June 3rd, 1942

Bill Darling:

I received your short, weee note yesterday so I thought I would drop you a few lines and it will be a few because it is now 11:30PM and everybody I this house is in dreamland but I won’t have a chance to write you tomorrow or Friday so I thought I would do it tonight.
I went to the shower for Jan last night that is why I didn’t write you last night and I didn’t get home till 10:30PM. Anna’s boyfriend Jack met us as we got off the street-car and drove me home. Then tonight I was at a trousseau tea for Jan. I went right up from work and has my supper at her place, then I helped her Mother make the sandwiches and also helped serve the tea (boy what a wife I will make eh?) so I didn’t get home from there till about 10PM and I am tired.
What do you mean that you have not received any mail for about 12 days? I wrote you last Friday so you should have that letter by Monday and before that I wrote you a short note a week ago Sunday and I that have arrived by Tuesday. I never miss a week Bill dear without writing you and as for saying I had forgotten about you, you know that’s silly because I cant get you out of my head or my heart you are there for keeps darling.
How is the weather down there Bill? We have had terrible weather here, it has rained nearly everyday for the past week. I only hope that it is nice this weekend for he wedding.
I am going to shower for Anna tomorrow night and Friday night I am going over to see you Mom and Pop. I was talking to you Mom on the phone on Tuesday and she phoned me tonight but I was out but I called her and I received a letter from you. Your Mother was at a wedding tonight with you Aunt and Mrs. Mclomly is having a garden party on Saturday afternoon and want your Mother and Aunt Mattie and me to go but as I have the wedding I won’t be able to go but I think my Aunt Jessie is going with them.
Yes dear, you MOnther got your dollar and is going to have to have the Toronto Paper sent to you, but by the time you receive my letter you will have had one from her telling you all about it.
Bill are you going to take your 2 weeks in August? I hope so because then I will have all the more time with you.
Jan got a lovely case of silver from the Office, so that is what I am going to ask for when I leave and she has also got a transfer to the Eaton’s Collage store when she gets back so I asked this fellow in our office to see if he couldn’t get me a place in the office at the College street location as he know quite a lot of people there so he said he would keep his eyes open for me. If I get my first chance I hope that I get a job there.
Marg and I revcieved out wedding invitations for Anna and Jacks wedding and we have to go formal so I will have to wear my evening dress as I think Jack is wearing tails. I think it should be a lovely wedding. Gee I wish you were here darling to go but never mind in 2 months time it will be our own. I don’t know what I will get them for a wedding present yet. The wedding is not till 7:30 PM and I think your Mother and Aunt coming to see it.
Have you seen Jack Sherman yet? I met Lloyd the other day in the time office but I didn’t have much chance to talk to him outside of saying hello and how are you as I was in a hurry to get back to the office as I was out on a message and it was 3PM.
Well Bill we had a little excirment around here this week and it all happened to poor Marg yesterday morming. When she was going to work and she was getting up on the curb at Bloor and Yonge she slipped and fell and hurt her ankle and when we got down to the office it was hurting her so much they has to send her home in a taxi and she was suffering so much with the pain that Mother had to get the doctor and when he got here he didn’t know if it was broken or just badly sprained and wouldn’t know until she had it X-rayed. So she had to take a taxi back down to Eatons today and to be X-rayed and boy is lucky the doctor came back tonight to look at the plates and it isn’t broken but just a bad sprain and she has to stay off work all this week but she is suffering with it.
Well darling I guess I will have to finish as it is after 12 and my eyes are just closing. I still have more gossip to tell you but will write you on Sunday and tell you all abut the wedding. So good night dear and hoping to have a better week this week.
All my love dearest from your wife to be.


