July 3rd, 1942

Hello Darling:

I have just finished reading your very nice letter and so as I am not very busy I will answer it right away. It is 10:30 Friday morning and for the first time in over a week it isn’t a very nice day. It is not raining but very cloudy and damp. Yes the weather has really been OK lately, bright and warm days and nice cool nights.
I just hope that we have nice weather and nice cool nights because they tell me that is the best weather for a honeymoon.
I don’t know what kind of close shave Jan could have had? I mean I could use my imagination but I do not know how she could have known so soon. Of well I guess I have a few thing to learn.
I’m glad that you got a hold of Jack but you can tell that he on makes 20 cents more a day than I do. He only has a “C” group trade and I have an “A” group trade but it is rather complicated so I will not go into details.
Well Ted will start to realise how lucky he was. But they say that the New Brunswick stations are not too bad. By the way I told you I went to Newfoundland on the weekend. It is only a 3 hour trip. I think that I will be going to Labrador on of these weekends. I’ve got my name down for a trip and it is about a 6 hour trip and so I would be leaving Saturday afternoon and perhaps spend the night up there.
By the way the station is located at a place called Goose Bay. This Sunday Bob and I are goin to the Air Force Summer Camo down the coast about 20 miles. Its really a swell place with fishing and swimming and boating. So I hope that Sunday is a nice day.
Well darling I feel pretty proud of myself. We went down to the range for a shooting tournament and your husband to me got 97 out of a possible 100. So they proudly presented yours truly with 2 Air Force Crests. By the way tell my Pop that.
Well darling as yet I have not heard any news about my leave etc. But in another 3 or 4 days I should know. But what I gather from my boss I think everything will be OK.
I guess we will have to make some rush decisions in regards to our ushers dear. I have not received a letter from my Mother yet, but I guess she will be writing soon. Well darling that is about all the news for now and I just say that I love you more than anything or anybody I have ever met and in another 4 weeks you will be all mine.
Well darling I promise you I’ll send your money in my next letter as I forgot to bring it up with me today and I want to get this letter away today in the post. Well dear loving you very very much and only 4 weeks to go.

I remain your very impatient husband to be.



P.S here is hoping hat we have a couple of close shaves after we are married.

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