June 28th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

Well darling here I am again and I have just come back from the Danforth as I had to down there before I would write you as I had run out of paper and boy am I warm as it is terrible warm here today.
Well dear how are you doing down there are you getting nervous? I am a wee bit and every night I pray dear that August will hurry and her here but it is only about 4 weeks and then , oh boy!
I received your nice letter on Thursday and gosh do I ever look forward ot getting your letters, it just brings you so much closer to me. I am glad to hear that you will be getting permission next week I was getting a wee bit worried.
You said you were going to write Lloyd the same day you wrote my letter but as yet he hasn’t received it yet. You had better hurry or you will be leaving everything to the last minute.
What have you been doing that last week? Boy have I ever had an exciting week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had to stay in as everyone went out and I had to watch Beverley and gosh I was getting a wee bit mad But then I understood why.
Thursday night Mom and I went to the show and half way through she said she had a terrible headache so we left. On the way home she said let’s stop at Auntie Bessie’s so I can get an aspirin. I was mad but we went anyways. Just as we were going up the stairs I saw Jan run in ahead of us and right then I knew what my Mother was up to. Auntie Bessie was having a shower for me, but I guess your mother told you in her letter.
There must have been 35-40 people there and when I saw them all my heart started to pound and my knees started to knock. Everyone said I didn’t look the least bit excited but if they had only known. I will try and name a few that were there>
First your Mother, Aunt Agnes, Aunt Mattie, Mrs. Simpson, Marg McLeod, Florence McLeod, Jan, Marg, Mrs. McKinney, Auntie Lizzie and I think you know the others to see them but not by their names. You can imagine the crowd when there was about 36. Pardon me dear while I go and have a cup of tea. I’ll be back in a minute.
oh dear, I have just finished my tea and now to continue and now I will try and name some of the things I got. I got a pair of sheets, pillow cases, 4 pairs of large bath towels, 6 pairs of tea towels, 3 table clothes (a beautiful one from your Aunt Mattie) 2 glass dishes and a Pirex from you Aunt Agnes and was it ever a grand gift. 4 cups and saucers, a recipe book, pot holders, 3 vases, 3 glass sets it has glass straws for lemonade and boy the kidding I was taking gosh dear I wish you had been here the apartment was all beautifully decorated.
On Thursday I got the grandest gift I have ever got. I think we will have this for a very long time and it is truly wonderful. I got my wedding ring. I went and picked it out but it does it ever match my engagement ring beautifully. I would rave on it for hours, it is a plain gold band, with platinum flowers all around the ring and it just looks like diamonds and your Father was all tickled with it too as he is the one designed it. He is keeping it dear until you can come home so you can see for yourself that I had a very exciting day.
Friday night I went over to see your Mother and Father and you Pop is still painting and then I went down to the corner for some ice-cream (don’t you wish you had been here) and it was quite late when I left because your Mother and I had a lot to talk about.
Then last night I went to the show with Irene and Jessie to see the picture that I missed on Thursday and I was in bed by 12. Then today believe it or not I went to church this morning as Beverley was Christened. The whole family was there then they all came back here for breakfast. Then supper Pop took Mom, Auntie Jessie, Beverley and myself for a drive and we went as far as Hamilton and back and didn’t get home until 9:30PM.
So darling you think that you would like a baby girl eh? Well I will see what I can do. I was talking to Jan and she was telling me that she had a close call, but I will tell you about it when we are married, but I guess you can use your imagination. I guess it is pretty good by now eh?
Darling don’t faint but I am going to ask you for some money. Not for myself but for Lloyd’s Ted’s and Jack’s presents and also the license. Gee we are not even married yet and here I am asking for your money, but as you told me I spent that $25.00 on myself. I think $15.00 will be fine. $5.00 for the license, $10.00 for the presents and how much do you want to spend, have you regained your breath yet? I wold buy them myself and then you can give it to me when you are home. I am buying quite a lot of stuff and my money goes out as soon as it comes in.
I told your Mother to get your sports clothes out for you but they are all ready at home, waiting for you. Gosh darling I can hardly wait until I see you in your sports outfit because I certainly think you look grand in it. Well dear I think that is all I have to tell at this moment so I think I will close this letter out. Missing you more and more each day
From your loving wife to be and love with all my heart



