July 12, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your grand letter on Friday, but I thought I would wait an answer your letter tonight instead of Friday because I would have more news to tell you.
It is now about 11PM and I indented to write you sooner but we were out for a drive and did not get home until after 7 and by the time we had out supper and did the dishes it was after 8 and then Auntie Lizzie and Uncle Louie and your Mother and Father dropped in they have just left, so that is why I am so late.
Thank you very much dear for the money, I received it OK. See I told you that I would be an expense to you! I hope you don’t mind I will try and get Lloyd’s present this week and also Jacks. Bill I was thinking what about me phoning Dave Miller and asking him to be an usher, that is if he is well enough but we will have to hurry because we can’t wait until the last minute to ask somebody to be an usher, but I will wait to hear from you before I do anything.
Darling you do not know how relieved I am to hear that you can get your leave for sure, I have been keeping my fingers crossed and holding my breath and now I can breath easier. Gosh I think I will be down hours ahead of the train arrival waiting for you. Do you think you will have to wear a rose or something so I will know how you are? I was only kidding dear as I can pick you out of a million Air Force fellows. I liked the pictures very much Bill, I think you have put on weight (oh boy) and Bob looks good too.
So you are not sleeping so good eh? I am having the most marvelous dreams, remind me to tell you about them when I see you.
So you might be taking a trip to Pennfield Ridge and you thought you might be able to see Ted, well strange as it may seem that is where Ted is now so if you got here be sure to look him up. His Mother had a letter from him and he said he said he was in some god forsaken hole and is about 20 or 30 miles from the nearest town. He was getting a 48 hour leave this weekend but he didn’t know where he was going. His number is R108827 #2 O.T.4 Pennfield Ridge.
How do you like these flying trips? Bill dear, please be careful. I know I sound like an Old married woman already, but please be careful because dear you mean more to me then anything else in the world. Did you get sick the first time you were up or am I insulting you?
Last Friday night I was supposed to go and see about having a dress made but it rained all day so I didn’t go. I was just going to spend a quiet evening at home and about 8:30 the phone rang and it was Mrs. Simpson wanting to know if Marg and I would like to go for a drive out to Scarborough to see some friends of theirs. So we said sure and Bill I never saw such a beautiful home. The man is the head chemist at Danforth Tech. It was just like a movie stars home. They lady’s son is being married next Saturday he is also in the Air Force at Camp Borden and he is just 19!
On Saturday I got off work early because Mother and Dad were going to Midland to get Auntie Bessie and I had to come home and mind the baby. It seems that I have been minding the baby quite a lot as of late, I guess I can consider it practice for us.
I got all my invitations written today so I will mail them tomorrow. The only address I did not know was Don Riggs and you Mother didn’t know it either but she is going to find it out for me.
Mother and Dad were talking to Mr. & Mrs. Wright (Anna and Jack) last night. They were out on the Danforth doing their shopping and they were asking for you. They are coming to your wedding and I guess I told you Anna is going to sing.
We are going to have a 3 piece orchestra, we were going to have piano and boy sing, but I thought it better that we get the orchestra instead.
I am enclosing the announcement of our engagement dear, so now it is official. Mother phoned Friday and put it in the paper. What do you think of it, note I underlined you middle name Asbury, but never mind dear I think it is a cute name.
Well darling I am afraid I will have to close now as it is about 12PM and my eyes are just about to close. Come home dear and tuck me in bed.

Loving you from the very bottom of my heart dearest,


P.S how does it feel to be a man (21)
P.P.S write soon, as I only got a little letter from you last time

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