July 5th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

Well darling how are you? I was really surprised when I got your lovely letter on Saturday and gosh I sure love those kind of surprises. I didn’t get it until about 6PM as I did not come right home from work but went and got my hair done and you probably won’t know me when you see me because I got it cut. Everyone thinks it looks nice and all the styles are short hair but by the time you come home dear it won’t be so short.
It is now about 10PM and why I am so late in writing you is because we have just came in from Midland. Mother, Dad Grandpa and Beverley and myself left this morning about 1PM and the McKenzie’s came with us including that dope Herb. Marg didn’t come with us today as Ted didn’t leave until he took the (930AM train for New Brunswick and it would have been to late to go then so Marg stayed home and has gone over to her Mothers’ for supper. Ted is going to try for his leave in August but he is not sure if he can get it or not.
Gee darling I still have my fingers crossed that you still get your leave in August, but as you say I will just go ahead with the arrangement as we planned and hope for the best.
The weather here had been terrible today just as we arrived in Midland it started to pour and it rained for about 3 hours and we have to stay in the cabin or in the car so it wasn’t much fun. Bill phoned me to tell me to be sure and take my tennis racquet but as it rained all day we could not play.
I don’t know what we will do for our honeymoon because Aunt Polly wanted a cabin for the last week in July and the fellow said that they were all booked up until August but maybe by the time we go there will be some that are vacant. Then I went out in a boat with Bill and Herb and rowed over to Smith’s Cabins to see if there were booked and they were.
Remember the last time we went out in the boat dear? Remember I did all the work. Gee when I went up to Midland was I ever homesick for you. I missed you an awful lot today Bill. I had such a grand time up there with you last year.
We walked into town and saw the good O’le Blue Room. I have just finished talking to your Mother before I started to write your letter and she is fine. She is going to write you tomorrow and I tried to get in touch with her last night after I received your letter but she was up at your Aunts and your Aunt Agnes received the nice handkerchief and card you sent her and was all tickled with it.
I am going over to see your Mom and Pop on Wednesday and I will tell them about you getting 97 out of 100 in the shooting tournament and that you are about to receive the 2 Air Force Crests. Gosh are you going to look smart in your old age.
I told your Mother about you going to Newfoundland and she said that was swell, you must be right as rain when you got that 97 in the tournament.
So you don’t know what kind of a close shave Jan had eh? I guess you still have a few things to learn I see and I’m just the little person to teach you. HA HA. But I will tell you about the close shave when we are married.
Irene and Jessie saw Dave Millar along the Danforth the other night nd they said he had quite the limp but he is still wearing his uniform. Poor Dave, gosh I feel sorry for him and I might give him a phone call.
I will be pretty busy this week. I am going to Doris’ tomorrow night and I am going to see about my hats on Tuesday and I am over to see your Mother on Wednesday and I am going to pick up one of my dressed and also see about having one made so it will keep me hopping.
Oh darling if you only knew how much I love you and missed you but I guess you will be getting bored with me telling you in every letter. You will never know how much I do miss you but I will tell you some day.
Bill will you ever get a surprise when you see Beverley, no kidding she is a very pretty baby and she is getting so smart. She is starting to raise her head off the pillow but of course all the Booths are smart and she has he cutest smile and she also has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I don’t know who she takes after from because none of us have eyes like that.
Well dear I am going to tell the big boss at work that I will be leaving. I am going to tell him tomorrow that I will be leaving July 30th as that only gives me a few days and also to ask for my transfer. I hope he is in good humour.
Well dearest I guess I will close my letter now because I am very tired. I was up at 6AM this morning and I must get my rest for the big day but I will write you again on Wednesday dear.

All my love dearest from your wife to be soon.



P.S I love you very much dear

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