P.S I am glad that you passed that examination

June 26th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very nice letter darling and I thought I would answer it right away.
It is 6 o’clock and it really was a swell day here today. I didn’t do very much this week, Monday and Wednesday and tonight I went to the show. Last night I played badminton and won 20 cents.
Well darling it is only 5 weeks more but I want to mention something. I can get permission to marry from the Air Force but there is a rumour that I might not be able to get my leave until September. But as I said this is only a rumour. But in a couple of weeks or maybe even a week I will know definitely.
Go ahead and assume that we can have the wedding in August as planned but if it just happens that I cant get my leave until September we will have to postpone it for a couple of weeks.
However darling I will try and find out within the next week just how things are. Don’t feel too badly about this darling because I will do everything within my power to try and get the first 2 weeks in August for us.
Darling I’m getting so excited. I don’t know how I’m going to last another month. I guess that I’m letting my excitement get the best of me.
I was just thinking how fast the year has gone, it doesn’t seem like any time has pasted since we were up in Midland and I really had a wonderful time there. I wish we were there now just the two of us. Boy does the cabin down by the lake ever look attractive to me now.
But it would look more attractive with you in your new bathing suit. I think I am going to have a wonderful time looking at all the lovely presents that you have received.
Our new hut is really ok. It is the farthest one from the Camp and is practically out in the woods. The only thing that the boys was is a nice little girl to share their bunk with, they don’t mind if it was crowded.
You never told me if Anna like married life. I guess she has got over her nervousness. I don’t think it would take her very long.
I am writing Lloyd the same time as you so he will have his letter on Monday.
Well darling I know that this is a short letter but I will answer the letter I expect tomorrow or Sunday and I hope that I will have a little more news for you. I noticed that there was a William Alfred Lewis married in Toronto at firsts I thought it was me just ahead of time.
Well darling, loving you more and more every day and getting ready prove it.

Goodbye darling


P.S. learn all you can at the christening of your sister because you be at your own in about 11 months!

June 24th, 1942

Bill Darling:

Here I am again the O’l Toronto pest again but boy do I love pestering you. I received your very lovely letter dear on Monday.
Well darling what is new with you? Are you behaving yourself? I hope so. Gosh dear it is only about 5 more weeks until I get to tell everyone you are my husband and every once and a while I have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming because it all seems so wonderful to be true. I get so thrilled every time I think about it and just think dear it will have been about 10 weeks since I last saw you dear and Bill I wish I could only make you realise how much I have missed you and also how much I love you but I think you know that, and I can hardly wait until I am alone with you.
Everyone keeps asking me if I am getting nervous yet, but I am not afraid I am just thrilled although I won’t say how I will be feeling until the great day comes alone.
I haven’t been doin much this week except getting lots of sleep because from what you say I will need lots of sleep. I do not think that I will need to take a club with me on our honeymoon as I am a Toronto girl and can take care of myself. HA HA.
Have you written Lloyd yet? I wish you would hurry and write dear because I have my invitations all ready to send out but I want to wait until you have written Lloyd so let me know in your next letter if you have or not and if you have not just look out.
Tonight I am in the house all by myself. Mother and Auntie Jessie have gone over to Auntie Lizzie’s and Pop had gone down to Auntie Bessie’s to fix her lights as something happened to them and Marg has gone out visiting so do you think you could take the night off and come home? I will expect you in 15 minutes gosh I wish that could happen but chin up Doreen old girl it won’t be long now.
O bought my bridal set the other day dear and is the nightie ever cute but I am expecting you to keep me warm dear as the nightie certainly will not. DO you think you can keep me warm, I said warm not hot!
I was talking to your Mother tonight and she was over at your Aunt’s all day as they were making our wedding cake and it is all finished. I haven’t seen it yet but I bet it is swell and I will have to send it out to be iced. They had a small one left over so your Mother said to keep it for the first Christening, boy your Mother sure isn’t slow. She is going to the show with Mother and I tomorrow night, we are going to see Mikey Rooney in “Babes on Broadway” so I think that should be good. Then I am going over to see your Mother and Pop on Friday. They are both fine but I guess you will have had a letter form her telling you she is fine by the time you receive this. I was supposed to meet your father today about getting my wedding ring but I want to look them over first or something so I don’t think I will be meeting him until Friday. Your Mother thought it would be a good idea to get my ring now as the price of jewellery is going up.
That was your Mother that phoned dear telling me to meet your Dad tomorrow afternoon, gosh dear I will you were here to help me pick it out. I am all excited about going to pick it out.
So there is another fellow in your hut but who is he going to be married to next week? Well dear I finally got the pictures developed but I cant send them down tonight because Aunt Jessie was to take them home and show them to Mrs. Kerr but I will try for sure to send them down to you tomorrow night as Aunt Jessie will bring them back with her. There is one of the baby sitting on my lap, it is very cute, but if you show the boys they might start calling you Daddy.
We have been having terrible weather here lately. I only hope we get nice weather when we are on our honeymoon. I don’t think there has been a day gone by that it hasn’t rained. Remember this time last year we had grand weather as we were up at Midland.
Bill dearest I am just listening to the grandest music on the radio and I just close my eyes dear and I imagine I am dancing with you. I have a great imagination when I want to but just think of all the dances we will have together when you come home I only hope I can still dance.
Poor Marg she is feeling sort of blue today because she got a phone call from Ted last night saying that he asked to be moved because he did not want to be an instructor and that course doesn’t finish until another 6 weeks so I guess he will be posted this week. Gosh that guy doesn’t know when he is well off but I was thinking maybe he didn’t do so good in his exams (gosh I am catty).
You were also asking me dear is I would get tired of you loving, what a silly question to ask, you know I will never tire of your loving, or of my loving you. Your mean my whole life to me Bill dear so just remember that.
My old Sunday school teacher just phoned me tonight to ask if Marg and I would like to go over to the Island on Saturday afternoon for a picnic but I don’t know if I will go yet, I will wait and see what Marg says.
Mother is having Beverley Christened this Sunday so the whole family will be out to church that morning. Poor Pop he has to hold her so I only she doesn’t cry because he gets so nervous when she cries. He is doing OK for himself he gets one daughter Christened on week and a few weeks later he walks his other daughter down the aisle to get married.
Well dearest I guess I will close now as you can see by this half piece of paper that I have run our of paper to write on but I will write you again on Sunday and hoping that there is a letter for me tomorrow,

