July 1st, 1942

Well O’l dear it is now 2PM Wednesday afternoon as you know this is a holiday and as usual it has just stopped raining. I thought I would be out in the sunshine and get a tan but no go, if you hear an awful noise down in Halifax just now, it is Beverley crying and boy can she cry. Mother is trying to get her to go to sleep but she really does not want to. You should see her now, she is as cute as a button, when she is not crying.
Well dearest I received your letter on Monday or should I say WEEE note and darling I certainly got a shock when I received your letter. The bottom of my world dropped out when you said you might not be able to get your leave in August but I won’t give up hope dear until I hear a definite from you but I will just on planning the way I have. I only hope that the rumour is false, but as my Mother said “Doreen when you are engaged to a fellow in the service – that I have to expect shocks like that”. I guess she is right. But if they cancel your leave I think I will buy the next train ticket down there and really give it to your Commander.
You were saying that I never mentioned if Anna like married life, well I don’t know dear because I have not seen her, she just came home from her honeymoon last Friday so her and Jack are just getting everything settled in their new house but I guess she likes married life, just wait dear till we are married then you can ask me directly.
Well dear I haven’t done much this week. I went for a walk Monday night with Mom and I was also talking to you Mother on Monday to tell her I had received a letter from you but she had received one also and that Lloyd had received one too and he seems quite excited about the whole affair.
Last night I stayed home and let Mom and Pop go out and tonight Dad has to stay in and watch Beverley so that Mother and I can go to the show. You see we have to take turn about. Tomorrow night MArg and I have to go to Doris’ for a fitting on our dresses and Friday night I am going over to see your Mom and Pop if they are not going out so you see dear my week has filled in.
Poor Marg got some bad news last night. She was over at Mrs. Simpsons last night when they got a telephone call from Ted at Mountain View saying that he has been posted to some hick town in New Brunswick and was leaving today so poor Marg was feeling blue last night and gosh dear I certainly know how she feels. Mrs. Simpson phoned her about 9AM this morning to ask her if she would like to go to Belleville with them as they were going to take a chance and drive up to see him before he goes because I don’t think the train leaves until about 1PM.
I finally got in touch with Jack Dowds to see if he would be an usher and he said he would like too. He is still the same O’l Jack although I haven’t seen him in person but just hearing him talk you can tell he is just the same. I had quite the job getting a hold of him because every time I phoned he was always out. He was telling me that by Thursday, that’s tomorrow, he would have his third stripe. I asked him if he had pull and he just said he worked a hell of a lot harder (excuse the language) but that’s what he said. He was asking for you and he still thought that you were in Ottawa and got quite a surprise when I told him you were in Halifax. gosh we could have talked for hours, you know how Jack gets.
Have you put on any weight dear because I do not want you looking like skin and bones when you marry me. Well dearest I will keep my fingers crossed until I get your letter to see if it will be August or September until we get married so hurry and write dear because I will be very anxious to hear form you. I will have to finish now because I have a lot to do yet. I have to do some ironing and washing yet and want to het it finished before supper but I will write you a nice long letter on Sunday.

Loving you with all my heart dearest


P.S please hurry home

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