P.S Love and kisses from me

June 2nd, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received you very nice letter yesterday dear, and you know how much I really look forward to reading it.
I saw Jack Sherman this morning and had quite a nice little chat with him. He certainly has out on weight and looks like a million bucks. HE says that it is married life so here is hoping that it agrees with me like it has with him. I think it will darling. I guess it must be the fact that you are warm in bed when you are married.
Well anyway dear he said that if you are in the service that the girl can get the license and I don’t need a birth certificate so that straightens everything out.
I hope you have got over your cold because you want to be in good shape for August. I wrote my Aunts yesterday and gave them an invitation to the wedding but I guess we will send them a formal one later on.
It wont be very long now about 7 weeks but darling I just wished it was tomorrow. You can send your letter down as soon as you get it. Because I don’t want to leave everything to the last minute dear.
Well let me see what else now. I played basketball last night. You know, I got to get in shape as I wouldn’t want to disappoint you darling. But I don’t think I will. In fact the way I feel I know I won’t.
I am enclosing $30.00 dollars dear to pay for the minister and other things. If you get a chance you can buy something for Lloyd. I don’t know to get but I guess that is your department.
Speak to my Mother Doreen to ask Mrs. Dean if she knew of any cottages for rent up there and if she doesn’t know of any find out if we can come up for a couple of days or so to her pace. If the gasoline situation is an issue we can take the train because it only take half a day.
The weather is nice and bright but it is awfully cold at night. I had 3 blankets on my cot last night. I cant wait to get back in August but then I am afraid I will be too hot (in more ways than one).
By the way dear will you do a favour for me? I’ve got 3 of your pictures in my locker but I would like a few of you in your summer dresses. So put on a cute little dress with nice short skirts and send them to me. Just so I can dream about you when I see you in 7 weeks. You know something, I think you are very cute and have a very cute figure.
I received last Thursday and Friday Toronto Star papers so I can keep up with the home town news now. So you had better behave yourself dear or it will be in the paper.
Well darling I guess that is about all for now but I’ll drop you another letter as soon as I get your answer and I hope it is soon dear.
All my love dear



P.S I lvoe you very much too dear
P.P.S Your lipstick is very nice dear but it is your perfume that is really something!

May 29, 1942

Hello darling:

Well dear it is now 9PM Friday night and I have just finished washing my hair and having a bath. I am sorry dear to be so long in answering your letter but I have been quite busy this week and this is the only chance I had to answer your lovely letter. I know that you would be receiving my other letter either on Tuesday or Wednesday.
How have you been keeping dear? Well I hope. I have had a little head cold but nothing much to talk about (I mist have got it from someone at work)
Mother and Dad have just gone out to do some shopping and Marg and Ted are going to the Top Hat so I am all by myself but I don’t mind because I like an evening to myself so that I can have any program I want on the radio.
I was at a shower for Jan on Wednesday night away up at Vaughn Rd. Pop drove me up so it wasn’t that too bad. Gee she got some lovely things. I had a swell time, Jan and I were the youngest gals there as they we all her Aunts and sister-in-laws and neighbours and quite a few of them were in their sixties! So as you can tell I had a good time. Jack got in at 11PM so all the men were at a Stag at one of Jan’s brothers house. He came over about 1030PM. He had about 11 other soldiers with him and they drove me tot he street car and what a beating I took about being engaged to a fellow in the Air Force but never mind I held my own with them.
I think they are just jealous that they are not in the Air Force. Jack is a very nice guy and a nice looking fellow but he doesn’t look as near as nice as you dear in your uniform. Then last night Mother and I went over to your house to see your Mother and Pop and as usual they were both fine.
Your father went out and got a bucket of ice-cream and we had that with cookies and boy was it good. We had quite a talk about (guess what?) Your Mother and my Mother are just disappointed that they are not wearing long dresses and then we asked your Pop what he is going to wear to the wedding and he said his bathing suit.
Then your Mother came around this afternoon to see Mom and Beverley. She was on her way to the races but it looked like rain so she decided she wouldn’t go. Your Aunt Mattie gave me a lovely pair of guest towels and your Mother gave them over to me. I don’t know how I am going to thank your Mother for all the lovely things she has done for me but perhaps some time I will be able to show my appreciation and I must remember to phone and thank your Aunt.
Do you know that both of your Aunts have been sick. Why don’t you drop them a note.
I went down on the street car on Thursday with your Aunt Agnes and she took sick Church St. and had to get off the car. We had to walk as far as Young St with her she was OK once she got some fresh air, it was so stuffy in that street car. She will be finishes work tomorrow as her place or work is going to close down, so perhaps that is just as well because now she can stay home and rest and you Aunt Mattie has been sick for about a week but I guess your Mother will tell you all about it in her letter dear as she is planning on writing you on Sunday.
Yes darling you have to have the wedding license 3 days before you are married and I was asking your Mother if she thought I would be able to get the license without you being here and she said she didn’t think so but my Mother thinks that I will but some lunch hour I will got over to City Hall and get the real answer.
Oh yes, you better had write back to Lloyd and ask him to be best man yourself as it is not your Mothers place but she is going to tell you about that in her letter.
Bill dearest I want to thank you now for wanting to send me up $25.00. I don’t feel right in taking it because after all you bought me this beautiful ring and you know darling you are not married to me yet and you will see expensive I can be after I am your wife, but Bill darling we should be able to save quite a bit. But don’t you dare send me any more money after this $25.00 or I’ll be and because you will have enough expense without sending me any more.
I was talking to Doris the other night so she is going to make my dress and also Marg’s she is going to get started making them next week. She is coming up for supper next Wednesday.
Darling I would like to go up to Mr. Holts on Big Cedar Lake also, I think it would be grand up there just the 2 of us especially at night with the moon and the stars. But as you say we will just see how the gas situation is.
Marg and I are going to a shower for Anna next Thursday so between going to showers and weddings I am keeping quite busy.
Bill dear you should see Beverley now, she is getting big and she laughs and talk to you (believe it or not) some mornings she is going to wake up and say Hello Doreen and you should see Pop with her is he ever spoiling her he is worse than a young father. He gets so worried about her if she cries.
Well darling I guess I will have to close as my arm is getting tired but hurry and write dear as I love receiving our letters and I will promise I will answer it right away.