All my love from your wife to be dearest


P.S have I ever got a special set of kisses for you…can you take it? HA HA

June 24th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I just received your very nice letter and as usual I am answering it right away. The weather here today is not so very good.
We moved into brand new barracks yesterday and boy whey are even better then Trenton darling if you were just here I think I would be the happiest person alive.
The rooms are divided into compartments of 2 bunks each. We have a radio and right now Glen Miller is playing “Body & Soul” boy it really is swell and darling that’s the way I’ll be yours in another month, boy and soul. Gee I am really getting excited myself. Well you will be mine body and soul too. That is what you are going to promise in about 4 weeks. That really sounds swell to me.
Well darling I didn’t need your recommendation. But I’ll have G.O’s permission in about a week. So don’t worry darling they haven’t refused anyone yet and incidentally everyone was given a Wasserman Test the other day and I was OK. You know what that test is for don’t you?
I am sorry to hear that Queenie is gone. But I think it as for the best because she was really getting old and she was suffering.
I will write Lloyd Thursday afternoon and let him know everything. I hope Ted hasn’t gone yet, but it will do him good to get away from home. Have you bought anything for the boys yet?
Darling I’ve been thinking that I would love nothing more than a baby and I think that a little girl would be just swell. So darling you can bet that I will be right there praying for one. I hope you will too darling. But we will have a lot of time to talk things over dear when we are on our honeymoon. Wont we have a swell time dear. I just hope that I can get a place here or get a posting closer to Toronto, but that is pretty hard.
Darling I’m going to wear my blues. Khaki isn’t formal for a wedding so I think dear that would be for the best. I got a new one. So I’m not going to wear it until I come down and tell my Mother to get my sports clothes out of hock because darling we are going to step out.
I hope that my sports coat still fits me because your husband is going to take his very cute wife out and I’m going to wear that coat. Boy darling when you mentioned your bridal set you certainly started my imagination working overtime.
But I don’t think that you will need pyjamas because darling I promise that you will be real hot without them.
We were down on the ranges yesterday but I really only did fair with the gun. I think tomorrow I will be much more of a sharp shooter.
Well darling I’m afraid that is about all the new for now. But I will write as soon as I get your next letter and I hope that is tomorrow. So for now darling with all my heart, I give you all my love.



P.S thank you for taking care of so many of the details.

