September 2, 1942

Hello Dearest:

Well darling, how is everything going? I received you wee wee note Monday morning what’s the matter O’l thing is Halifax running out of news? How is the swimming race coming along?
I promised I would write you last night dear, but I wanted to make sure about my new job before I wrote you. I didn’t tell you I was trying for an office job until I made sure I got one. Remember I told you I was telling up at the College St Eaton’s, well that was last Tuesday and not being used to standing I thought my feet would drop off and the hours were so darn long so, right then and there I decided I would try for an office job. On Wednesday I went back to the employment office but she didn’t have a thing for me so she said come back down on Monday. So bright and early Monday morning off trots Mrs. Lewis for another try, the same thing happened, no openings in the office and from what I heard Eaton’s were having a hard time getting girls (oh Yeah). So she said come back down on Wednesday and I will see what I can do for you. Well dear, Wednesday rolled round (that’s today) and guess what, I got an office job in the Mail order budget plan office with the same money that’s $15.50 plus my cost of living bonus and the hours are grand 8 to 4:30. Boy am I happy, I start tomorrow morning. I am so sick of staying home.
I tried to get your shirts today dear, but Eaton’s only have size 14 and 16, they won’t be getting any more in until October. I asked for Roy Duff, but he hasn’t been to work for 2 days and they don’t know where he is. Your Mother was saying that he had a chance for a better job at Eaton’s but the manager where he woks now wouldn’t give him his transfer, so maybe he has gone to a new job.
You Aunt came to show me a letter from her lawyer regarding her house. It seems the people won’t get out of the house, so they got a 3 month notice on Monday, so that means they have to be out by the end of November and she wanted to know if my Mother still wants to rent it. I hope she does because I don’t like this place at all.
I went to the doctor with Mother and Aunt Mattie yesterday afternoon. I went with them because the doctor wanted to see Beverley and Mother is not able to carry her, and everybody was smiling at me on the street car. I guess they thought she was mine. Bill I want one just like her. Can I have one?
The doctor said Mother was fine and he said that she needed to get away for a week or 2, but she will not go away without Pop.
He examined your Aunt Mattie and she was all taken with him, and he thinks she has bladder trouble and he wanted her to come down today and meet another specialist. He told her he didn’t think it was serious though she felt much better when she came out.
Your Mother was going with her today but she doesn’t have to go until Friday. So we will keep our fingers crossed and hope she is ok.
I went down on the street-car with Barbara Stainton on Monday. I do not know who her new flame is, I didn’t ask her. Marg is on her holidays just now, she started on Monday, she is not going away though, she is just going to stay home because she has no one to go away with. She had a letter from Ted today and he is getting his leave at Christmas and he gets 21 days. Do you think you will get off at Christmas? If not I am coming down there so you just tell the service I am on my way.
Bill dear I sent you down a box, I think you should have it by Saturday. I is not very much but let me know if it gets there OK. I will send you down a bigger one next time.
Your Mother told me that she wrote you yesterday and told you that she wanted 2 grandchildren, but I told her we were going to have 3. How about it dear, do you think you can stand it? I hope so because I can.
Well darling that is all for now but I will write you again either on Friday or Sunday. I hope I hvae one from you tomorrow dear, with a wee bit more news.
All my love dearest from your loving wife,



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