All my love dear

I love you very much Bill

P.S You never said If you liked my lipstick kiss…here is another one.

May 25th, 1941

My Darling Doreen:

Hello dear. I received your very nice letter yesterday and as you know I look forward to getting htem more than anything else. I went to the station theatre last night and saw “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” it was really OK even though I saw it before. Tonight “Texas” is on so I guess I will be seeing it. Since I’ve got back to the station I have not been off once.
Well darling it is only 9 weeks to August now and believe me I will it will be the longest 9 weeks of my life. I’m looking forward to seeing you again so much already that I just hope I can last out. But knowing what a wonderful time is in store for me I think I will be ok.
I don’t need to get permission till about the 1st of July so if you have your letter here about the last week in June it will be fine.
There are a couple of things that I am worried about though. 1) I think you have to have your marriage license certified 3 days before you can get married and 2) my birth certificate is at Ottawa. But you let me know definitely and I will fix things up here because I think tat I can get special permission to get married as soon as I get the license but you let me know.
The next thing is dear that I will be sending you $25 in my next letter and darling I really want you to take it and buy yourself some clothes etc. and anything that you might need. And in the middle of June I will send you another $25 and if you take it I will be mad.
I think that just about covers all for the present dear, except where we are going to go. I think Midland is pretty swell myself and we can go there for a couple of days and if there is enough gas I was thinking that we could to Holt’s or Mrs. Deans for a day or two. But we will have to see how the gasoline situation is by then. I think it would be just perfect if we cold get a cottage up at Holts all by ourselves boy darling that would be Paradise.
Really dear its wonderful when two people love each other and get along as well as we do.
I’m sorry that I won’t be able to get down to Anna’s or Jan’s wedding as it would give me some pointers on what to do as a groom. He really only comes in useful on the wedding night.
Oh something else that I was going to ask you dear I dont know what to do about my leave. I was thinking that I would take 10 days in August and let the other 4 days wait till winter and hope to get 5 days additional days and then take them all together.
But you let me know what you would rather have me do and also let me know your full name so I can add them to the allowance papers. Darling I forgot to mention that you are going to probably marry the badminton champion of the Air force. I am much better than these old farts that are here. So you better be practicing your tennis game and get yourself in shape.
Tell mom to tell Lyyod to be best man as it will save a lot of trouble working from here. I am really sorry to hear that you do not like your new home. But dear you can bet that once this war is over that you will have one of the best and cutest little bungalows in Toronto and it will ne nicer than ever with you in it.
Well dear that just about covers everything for now but I’ll have lots more gossip for you as soon as I get your next letter. And darling as always loving you more every day. I remain your loving to be husband.