June 21st, 1942

Bill Dearest:

Well darling it is now 9PM on Sunday evening and we have just come in as we re out for a drive. We took Auntie Bessie and Jessie with us tonight and went as far as Frenchman’s Bay. It was a lovely drive but it started to get cool now.
I received your lovely letter dear on Thursday but I thought I would wait and write you tonight as you would have received my last on a Saturday.
Wahts new dear? Are you getting excited? I am my tummy keeps acting up on me and gosh I can hardly wait for August to come but I guess you know that by now as I keep telling you in every letter.
Ted came in this weekend so Marg and him went over to the island this afternoon and he is leaving tonight at 9PM and is going back by train. I asked him if he would be an usher and he said he would be glad to if he is here, but he heard htat there was a lot being posted to Alaska, but if he is not here I can always get my cousin Raymond, or have you anyone else in mind. Raymond went to camp in Niagara today for his 2 weeks as he is in the reserve army. I’ll bet it will do him good.
well our English chap left for Prince Edward Island and he said if he could get his leave in August he would come down for my wedding.
Marg and I went to Anna’s and Jack’s wedding on Thursday night and it was a grand wedding and Anna made a lovely bride. She was married in a long white dress and boy was she nervous. She cried all during the service but Jack was fine. He kept smiling at Anna all the time and when they kissed boy did they go for it. Both my Mother and your Mother warned me not to do a thing like that because it was a disgrace. I missed most of it because I was behind a woman with a big hat and I couldn’t see very well.
It was a very formal wedding. Jack has tails on and so had the best man and also the ushers but I wasn’t the least bit envious because I will be just as proud walking down the aisle in my short dress.
Your Mother and Dad came around to see us this afternoon and you Mother bought me some more towels and gosh are they lovely. We had your Father holding Beverley and he was in his glory. Then I took her and your Mother said in another year I will have my hands full of one of my own. I just told her that I would park the babies on her and she said “oh Yeah” but your Dad said sure thing.
I went and ordered my invitations on Friday so I will get them next week I hope as I need to start sending them out. I also had to have your middle name dear so don’t faint if you hear the minister call your middle name out at the church.
Have you got permission yet dear? Gosh it would be awful if they wouldn’t give it to you.
I went to Lou’s last night with Marg McLeod and saw a swell picture and then we went to the Honey Dew afterwards and had a nice long talk. She is not getting married for a while and she told me to tell you she was asking for you.
I phoned Jack Dowds but he is on some kind of guard duty and wont be off until Tuesday so I will have to wait till Tuesday before I can ask him. Have you written Lloyd yet? You had better hurry and ask him.
Well darling I finally got all the pictures taken but I wont be bale to send them down to you till my next letter as I will take them in tomorrow and have them developed. I know dear you will think me terrible for being so slow in sending them down to you but I have said we have had terrible weather.
I am going up to Jan’s for supper one day this week so perhaps I will learn a thing or two but I don’t think so (boy am I conceited) She doesn’t think she will be able to see Jack until August the 13th. He is on some sort of duty guarding the plant at Niagara and gets off there afternoons a week just for a few hours but she was going to take a chance to go and see him today by bus. She is worse than us dear because she had only 3 days with him and just think darling we will have about 10 days won’t we.
Oh darling if you only knew how excited I am to see you. I think I will be down at the station when you come home, hours before the train is here please let me know dear when you will be home because if you were to just drop in on me I think I would faint.
By the way dear how was my letter of reference?
Well dear we got rid of Queenie. Dad took her away last Wednesday when nobody was around because he knew we would all make a scene if we had been here but gosh it almost broke my heart when Dad told me and I just sat down and had a good cry. The house seems so empty without her but she was suffering so I guess it was the only thing to do and poor Pop he had to wait and see her die he felt so very bad.
Well darling I guess I will close now as I have to press a blouse and skirt for work tomorrow and help Mom make the lunches up. They have just gone down Danforth to get me some stamps for your letter.

