August 30th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I am sorry I didn’t answer your letter sooner but I thought if I waited till the weekend I would have more news to tell you. I received your very nice but very short note on Friday morning but I was glad to hear if you were OK again dear. It is now Sunday night and about 10:30PM. I have just come back from the store as I have to go out and get a writing pad before I could write you.
Everybody is feeling fine except for Mom, she is not sick but is terribly tired and gets tired very easy. I am a wee bit nervous and worried about her but I guess she is OK. She is going to see Dr. Johnson on Tuesday and I am going to tell you this between you and I, it doesn’t look good. She asked me when she goes to the Dr. that I would come along, but I wasn’t to tell Aunt Agnes or your Mother because she didn’t want them to know or worry about her. But I am going to tell your Mother because I did not like to keep anything like that from your Mother and I know your Mother will not tell anyone
She told me herself Bill that she wasn’t feeling as she should. So I hope everything is OK but I will let you know as soon as I hear and how she comes out.
I feel great dear except that I miss you too much for my own good but just think darling that it will be one month on Wednesday since we were married, do you feel like an old married man yet? I have not done an awful lot since I last wrote you, on Wednesday night I went to the show with Irene and saw a spooky picture but it was good. I was supposed to go and see Doris, but her boyfriend left on Wednesday afternoon, Doris does not know where he will be posted and she was so tired from going out so much that she was going to her bed to sleep. So I told her that we would get together some time next week.
Then Thursday night I went over to see your Mother and Father and I also took over the pictures, oh I forgot to tell you dear, I got the wedding pictures and they turned out very good. Your Mother wasn’t the one with the two of us, so I gave her that one.
Also you Mother is mad at you O’l thing as you have not written her in a long time. So if you are waiting for a letter from her you are going to have to have a long time as she is not going to write until she gets a letter from you. So you had better write her soon.
Friday night I went to a shower for the girl I know who is getting married next Saturday. Mother, Marg, Aunt Jessie and Aunt Lizzie were all there also, so that filled my week in.
Your Mother and Aunt were wondering what our first child is going to be called and if I wanted a boy or a girl, I thought I had stopped blushing but I fooled myself because I was blushing but I told them I hope it was a girl. What do you want dear? Gosh Bill how am I going to go 3 months without you, it isn’t even been 3 weeks, but it seems like 3 years, but oh well as you say, I will keep my chin up.
Did I tell you Bill that Marg McLoed is being married next Saturday? I don’t think I did. Well anyways last Monday morning she told her Mother at the breakfast table that her and Len were going to be married that that they had waited long enough, but her Mother almost fainted and she is just being married at the ministers house, next weekend and she does not know if Len will get time off or if he will just get a 48 hour leave. Fast work eh? She also told her Mother that she does not want a reception. Her Mother again almost fainted. I wonder why they are in such a hurry, do you?
Yesterday afternoon I went to Hamilton with your Mother and Dad, Aunt Agnes and Aunt Mattie and we had a lovely day. We went to the market and bought peaches, tomatoes, corn on the cob and had our supper there and we got home about 9PM. Then we went up to the Browning and had some corn on the cob and boy was it ever good. So we had a nice day.
Your Uncle Jack was asking for you. I gave him a kiss from Mrs. Dean and also one from me. Then today Pop took us out for a ride this afternoon. Marg’s cousin Ian came down for the weekend, so he took the bunch of us out, and we got home about 5PM just in time for supper.
So I guess I have been pretty busy and it is better this way otherwise I will sit around and go crazy thinking about you.
Well darling I guess I will sign off now because my eyes are just about closing but I will write you again Tuesday for sure and give me some more about you. I also hope to have a letter from you soon and will keep my fingers crossed.
So darling loving you very much
All my love from your gossiping wife



P.S Are the boys still kidding you?
P.P.S Come home soon I will you

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