July 13, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very nice parcel on Monday and want to thank you for sending me such very lovely presents for my Birthday. The day was very uneventful. I got a card from my Mother and one from each of my Aunts. My Mother told me that she had bought me a new pair of pyjamas for our honeymoon but I told her that I did not think that I would be using them because I have not been using pyjamas for the last month, but if you would like me to wear them I will dear.
Well darling three weeks from today and I’ll be home. See the time is going slow but it’ll get here before very long now dear. You really do not know how much I miss you and as for loving you I’ll just say wait until I get home.
One of the boy who sleeps in the bunk next to me brought his wife and baby down. He has got one room and a kitchenette. We will talk this over when I come down.
I was very glad to hear that you received such lovely things at your shower and darling you deserve the very best of everything and someday dear I hope to be able to give them all to you. Including about 3 babies but you will have to help with those but that wouldn’t be work, it’ll be fun!
The weather the last few days has been really wonderful, warm days and cool nights. That’s what I hope we have especially cool nights. I couldn’t get off the station last week as I was on duty watch. But I didn’t particularly want to go anywhere so it didn’t really bother me.
You didn’t mention that you had received my letter yet, but I guess that you’ve got it by now. I hope that will be enough money darling but if you do need anymore please let me know.
I was thinking that if the Guild of all Arts was a nice place to stay for our first night of our honeymoon or did you want to take a chance and just start out and stop at a place along the way. Either way it will be fine by me. Oh darling if you really did know how much I think of you, it might sound silly but I really do think of you every hour. And just you wait until we are married, but my imagination is starting to get away from me again and that is bad.
I am glad to hear that your little baby sister is so fine. You are so lucky that I am not fickle as I might have chosen her as you said she is very cute. Have you seen Anna or Jan lately? Is so how does married bliss suit them?
How is the cooking coming along dear. You will have to be in top shape to keep up with these Air Force cooks and especially their apple pie. I had 4 pieces of apple pie with ice cream for dinner yesterday. Boy I am a little pig.
Well dear I think that is about all for now but I will write you about Wednesday so loving you with all of my heart darling and getting very, very anxious to show you.



P.S Thank very much for the telegram dear, it really was sweet and thoughtful of you

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