September 1st, 1942

Dearest Doreen:

Well how is my sweet little wife today? I have just finished reading your nice little letter and I was very concerned that something had happened to you as I had not heard from you in 4 whole days.
You don’t really know how much I really look forward to receiving your letters darling and they really do make a big change in me.
Well darling I’m feeling like a million dollars again, finally, and today I think is the hottest day we’ve had and you know how I like the heat. So all in all everything is just fine. I still have my portable radio because the fellow that told me I could get another new one said that they are not making little ones any more and that you can’t get them wholesale anymore.
Darling I’m enclosing $20 for you because I’m just found out you won’t be getting any money until October from the Air Force wife subsidy as the accounting section did not get my paper work in time for the September allowance. That just means you will be getting more in October. You can do what you want with the money dear.
There really isn’t much news down here. I think that I saw one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen on Saturday night. It was “My favourite Blond”. I am really missing you more then I ever thought I would darling and I wish I could do something about it. But we will wait until the middle of October to see if it is going to happen. Because darling I wish I was with you more than anything and I’m trying to figure out some way. I could get you down here or something. At any rate we’ll just wait until then and see what had happened.
So Marg and Ted are really going to do it, good for them. I’m thinking that is the only thing to do even though they are separated for a while. Because I think that I love you more than ever and I did not think that would even be possible.
How do you like your new job dear? You did not say anything about it. Now don’t forget darling if you don’t like it quit and look around for another because there is all kinds of jobs open now and you really don’t have to work at some place you don’t like.
I’m sorry to hear that my Aunt is not very well. I certainly hope that it isn’t serious because she has certainly treated us swell. I’m on duty watch this week as I cant get away from the station. So I will be getting lots of reading and sleep. I think you had better get some sleep yourself and lots of rest because darling who knows but I might be seeing you some time soon. I certainly hope so darling more than anything else in the world.
Well darling I guess that is about all for now darling. I know we’ll be together before long so don’t get downhearted.
Loving you with all my heart.



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