July 16th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

I received you nice letter yesterday and I had all intentions of answering it last night but I went over to see your Mother and Dad and by the time I got home I was too late so darling, if you don’t receive this letter by Saturday you will know why.
Well darling I quit work 2 weeks from today and then dear it will only be 3 weeks until you are my husband. Oh darling I can hardly believe it’s true. I have everything near ready. I have all my clothes bought now I hope. I think I will go over and get the license next week and I will just keep my fingers crossed that I don’t have any trouble. I don’t think I will though. I am glad dear that you liked your birthday present, and I tried to get a cake sent down to you but they would not send it.
We have been having grand weather here just now and as you say it, it has been nice and warm during the day and cool at nights. I so do hope that this weather stays until August.
I am going to be all by myself tonight as Mother and Dad went out for Mr. Watts birthday and they are going to go dancing. They are getting quite lively in their old age but I don’t mind. Marg has gone out to a shower for a girl in the office and I wish you were here to keep me company.
I have not done very much this week. Monday night I went to the show with Irene and Jessie and on Tuesday I went down to see about having my dress fitted one more time and then I went up to Eaton’s and Mother and Dad picked me up. Then last night I went over to see your Mother and Dad and as usual you Dad was still painting but I think that is he is nearly finished. I saw your Mothers dress that she is wearing to the wedding and it is lovely and she should look very nice. Your Aunt Agnes has bought herself a new dress but nobody has seen it yet.
You were asking me if I had heard from Jan or Anna, well I had a card from Jan the other day and she is (FINE) except that she has not seen Jack since she went up to the lake. Did I tell you that she quit her job, she worked for about a week then quit. Her Mother has a boarding house up at Rocke’s Point so Jan went up there for about 3 weeks ago to help her Mother. She has seen Jack once since they were married and that was for 1 hour. She had to go to Niagara to see him but I hope he can het off for the wedding. I am sending her invitation tonight and I enclosed a wee note with it, so perhaps when I get a letter from her I will be able to tell you more.
Darling it’s funny but I am not afraid either although I am very excited. Every time your Pop sees me he keeps asking me if I am getting nervous. I will be getting Lloyd a pipe for his gift as that is what his Mother told me he wanted. As for Jack I will have to think of something because it is beyond me what he will want.
Dad is going to run me over to see Uncle Louie for a few minutes tonight before they go out because we are getting a table lamp for Grandpa and I have to go over and pick the one out I like the best. You Mother is going to give us our bedroom suite, I guess you know that and she was asking me if I would just take the money or would I go down and buy it, but I think dear I will take the money and bank it (wait till you come home and we can pick it out together). I was thinking that I would like everything new when we take up a house, even if it is only 2 rooms dear.
You were saying in your letter that you don’t think you will need pyjamas, well I don’t think so either because I will be so warm that I will be able to keep you warm dear. I think the Guild of Arts would be fine.
Well I went over to Uncle Louie’s to pick up that lamp and I guess you know what happened next. Auntie Lizzie had a shower for me and just as I entered the hall they started playing “here comes the Bride” and I almost fainted. I got such a shock. Pop drove me over and as I told your Mom and him were supposed to be going out so you can see all the lies they had to tell me. What a mess I was.
Your Mother and Mattie were there, your Aunt Agnes wasn’t there because she had gone to the country for the week. I can’t begin to tell you the people that were there. So many people, at least over 35! You should see all the grand things I have to show you dear when you come home.
Here are some of the things, I got another beautiful quilt from your Aunt Mattie, a pair of flannelette blankets from Mother, Marg and Aunt Jessie, a pair of sheets, 2 pairs of pillow cases (which now makes a grand total of 16) 1 pair of towels, a cup and saucer and more glass wear, 1 pair of tea towels a baking bowl from Auntie Bessie and Irene, 2 pairs of guest towels and a beautiful picture. Well dear I guess that is about all I can tell you about my shower except that you should have been there for the eats, they were grand. My 3 showers were the best showers that I have ever seen and I certainly realize how lucky I am.
If I get a chance I am going to try and go to the Imperial next week as the picture is the “birth of a Baby” and it is upposed to be a very good picture, but maybe I will wait until after we are married.
Well darling I really must go as my lunch break is over and I am writing this sitting in the bathroom stall (boy aren’t I a charmer)
So loving you very, very much dear,
All my love



P.S Write soon

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