May 24, 1942

Hello O’l Dear:

This is just going to be a wee note as I haven’t much gossip for you in the letter. I hope I have a letter from you on Tuesday or look out because Halifax here I come. How are you doing since the last time I heard from you? How do you like my grammar – bad eh?
Well dear nothing much exciting has happened since I wrote you on Thursday. I told you I was going over to see your Mother on Friday but Dad had to go to a meeting and Mother wanted to go with him so I stayed and watched Beverley. I phoned your Mother and told her so she said she would go out with your Father. Not sure if they went out as the weather has been bad today. It has rained here since Friday night.
I feel sorry for any person who went away for the weekend. I had Billy McKenzie and Herb up to see me last week and they were going up to Midland this weekend, remember we went up this time last year?
I am so glad we have sorted the wedding out and yes I am glad we can just move forward and not concentrate on the money issue.
I went to the show last night with Irene and Jessie then after the show we went to the restaurant for something to eat but I was home and in bed (by myself) by 12PM not bad eh for a Saturday night, boy am I ever in shape for August (OH BOY).
Well enough talking about myself, what have you been doing (oh Bill not that ) TUT TUT and I thought you were a different, I guess I will have to change you once you are my husband. No darling I think I will leave you just as you are.
Have you decided if you want to go to Midland because if you do we will have to make the arrangements for August. Your Mother and my Mother both get a booklet from Midland asking us up there this year again but I would rather have a cabin where you and Jack were. I think it would be a lot nicer at night, don’t you?
How is Bob keeping? – tell him I was asking for him.
Oh I know I had something else to tell you. The other night Audrey Sherman phoned Marg to see if Ted and her would go out with Jack as he is going overseas. Gee I think that sure was a surprise because he was one person I thought wouldn’t be going over but he said that the girls were taking over the jobs of the cooks so they had to go over. He leave here next Sunday as he has to be in Halifax by the 1st of June so perhaps you might see him.
I am going o a shower for Jan up at her Aunt’s. Gee is she getting excited for her wedding, no wonder she has only 2 more weeks. When I go up for the wedding I am going to stay over for the weekend as her mother has a boarding house up there and they want me to stay.
Well darling I am really saving I was only out once last week and that was to the show on Saturday.
I am listening to Bob Crosby, he is on the band wagon and he is playing the Jersey Bounce, gee I bet you are jealous. Have you got a radio there? How are the dances coming along? Ted has just came in, Marg and him are going over to see her Mother.
Well darling I’m afraid I will have to close now as I have no more news to tell. But I will have by the time I get your letter. Hurry and answer dear as I look forward to your letter.

Loveing you with all my heart


P.S Wishing you were here to get a real kiss rather than the ones on paper.
P.P.S Don’t forget to write your mother!

May 21st, 1942

Bill Darling:

