July 17, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very nice letter today dear and I am answering it right away even though there isn’t very much to tell you.
I wrote my mother and my aunts and thanked them for giving you such a nice shower. You certainly must have quite a lot of lovely gifts, where are you putting them all?
Just think darling in 2 weeks from today at this time I hope to be on the train. I think that is gets into Toronto about 7 o’clock Monday morning. So you got your transfer to the College Street store that’s fine darling but we can talk that all over when I come home.
I went into town with the boys on Thursday night the first time in 2 weeks and saw that picture “Ten Gentlemen from West Point” and it certainly was a great picture wit plenty of action and fighting.
Boy darling, that promise that you made about keeping me warm I am certainly going to hold you to it. So darling don’t let me down as I promise that I will never let you down.
Have you heard anymore about moving into my Aunts’ house? I certainly hope that you get it. It is a good idea to bank the money for our bedroom suite dear because we do want everything new when we start to take up housekeeping.
Do I wish that this war was over so we could get a house of our own. But I do not think that will be very far off dear.
How does Ted like New Brunswick? I think that trip of mine has been cancelled but I might get a chance to see him. We have an orchestra here you know, well 4 of the boys used to play in Paul Fireman’s orchestra. One has brought his wife down here and so has the piano player. They are getting their leave the same time as I am. So I will have company on the way down to Toronto.
I really can’t wait to get down to the Palais with you dear, boy it really must be swell down there now and just think we wouldn’t have to hurry home and then when we did we wouldn’t have to part. That really does sound swell to me.
Right now I am looking out of our barrack’s window and it really is lovely country, trees and bushes and now a cloud in the sky. We still are having grand weather.
Have you started to knit baby clothes dear because you don’t want to leave at all to the last minute because you know how those sort of things creep up on you.
By the way do you know that I went to Trenton a year ago today, boy hasn’t that year gone by quickly. Do you remember coming down to the Exhibition that night before I left? Boy after a year in the service I guess I can consider myself a veteran.
Well dearest I guess that is about all for now but I love you with all my heart dear and I will be seeing you in two weeks. So goodbye dear.



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