Loving you very, very much
your dearest


P.S hurry and write soon

June 20th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I just received your lovely letter dear and it was really swell. It really makes me feel so happy to receive such a nice letter from a person who you love so much and darling, you really do know how much I love you.
I received your ministers letter yesterday but I just found out that I don’t think I will need it. I don’t think I will have any difficulty down here.
It’s only 6 more weeks as you say dear. I guess that will go pretty fast for you dear because I guess that you will have a lot to do. Things are pretty quite down here now and there is practically nothing to do after work. Bob and I had a 48 hour pass Thursday and Friday but we did not go out of the camp. we slept till about 11 and got up. In the afternoons we played badminton.
I was talking to couple of fellows yesterday who had got back from overseas.. They told me that the Scotch girls were the hottest stuff they had ever met. I certainly hope that you can keep up heir reputation seeing as you are Scotch. Do you think you can?
The weather this morning is not very good. It is raining pretty hard. But our huts are really cozy. We have a furnace in each one and you husband to be at least will know how to start a furnace. We have a couple of radios too and darling whenever I hear some swell music do I ever daydream about dancing at the Palais Royale with you.
I think we could perhaps we could squeeze a night down there on our honeymoon. Just think darling just the two of us dancing down there. Then coming home together and not having to part all night. Boy that really sounds swell to me.
I read in the paper that the gasoline has been cut down. Well if we just cant use the car we could always take the train but we will have a couple of days to talk everything over when I come down there.
Are you going to buy the present to Jack, Lloyd and Ted?
By the way dear there is another fellow we bunk with who is getting married to a Toronto girl next week and boy you should have seen what they did to him. We put shoe polish on him. That is on certain spots. I’ll leave that to your imagination. I can hardly wait to get a hold of those pictures dear.
You know dear that this has been the longest time we have been apart in 5 years. I think that it is a good thing because I know that I growing so in love with you more and more each day.
Darling, I have not received a letter from my Mother for a week and I don’t remember if I sent her a letter or if she owes me one. I’m glad to hear that my Aunts are going to make the cake. I really think that they are to “tops”.
I was thinking that I could perhaps buy a little corsage for each of them but perhaps that just isn’t done. Speak to my Mother about it. I could order them when I get home. I guess that I will have to write a long list of things about, but I will do so when I get down there.
But there is one thing that I won’t ever forget and that is to give you lots of loving. I know I will never get tired of that.
There is a good picture coming to the show here. Tomorrow night it is “The Hound of the Baskerville” a real spooky picture. That is the kind that I like.
Well darling everything seems to be going pretty smoothly but is there is anything you want write me right away. I’ll write you Monday or Tuesday or as soon as I get your letter. So darling write soon and darling loving you more and more every day and saving up all my love until I see you again.



P.S I am thinking that you better get a supply of little blue and pink clothing….the sooner the better.

June 17th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your grand letter on Monday but gosh I have been so busy that this is the only chance I have had to write you and darling I want to tell you it was a lovely letter. I love you more and more each letter and boy, that is a lot.
How are you dear? Have you been doing anything exciting other than working and going to the show? I am all by myself, Mother has gone to Auntie Bessie’s and Dad has gone out in the car and Marg was out for supper. I have just finished having a bath and washing my hair to be all ready for Anna’s wedding tomorrow night. They had their rehearsal last night.
Well darling I will tell you what I have done this week so far. Monday night I went woo Anna’s Trousseau Tea with Mother, your Mother, Marg and Mrs. Simpson. She had a lot of nice things but for a long time she had been thinking she hadn’t got much to show for it. I have almost as much as her except that she has had 3 showers and also all her wedding presents were there but I will have more clothes than her.
Darling are you disappointed that I am not wearing a long dress to be married in are you? I think a short dress is just smart and I think it will be pretty nice. I cannot tell you what it will look like as that would spoil everything but I will tell you that it is going to be white.
Last night we had a blackout here but I went to the show with Irene, Jessie and Nick but it was still one when we came out of the how but it was quite light out. It lasted for 2 hours.
To night I went out and saw the minister to get my letter and he was very nice and we have definitely got the church for August 5th and I think we will het the church on Tuesday for the rehearsal at 7PM and also 7:30 on Wednesday if you get up here on Monday morning that will be soon enough dear as we have so much to talk over.
I will ask Ted to be an usher when he comes home this weekend as he gets a 36 hour leave. Your Mother also phoned Mrs. Dowds yesterday to see where Jack was stationed and that lucky guy is still down at Manning Pool, so I phoned tonight but I was too late as he had just gone out but I will phone tomorrow and ask him but you better write him anyway.
I do not think you will have to write Ted and formally ask him to be an usher I will explain it all to him. We are going to have the reception at Mallony’s Art Galleries or did I tell you in my last letter. I think that there will be about 60 guests and I think that is really cutting it down. I am going to get my invitations this Friday as they are supposed to be out 5 weeks ahead of time and dearest it is only 6 weeks away.
Oh isn’t that wonderful.
Oh by the way dear the minister wrote me a letter but he forgot to bring it tot he church with him so Dad has gone up to his house to get it for me. I will send it down to you in another envelope.
Have you put on any weight yet? I hear you were asking your Mother if I was putting on weight, just what do you mean by that? That sounds awful bad you asking if I put on weight. Do you want me to be fat? I hope you have put on some weight as you looked very slim the last time I saw you. Regardless I will love you the same whatever weight you are.
Your Mother was asking me where we were going that first night, she thinks we should go to a hotel then start out in the morning but we will not tell anybody where we are going. what do you think we would be the best idea. I got my bathing suit today and it is very cute. You never told me you got a new suit for the wedding or are you going to be married in your summer issued uniform because I will have to let Ted and Jack know so they will wear the same as you.
I came home on the street car with your Dad tonight and he said how many more weeks Doreen and I said just 6 and he seemed just as excited as I am. I won’t be able to go around and see them this week but I will goa round for sure next week or I might drop around and see them on Sunday.
Your Pop is looking good and he is still busy painting the house. Oh darling lets both pray that these 6 weeks will hurry up and go by, Bill I miss you so much.
Bill dear are you going to wear pyjamas the first night or do you just want me to keep you warm? I am also trying to acquire a tan by coming home from work on Saturday and sitting in the backyard. I promise dear to have pictures in your next letter the weather has been so dull I have not had a chance to finish the film in the camera. We will finish the folm as Marg and I want to take some pictures in our evening dresses before we go to the wedding.
My boss was trying to give me some tips on married life but I told him I knew all about it and he just laughed and said if I wanted to know anything just to ask him. As if he would be the first person that I would ask. He is such a creep. You should see all the kidding I take from the men in the office. It is a good thing that I do not blush very easily.
When you Mother gave me the towels she had a big pair of white ones she said that they were for our future baby.
Well dear I think I will finish now as I want to set my hair and go to bed as it is now 10PM. Oh did I tell you my full name in my last letter. If I didn’t then here it is.
Doreen Marguaretta Booth.
So until I hear from you, look after yourself dear because you mean everything to me>
Loving you with all my heart dearest,