I just received your lovely little note but I was very glad to receive it. I was looking forward to it so much. How is O’l Halifax since you last left it and are the skirts still as short on the girls or shorter? Well you just go around with your eyes shut (oh yeah).
Did you stay in Ottawa very long before you left for Halifax you never said in your letter and how was the trip back?
Bill dear I don’t think I thanked you for the nice 2 days I had when you were here so I will thank you now, it was a grand surprise and I only wish it could happen more often but every time I get blue I just stop and think of August and I get all thrilled and excited and feel very happy.
I phoned your Mother last night and both she and your father are fine and I also phoned her tonight to tell her I got your letter and she was glad that I had heard from you as we were both kind of anxious. I am going over to see your Mom and Pop tomorrow night. Your Mother finished my pair of pillow cases and also that cute little guest towel your mother was doing that you laughed at so, that makes 12 pairs of pillow cases we have now dear.
Last Thursday Mother, Dad, Marg and Auntie Jessie and myself all went to the lodge dance and has a nice time. We asked your Mother but she was going to get permanent so she did not come.
Pop won a prize, a pair of bookends so I feel that I will inherit them. Irene and Jessie came up to look after the baby then Friday night I stayed home and went to bed early and Saturday night I went to the show with Irene and Jessie and on Sunday I stayed home and helped Mom to pack. Well darling as you can tell by the address on the top of my letter we have at last moved into our HORRIBLE new home and when I say horrible I really mean horrible. I only hope that the people in your Aunts house hurry and get out but time will tell. I took Tuesday off as that is when we moved. Boy what a time we had getting moved. We got a threatening letter from a lawyer that Mr. Mitchell (that’s him who moved into our house on Milverton) went to, telling us we had to be out on Tuesday or he would take us to court and we would have to double the rent to pay after May 11. Well that just about topped everything, we got the letter on Saturday so Mom and Dad took the letter and went down to the rent control to see what they could do so they told them not to worry that they couldn’t take us to court and they couldn’t put us on the street because. You see we couldn’t get into this new house because the people in here couldn’t get into their new place but however everything turned out OK the people in this house moved out on Monday and we were able to move on Tuesday (are you following all of this?)
Dad had ordered the van for (am and it didn’t turn up till about 1:30PM so we got in here about 6PM what a dirty place. I never saw so much dirt in all my life we had Auntie Jessie, Aunt Bessie, Irene, Jessie, Raymond, Uncle Louie, Marg, Ted and myself all scrubbing the floors, doors and woodwork. By the time we were finished I was looking more like a homeless person than anything else. To top it all off I wanted to take a bath but the tank was broken so Marg and I went over to Ted’s and had our bath and gosh you should have seen me. I went over there with my hair piled on top, and my slacks, sweater and trench coat and then when I came out I had my pyjamas and trench coat on, boy what a gossip for he neighbours!
Well darling enough about our moving trouble and now for our wedding arrangements. I get all excited when I think about it. Do you want me to get my letter right away and send it down to you? Also I get the license. I will need your birth certificate, yes dear I will go ahead and make the arrangements on this end. It will only be a small wedding but it will be in the church and I will be married in a short dress. Why am I having t in the church? It is because Mother want me to, so I guess it wont hurt us dear to be married in a church, but there wont be many there. I would like to go on our honeymoon up to Midland because we will have to think about gas rationing and anyways I like Midland we would take a nice little cabin by the lake (oh boy hurry up August)
Are you going to write and ask your cousin if he is going to be best man or is you Mother going to do it?
Ted just got posted today and guess where he goes, non other than Mountain View. He is going up there for an instructors course so I guess he will be thinking he is pretty good.
Poop Pop is lying down on the chesterfield tonight with a very bad cold. It seems to be all in his chest and Mother is holding Beverley in her arms she also has a little cold but not too bad but Mother is fine and boy so am I, right as rain.
Have you been fishing yet? Oh and Bill dear don’t forget when you answer this letter to address it to 24 Fielding Ave. We have a cradle phone in this house, some high class to the Booth family eh?
Well darling I am afraid I will have to close now so I want to wash my hair before I go to bed but hurry and write dear because then the time wont seem so long then.
Thinking of you dear every day and wishing you were here.
All my love dearest



P.S They are just playing that song on the radio “Miss you” and boy do I ever. So whenever you hear that song think of me missing you.

May 19th, 1942

Hello dearest Doreen:

Well darling here it is Tuesday noon and I am back in Bee-ootiful Halifax. It is foggy and rather damp but it is pretty mild.
I certainly enjoyed my 2 days with you dear more than you will ever know. But I guess we all have to get back to our duty so we can get this war over and I certainly hope that is soon especially the way that I feel about you. Well dear I think that I can get my leave the first 9 days of August so you go ahead figuring on that.
I know that you have looked forward to a big wedding dear, but if you do not have one I will make it up to you somehow and darling you know I will try and make you very happy even though we might have a little tough going at first.
Its only about 9 weeks now so that will go fast but not fast enough. I hope that we can get a place to go but I think Midland wouldn’t be so bad. of a place to go. But I will leave that up to you to decide but I will ask Mom to see about a place up in Peterborough just for us. Won’t that be exciting boy I can hardly wait.
I guess that you will have to see about the license and other things and let me know about anything dear that worries you.
Boy your little sister is getting to be a real cute kid. I guess it runs in the family, I only hope that we have 5 or 6 like her. But I don’t think that you can handle that many or can you?
I was talking to another fellow who is brining his wife down here. So we are both going to keep our eyes open for a place because I would certainly want you to come down here if I can find a nice place for us.
Well dear I am going to make sure that I get plenty of rest and sleep down here over the next 9 weeks so I can be in good shape for you in August – aren’t you getting excited?
I just want to say dear you do know how much I really do love you and it will not be long until I can prove it to you. But as I said before you will need to get everything ready there like a letter of reference from your Minister and I won’t be home to apply for permission until the 1st of July and you get your allowance starting the first of August.
Well honey that is about all but write soon and let me know all the gossip from Toronto as I know how good you are at getting all the juicy bits.

