it? Does it leave you short because if it does I will send some if it back to you. I am going to pay my Mother some of my board with that because I don’t get paid for 2 weeks. Gosh I’m glad dear I’m working because it will give us a chance to save because if I wasn’t I would be using all your money up and getting no place. So thanks again darling, I think you are going to spoil me but I am going to love being spoiled.
As I said at the beginning of my letter that I was going away for the weekend, well this afternoon Marg and I are going to a cottage with a friend of mine to Waubashene. They bought a cottage there and as her Dad can’t drive we are all going together. We are leaving tomorrow. I will have to pack tonight.
As you will see this will be a shorter note than usual as Marg used all my writing paper this afternoon writing and left me with 2 pages wo that is why it is shorter. Darling I wish you were home to come away with me and keep me warm because it is going to be cold up there. I must take my flannelette pyjamas with me. Did you get my box dear with your shirts? I was a bit doubtful I could get them at Eaton’s or Simpson’s but I went down to Jack Frasers and get them.
I have another shower to go to, Kay Watson, she used to go to school with Marg, she actually went to Wilkinson as I used to. Oh I mean to tell you darling, your Aunt Mattie has to go to the hospital on Tuesday at 8PM. We don’t know what is the matter yet, she has to go in under observation, she went to Dr. Johnson today and he took her to anoter specialist but they didn’t tell her what is the matter though. But I hope it is nothing seruious but I will let you know as soon as I hear anymore news about it. I guess we won’t know anymore until about Wednesday next week but we will all hope and pray that she is OK because I think an awful lot of her and Aunt Agnes and they have been grand to me. They are just like my own Aunts now. Well darling I will have to finish it now as I am running out of paper space.
Missing you and loving you with all my heart dearest.
from your wee wife


P.S how come you are not sending you letter AIR MAIL?!?!

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