P.S How do you like my collection of stamps on the envelope?

June 17, 1942

My dearest Doreen:

I received your letter about 20 minutes ago and since I haven’t a thing to do I’ll answer right away. I wrote you a letter on Saturday or Friday but the weather was an still is so bad that I think the Air Service is being held up.
But yours came through fast so I really don’t know if mine is being held up or not.
Well darling it is only 5 1/2 more weeks the time is going by slowly but it wont be long now. I told you in my last letter what I think you could buy the ushers and Lloyd. I think Ted would be fine as an usher and I’d like to get Jack Dowds as the other one but I don’t know how to get in touch with him. I wonder if it would be alright for you to phone his home and to also ask Ted. I have not written Lloyd yet but I will next week.
Now darling if you need any more money don’t forget to ask for it. I’m sorry that I haven’t sent any more pictures but the weather here has been so dark and wet that it is impossible to take a picture.
When you had mentioned that you had been to Jackson’s Point it brought back a lot of very nice thoughts. I think darling that was the place that I really started to care a lot for you. But Midland really reminds me of how much I truly do love you. I would like to get up to Jackson’s point for a night or two. I’m lining up a little program for us darling. I just want to wait to see you in person before we decide on any final decisions.
Jack isn’t here darling and I haven’t seen Doris’ boyfriend and you never told me that he had come down to see me.
So it looks like Ted is getting serious with Marg well, its about time and I guess by the time he and Marg have a little kiddie we will have our fourth, according to the way I feel about you. But of course a lot depends on you dear.
A lot of the boys that I met or saw in Trenton are starting to come through Halifax before they ship off overseas. And tell me tell you dear a lot of them have gotten married. In fact one of the lads is expecting an addition next month. So darling if I’m anything like him we will soon have an addition of our own.
Darling I can honestly say that I’ve been in bed every night by 11:30 since I have been down here. So that and the fact that I’ve been getting really swell food. I think that I will be in really swell shape for our holiday.
We have an orchestra here dear and there are 6 fellow in it. Four of them are from Toronto and three of them are from the Fireman’s Orchestra and the other one used to make flower arrangements.
I’ve been making plans dear and I think it would be nice for us to stay up at Peterborough for a couple of day. We could go up by bus or train and it so lovely and romantic up there dear. That it would be something to remember all our lives. But you are in for so much excitement and so many thrills that you will have an awful lot to remember. The boys that I was talking to said been married was so damn nice that they should have done it years ago. That’s the way I think I am going to feel.
Well darling I guess that is about all from your Halifax correspondent but I’ll write you another little note in two days. I think that is what I’ll do from now on try and write you a little note every 2 days. So darling write as soon as you get my letters.