Love with all my heart



P.S Remember that I am your number 1 boy

May 5th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I just received your last letter dear and as usual it was very, very nice. I also received your other one last Thursday so everything was OK.
The Fellow that sorts the mail had got it mixed in with the sergeants mail so that is what happened to it. I read your letters over once a day dear and they always give me a pleasant thrill.
In regards to us getting married in August dear, you know that I definitely want to and if it was the money situation that was worrying you dear that can be easily remedied dear.
I’ll send you $50.00 as soon as I receive your next letter as I don’t know where to send your mail to and it might get misplaced and I really want you to take it dear because you know that everything I have is yours. And Dear you can have any amount that you want because I have enough and plenty more to get us married but I will tell you that as soon as I see you dear.
Now all you have to do is make all the arrangements at your end and I’ll get my leave all arranged as soon as I get back to Ottawa. By the way you will have to get a letter of reference from your boss or one from your Sunday School teacher and speak to my Mother about lining up a cottage, tell her to speak to Mrs. Dean as she might know of one but you go ahead dear and reserve any place that you would like but I guess we can leave that for a month or so.
I just wish that I was down there to help you darling but write me and let me know if you want any help. I have just received my pay and as I said before I’ll send it to you for you so do anything you want with it dear and please do not worry about money.
The reason that I would rather have us marry this summer is that I wouldn’t be able to get 2 weeks this summer and another 2 weeks in January and darling I always wanted to get married in the summer so we could go up north. I know that your Mother wouldn’t stand in our way dear unless there was a very good reason and I know that she and your father are under terrific stress for money, so if you except the money than I will be sending you I that that there is nothing wrong with it.
I want you to speak to my Mother about it but I think that she will say that it is OK. I’m rather afraid that I would faint at a big wedding but I think that I will be OK as long as you catch me.
You were wondering what the job was that I was applying for, well it is some fellows who get the lads ready to go overseas and look after the physical training. They make you a Sergeant which isn’t bad but it is just means that I would be stuck down here for a longer duration.
Tell your Mother that I wouldn’t know what to do at the wedding and I might only have a day or so to practice. I would get my leave from Monday for 14 days and I would get down on Friday night or Saturday morning by bus if I was in Ottawa by then, but if I am still here in Halifax I am not sure what I will do. So we will wait another 3 or 4 weeks until I find out if I will be down in your neck of the woods.
I know that we are doing the right thing if we get married this summer because I don’t now where I will be this time next year and so if we do get married we will have something more than a ring to bind us. I am all for getting married this August. If I get posted to Ottawa you will live at home and I will get down 2 times a month and we could certainly have a swell time and we could be saving money to buy things that we will need once this damn war is over.
Well darling that is about all for now but I think that you will agree with me so let me know any new developments. By the way I saw Bob, I do not know his last name but he used to go around with Irene, her last week but I did not get a chance to speak to him.
SO darling, loving you more and more every day, I remain with lots and lots of you yours.



April 30, 1942

Doreen dear:

Well darling here it is Thursday afternoon and I got your letters yet. I received my Mothers yesterday and she mentioned that you had sent one before her, so I guess you must have put the wrong address on it or it got lost on the way somehow.
My Mother mentioned that your mother and father wanted to postpone the wedding to later, well darling, you know it rests entirely with you. If I get sent back to Ottawa I didn’t expect you to come down there to live so if your folks think that you would be leaving home you can put them straight on that point.
I also thought that seeing as how you had got such a nice time off for your holidays in August that it would have been ideal to marry then, but dear I want you to know that I don’t want to go against your parents decision. However as I mentioned before I have not received your letter yet dear so I do not know what your definite opinion is except what my mother thinks.
I was also think of the $35 dollars a month that you were losing and I know that it would come in useful to us later.
They asked us whether we would like to apply for the job of conducting the staff here and I did not want to answer until I heard from you dear. It means an extra $6.00 a week and I could save a lot more for us more so than I could save in Ottawa, especially if I was to take the train twice a month from Ottawa to Toronto.
But of course dear I would be so far away from Toronto, that would be the big disadvantage. But darling I don’t want to do anything that you would not want to do so write and let me know everything.
Well dear I have a big surprise for you. Do you remember Jan? Well they pushed him to Halifax, and well here he is right next to me in my room/ He has had 6 weeks sick leave with an appendicitis and ulcers of the stomach.
Well darling it is certainly a swell squadron here and the food still swell and in fact I am only been away from the cafeteria twice since I have arrived.. I have been once to the show and last night to look around the town.
We have not heard when we will be finished here but I think in about a week or so. But nothing definite. By the way don’t forget to give me your new address.
I just received some pictures dear so I’ll enclose a couple to show you how we dress down here, a couple of them are good for a laugh but they are not so bad.
There was a show and concert here last night and t was pretty good, there was a couple of Hawaiian (is that spelled right?) gals on and did they boys ever go wild over them, they were real good.
I guess that is about all dear from you little Halifax correspondant, but write as soon as you get his dear and let me know how things stand ont he other affair dear.

