July 8th, 1942

Dearest Doreen:

I received your very nice letter this morning and although I missed todays mail I am answering it in time for you to get it Saturday.
Well darling, everything is all set at this end. I got permission and my leave also on Monday so, I hope to be getting on that train in 3 weeks this Saturday that is August the 1st. But I’m not going to feel at ease until I get off in Toronto and baby that wont be soon enough!
So you were up at Midland and cabins are pretty scarce well we can start out 4 weeks tonight and stop at any place that captures you fancy dear.
I’m afraid that practically nothing exciting has happened here dear but I might say that I’m not sleeping as good as I used to and what is causing me not to sleep is that fact that my imagination is starting to het the best of me and boy is it really working overtime already.
Darling you will find the $15.00 dollars enclosed and a couple of pictures of Bob and myself and we have a couple more pictures of us in our underwear but they were more or less indecent and I didn’t want to scare you before we got married dear or else you might back out!
I don’t think that you will as we both love each other so much, and I think that nothing really scares you.
I guess Bill McKenzie will be getting little worried about being drafted nowt hat they lowered the age limit to 20 years old. Boy I’m certainly glad that I got in this outfit before I was drafted because I doubt if I could have got in the Air Force now other than general duties or as a pilot overseer and darling as I wouldn’t want my nice wife to worry over me.
So Ted is in New Brunswick where did he get posted? I think I might be making a trip to a place called Pennfield Ridge and if he is there I’ll look him up and see that he s behaving himself.
I got a letter from Lloyd today saying that he would stand up for me so that is settled that ok? I guess things are pretty much well under control now eh? We’ll just have to see what Ted can do but if he can’t manage it I’ll try and think of someone else.
I was thinking dear, if we could to get to Midland on Wednesday night or whether we should stay at some place on the way. But we will have a couple of days to talk things over dear. I know that I’ve got so much to say and do dear but just don’t get so close to me darling or I might so something rather drastic and I believe that it might be a criminal offence. But I guess you can always use a baseball bat on me.
I can see by the paper that there are an awful lot of weddings happening in Toronto boy I guess there must have been an awful mistakes that need to be taken care of. I just wonder how many other have had close escapes like Jan.
So you won’t tell me what kind of close call Jan had. You don’t have to worry about the censor department opening any mail because they do not open regular mail coming to a soldier. So don’t be afraid to tell me a few details and let me in on a few secrets.
Darling I’m really very proud of your pictures that you sent me. I really do think you have put on weight and darling just where it counts too. But you told me that married women always put weight on there why?
Well darling I guess that is about all the gossip that I have for you now. But the time is going by now very fast but still going so darling, loving you very, very much. I remain forever yours



P.S I love you very much dear but actions speak louder than words so you will have to wait and see.

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