Love from your very, very lonely husband to be.


P.S I miss you to the moon and back.

June 14th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

Well here I am again darling with the latest Toronto gossip. I received your lovely letter dear on Thursday and looked for one on Saturday as you said you would write Thursday but it didn’t come or perhaps it will come tomorrow, I certainly hope so.
How are you keeping dear gosh just think darling just about 6 more weeks and then “oh boy”. So you were playing basketball with your underwear shorts on boy I bet the girls got a thrill, do you think you might give mean exhibition soon?
It has been very warm here this last week and I laid out in the backyard yesterday afternoon and sun burned but in a day it will look quite pleasant. I took some more sun today but the weather was too dull so I will decided to use up the rest of the film in the camera. I will take them in tomorrow and will try and have them ready for my next letter.
Have you taken any more pictures yet of Halifax? If so how about sending me some as I have started putting your pictures in your album.
Well darling we will definitely set the date for the 5th of August which is on the Wednesday they say that is the luckiest day to be married and it will be at night as Mother is going to book Malloney’s Art Galleries for the reception, she is going down tomorrow to make a deposit on it now that I have the definite date.
I will go and see the minister this week and I should my letter for you by the end of this week. Here I have set the definite date so I hope that it is ok with you dear. I will also have to get my invitations by the end of this month also. Mom was talking to your Mother today to see how many she would have coming so your Mother is going to write her list out tonight. Your Aunt Agnes and Aunt Mattie are going to make our wedding cake isn’t that nice of them? They are going to start this weekend.
Your Father went over to the States yesterday and did not get in until 5AM this morning so your MOther and I were giving it to him.
I haven’t done mush since you last heard from me. We all went to the concert on Thursday night and your Mother came with us and it was awful. We came out before it was finished and was it ever raining but we waited till it went off a bit and took the street-car. Your Father was supposed to some for your Mother but he never arrived but when she got off the street-car at Monarch Park he was there meeting her with an umbrella.
Today after we went to Auntie Bessie’s we all went for a little car ride and went to Jackson Point and darling did it ever bring back nice memories. I kept thinking the grand time we had when we went dancing at the Edgewater and then I got missing you all over again and wishing you were here more than ever, gosh but I love you.
We are all going to Anna’s trousseau tea tomorrow night and Marg and I are giving her a lamp and your Mother is going to give her a guest towel. Anna and Jack’s picture was in the paper last night, I was going to send it down to you but we threw the paper out. Anna left the office the other day and she got her front room rug from the office. I am going to ask for my case of silver.
Marg has just gone out for a walk with Nick. I didn’t go as I am busy writing your letter and once I get started I don’t like stopping in the middle.
You should have seen me when I went out last night. I wore my white suit for the first time this year and went without stockings and wore 2 roses in my hair and I was just wishing that you were here to take me dancing at the Sea-Breeze with my summer outfit on. Are you going to take your brown pants and sports coat when you go away on our honeymoon?
Our dg Queenie is not been feeling very well as of late and I think Dad might take her and have her destroyed as she is suffering. So I sort of have a lump in my throat because I like that dog very much even if she is very fat. Mother says she would sooner have her destroyed than have her suffer.
When do you think I should go and get the license, about a week before we are married and also have you decided what you are going to get for Lloyd and for the ushers? I would like to have Ted but you let me know. I am going to have Anna sing for me so I have to get her a present and also Marg, I don’t now what I will get them yet?
Did I tell you in my last letter that Marg is getting her cedar chest from Ted for her birthday? I am not supposed to know this as I might let it out to Marg but I heard Mom and Auntie Jessie talking in the kitchen. You know how good of a spy I can be.
Jan was down tot he office to see me on Friday as Jack went to Niagara on the Lake on Wednesday and boy was she looking happy. I guess love will do that to a girl, and boy am I happy!
Well darling I guess I will finish now as Mother is yelling at me to hurry up as Irene nd Jessie just came in, but I will write you as soon as I hear from you so hurry and write dear.

Loving you an awful lot dearest and just wishing the days fly by so that I can have you all to myself.