And so lots and lots of love,


April 27, 1942

Bill darling

I received your lovely letter on Thursday but I am sorry it took so long in answering it, but you asked me a very important question and it took a lot of time deciding and I wanted to be sure before I wrote it down. It is now Sunday night and we have just finished our supper, we had Ted around for supper and at the present moment he is sound asleep on the chesterfield and mother is trying to put Beverley to sleep as she is very fussy today.
How is the weather downt here, it has been very warm here the last week, it has been up to 80 degrees just like summer. DO you still like it down there dear? Have you any idea when you will be moved?
Bill are you on the outskirts of Halifax or can you answer that, so the orchestra was pretty good (who did you dance with?)
Well darling I guess you are wondering what I have decided. Oh Bill dear if you were only here so that I could talk to you in person. It is so hard to put in my letters the way I feel. I went to see your Mother Thursday night to have a talk with her and she read your letter. Bill darling your parents were grand, your father was all keen about us but your mother would like us to wait for a while but she said she would not stand on our way and if we decided to marry in August that they would give us our bedroom suite and fix your room when you came home. But Bill I have thought it all over and have decided to wait. I know you are going to be disappointed but not any more than I am. Don’t think that I don’t want to marry tis summer dear, every time I think of the fun we could have I could cry and don’t think I haven’t. Gosh darling could I use your shoulder but mother is not so well and she couldn’t give me the wedding that she would like to this summer.
Please Bill do not think of me as selfish but I want a nice wedding. I think that is what all nice young girls dream of, please try and see my point of view dear, it is very hard for me to say yes what would you say if we waited until January? We would have some more money to back us, and I would not think twice about saying yes.
Your mother will be writing you the same time as I am writing yours and she will explain it all to you also. My mother said she wished she could talk to you she was grand about it and so was Pop. Bill if we went to January to would only be a few more months and Bill dear the way I love you I can wait for a few extra months.
Bill do you really know how much I love you and how much I miss you? But its entirely up to you if you wont wait until January or next summer. As you can tell by the letter I don’t feel in the laughing mood. I took Beverley over to see your Mother yesterday afternoon and your Pop was sure tickled with her, your Mother asked if I wished she was mine and I said yes, I think you know how much I would like one of our own.
Do you still want to take your holidays with me or are you mad at me? We could have 2 grand weeks together and maybe we could go up to the Holts for the week and save the other week for your Mother. Is there any special place you would like to go to?
Bill are you sure that I will not see you until August, what I am going to do? For a whole 3 months? I think I am going to complaint to the Royal Canadian Air Force and you said you would only be gone 6 weeks but when you come up in August we can talk it over with your parents and mine.
Non Wilson came in for the weekend from Windsor and she got her ring as Ronnie is a cook in the navy and is leaving for Halifax tomorrow so I gave him your address so that if he got a chance he will go see you. He thinks he will be gone a year.
Marg and Ted and another couple went to the Arcadian, gee I wish you were here. We took some pictures today so as soon as I get them I will send them down to you. I didn’t do anything exciting last week. Doris came over on Friday so if we decide on January I will have to let her know as she will make my wedding dress etc…I will have to give her lots of notice.
I am going to the show with Hazel on Tuesday and then she is going to come over for supper on Thursday. Oh by the way I got my raise making $15.50 and cost of living bonus so I am really making good money now, and lots more for saving.
Well darling I am afraid I will have to close now, but please think over what I said and hurry and answer as I won’t be able to sleep until I hear from you and believe me I haven’t done much sleeping since I got your letter come home soon so I can get some sleep.

Always love dear


P.S Here is a sample of my lipstick, how do you like it?