July 9th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

Well darling, here I am again but as yet I haven’t heard from you yet and it is now Thursday night. What’s the matter have you forgotten all about me down there?
I have been a wee bit worried about you, have you been to busy working or have you been doing things that you should not be doing? And if so, I guess I better take the next train down and have a word with you.
Well dear I have been a busy girl this week. Monday night Marg and I went to Doris’ for a fitting of our dresses etc. and they look pretty nice and by the time we left Doris’ place it was quite late and it was about 12:30AM before I got to bed. Then Tuesday night Mother, Auntie Jessie, Marg and myself went to see about our hats and ordered them so that is another thing off my list. We saw a terrible accident that night. I was in buying new dress and we heard an awful crash and we all ran outside to see what it was and it was a boy about 15 had been knocked off his bike at Monarch Park and the car dragged him. The boy tried to get up but couldn’t, I think his leg was broken and they had to carry him to the doctors.
Your Mother just dropped in now dear. Then Wednesday as I guess you know, your Aunts had a shower for me and Bill Dear it was a beautiful shower. The decorations and eats were grand. I was just wishing you were there because everybody was asking for you and wanted to see you and was wondering when you would be home. Boy what a surprise I got, I think I shook all over. I went over to your Mothers last night and we were witting and talking as your father was busy writing letters when the telephone rang. It was your Aunt Mattie phoning to see if your Father would take her to see Mrs. Yonge and of course your father fell right in with it. They asked me if I would go for the trip and I said OK. When we got here your Mother told to go and get your Aunts and when I did I saw a few ladies running in the back with presents. I turned to look at your Father and he was grinning ear to ear and I started to laugh and to be honest my knees started to shake. I finally managed to get in the house and what a beautiful surprise it was.
I received so many beautiful presents. I will try and remember who was there so here goes:
There was your Aunt Leeny and her daughter, Ruth and her Mother, Miss Ross, Miss Virtue, Mrs. Simpson, Auntie Jessie, Marg, Mother, Mrs. Moir and Myrle, gee she is nice Bill, there was about 30 more people there but I can’t remember all their names. Boy was your Aunt Leeny on her high horse last night, she was dancing around with you Mother.
Here are some of the grand gifts I got last night. I got the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen from your Aunt Agnes and a grand bedroom rug from your Aunt Mattie and 7 cups and saucers, 2 pans, a pair of pillow cases, a nice juice jug, 1 table cloth, a grand vase and some more Pyrex ware so don’t you think that I am the luckiest girl in the world and darling I am so happy. Darling I have so much to tell you and talk about when I see you and just think it will be a month from now.
What have you been doing that you can’t even write me but perhaps I will have one tomorrow. Poor Marg hasn’t had any word from Ted yet wither, so she is sitting down writing him now and I guess she is bawling him out too.
Your Mother came over tonight as I want to get my invitations out to your relatives in England and also get the address of your other guests and I guess he will help me back my things in my cedar chest. I don’t know if I can get all my things in it or not as it is getting so full.
Have you decided yet dear on where we are going to spend our honeymoon because if you do not write in a hurry and reserve a place I doubt if we will get a place or not, or just take a chance.
I went in and told Mr. Huston that I was having the 30th of July off and he was very nice he was kidding me asking me what I knew about married life and I said not very much but I was always willing to learn and he just laughed. So I asked him for a transfer so he said that he would see what he could do.
Well darling just think you will be 21 on Friday. How do you feel? (With your hands I know). Just think I will be marrying a man oh boy, just hold me back. Gosh darling I am wishing you a the happiest of birthdays and I just wish that I was down there to give you a kiss on your birthday.
I have to go out tomorrow night as I am going down to see if I can have a dress made and I have to go see the dress lady tomorrow night. Then I guess I will go to the show with Marg Saturday night.
Well dear I guess I will finish now because everybody is yelling at me and kidding me that it must be terrible to be in love, but I think it is grand how about you? I also have to do some washing.

So loving you very, very much dear and hoping to hear from you tomorrow or else beware

P.S extra for your birthday

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