August 28, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received another very nice letter from you yesterday dear and I was going to answer it this afternoon but I am going to Dartmouth to practice for our water sports. I wish I could tell you more about what I am actually doing here in the Air Force, but as we talked about before that information is classified, so you are stuck with me telling you about all the other activities that I do.
I wrote my Mother yesterday and told her all the latest news which wasn’t very much I’m afraid. Last night they had a real swell military band show here for the evening and entertained us with some real swinging music.
Nothing exciting has happened since I last wrote you dear. I’m not very busy. Has Ted told Marg how he likes his new station? I guess he is not very fussy about it is he? I am glad you are working again dear. But if you want to change you job you go right ahead and do it because it is pretty hard for a girl to be on her feet all day. So darling if it is a little too hard for you quit and try and get an office job.
Do you think you would like to work at the same place as Marg McLeod? You can put in an application and see what they can do for you because they really need help in practically every place.
Don’t worry about this stuff too much and being out of work for a few days. What does your Pop think about it?
Well dear I have to be on my way so I guess this letter will really be short. But I like to send something to you anyways darling. Just to let you know that I am thinking of you all the time. I asked my Mother to send some stuff to eat, biscuits, cake etc. It is something to celebrate my getting hitched as the boys were asking. I promised the boys a little banquet and I thought some cake would be OK and I told her what kind of sweets I wanted.
Well darling that is about all but I’ll write you Sunday. So with all my love dear I remain your ever loving husband,



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