June 7th, 1942

Hello Darling:

It is now Sunday afternoon so here is that letter I promised you. I would have written sooner but as I said in my last letter dear, I haven’t had any time between wedding showers and weddings but after next week I hope it will be all over.
Have you been doing anything exciting down there since I last heard from you? You better not as I am expecting a lot from you in August in the way of excitement.
Oh Bill darling I wish it was August now I am getting so lonesome for you. They are now playing “I will see you again” on the radio and gosh don’t I wish I could.
Darling I want to tell you that I received the letter with the money and I wish to thank you very much dear. I think I am a very lucky girl getting a husband like you. I only hope I will make you happy dear.
Darling you were saying that the money was for the minister etc. Well dear you give the money to the best man to give to the minister the day we are married and you also have to pay the organist and the caretaker and I thin the best man pays him also. So do you want me to keep the money for you and you can give it to Lloyd when you come home? Have you written him yet? I will get the license but I won’t get it till 3 weeks before we are married.
Bill could you give me the definite date when you will be home because I will have to get the minister and the church booked and I will have to know the exact date and we will have to have a rehearsal the night before the big day.
Gee I am getting excited. I met Doris the other day on my lunch hour and picked out all of my patterns and I am going to get all of my materials tomorrow.
I went up to Jan’s wedding yesterday and had a very nice time except that I missed you there. I went up with 2 other couples and we had t be there at 3:30PM and we did not leave Toronto until about 2PM and you should have seen the old bus that we went up in. I had my doubts that we would make it or not only after having a flat right at Newmarket and we didn’t arrive at the church till about 4PM and I was so disappointed because I missed her coming in but we got there just as they announced them man and wife.
Gee she looked very nice. Jack was as calm as anything although Jan was a little nervous. Jack phoned me before I left to make sure that I was going and I asked him how his nerves were and he said he was just fine.
Gee did I envy them when they were going away. Jan looked very cute.
Are you going to wear your summer issued uniform to our wedding? Jack was married in his civilian suit but I will be much prouder when I see you in your uniform.
I came home last night on the bus. I was supposed to stay up over the weekend but there was an awful lot of dinking going on and I felt out of it. There were a few fellows and girls who went into the cottage and into one of the bedrooms and they me in there and locked the door. God my knees were knocking together but they just wanted me to have a drink and to top it all off they had hard liquor. Gin, Whiskey etc. and what a job I had to refuse it. They wouldn’t believe me when I said I didn’t drink and boy do I wish that you were there with me then. I took Ginger-ale and they laughed their heads off at me. I felt like slapping their faces but I smiled and kept my temper and said I liked drinking my soda and they all took it with good fun. So that is why I came home on the bus but all in all it was a nice wedding.
Ted came home last night for the weekend and it was his birthday and Marg gave him a lovely camera. I was over to see your Mother and Dad on Friday night and you Aunt Mattie was there and your father was painting the veranda. When I arrived he was in his glory. As usual your Mom and Pop are fine although your Uncle Jack is not very good. we all had a nice talk and guess what the topic was. I got a lecture from your Mom and Aunt, all in good fun, that I should now start a family for at least 2-3 years. But after I see my little sister Beverley I am not sure how long I can wait but time will tell.
Bill she is a darling and she is getting so big. Mom has just gone upstairs to out her to bed. Everybody is fine here including me and boy am I raring to go and get married.
I am so glad you were able to see Jack Sherman, have you seen him again or has he gone overseas by now?
We have fellow in our office who has just come back from Halifax. He was in the Air Force and he was trying to be a flier but he kept cracking his ships up so he was washed out and what he was telling me about Halifax boy were my ears red!
We had Don Riggs around yesterday afternoon but I didn’t see him as I was at the wedding. He had been around to see your Mom also.
Darling let me know who you would like me to invite to our wedding so I will be able to send them an invitation. Is there anybody in particular you want to ask. Your Mother was telling your Aunt (Lloyd’s mother) that we are getting married and also that you will be writing Lloyd so you had better write him. Also can you give me any suggestions on what to buy him as a gift for being in the wedding? Jack his best man a billfold and also you need to make sure that you write Mrs. Dean at Big Cedar if you want to go up there for part of our Honeymoon. You have responsibilities now.
Well darling I will close now as I have to get dressed for super but I will write tyou at the beginning of the week so write soon dear.

Loving you with all of my heart dear