June 28th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

Well darling here I am again and I have just come back from the Danforth as I had to down there before I would write you as I had run out of paper and boy am I warm as it is terrible warm here today.
Well dear how are you doing down there are you getting nervous? I am a wee bit and every night I pray dear that August will hurry and her here but it is only about 4 weeks and then , oh boy!
I received your nice letter on Thursday and gosh do I ever look forward ot getting your letters, it just brings you so much closer to me. I am glad to hear that you will be getting permission next week I was getting a wee bit worried.
You said you were going to write Lloyd the same day you wrote my letter but as yet he hasn’t received it yet. You had better hurry or you will be leaving everything to the last minute.
What have you been doing that last week? Boy have I ever had an exciting week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had to stay in as everyone went out and I had to watch Beverley and gosh I was getting a wee bit mad But then I understood why.
Thursday night Mom and I went to the show and half way through she said she had a terrible headache so we left. On the way home she said let’s stop at Auntie Bessie’s so I can get an aspirin. I was mad but we went anyways. Just as we were going up the stairs I saw Jan run in ahead of us and right then I knew what my Mother was up to. Auntie Bessie was having a shower for me, but I guess your mother told you in her letter.
There must have been 35-40 people there and when I saw them all my heart started to pound and my knees started to knock. Everyone said I didn’t look the least bit excited but if they had only known. I will try and name a few that were there>
First your Mother, Aunt Agnes, Aunt Mattie, Mrs. Simpson, Marg McLeod, Florence McLeod, Jan, Marg, Mrs. McKinney, Auntie Lizzie and I think you know the others to see them but not by their names. You can imagine the crowd when there was about 36. Pardon me dear while I go and have a cup of tea. I’ll be back in a minute.
oh dear, I have just finished my tea and now to continue and now I will try and name some of the things I got. I got a pair of sheets, pillow cases, 4 pairs of large bath towels, 6 pairs of tea towels, 3 table clothes (a beautiful one from your Aunt Mattie) 2 glass dishes and a Pirex from you Aunt Agnes and was it ever a grand gift. 4 cups and saucers, a recipe book, pot holders, 3 vases, 3 glass sets it has glass straws for lemonade and boy the kidding I was taking gosh dear I wish you had been here the apartment was all beautifully decorated.
On Thursday I got the grandest gift I have ever got. I think we will have this for a very long time and it is truly wonderful. I got my wedding ring. I went and picked it out but it does it ever match my engagement ring beautifully. I would rave on it for hours, it is a plain gold band, with platinum flowers all around the ring and it just looks like diamonds and your Father was all tickled with it too as he is the one designed it. He is keeping it dear until you can come home so you can see for yourself that I had a very exciting day.
Friday night I went over to see your Mother and Father and you Pop is still painting and then I went down to the corner for some ice-cream (don’t you wish you had been here) and it was quite late when I left because your Mother and I had a lot to talk about.
Then last night I went to the show with Irene and Jessie to see the picture that I missed on Thursday and I was in bed by 12. Then today believe it or not I went to church this morning as Beverley was Christened. The whole family was there then they all came back here for breakfast. Then supper Pop took Mom, Auntie Jessie, Beverley and myself for a drive and we went as far as Hamilton and back and didn’t get home until 9:30PM.
So darling you think that you would like a baby girl eh? Well I will see what I can do. I was talking to Jan and she was telling me that she had a close call, but I will tell you about it when we are married, but I guess you can use your imagination. I guess it is pretty good by now eh?
Darling don’t faint but I am going to ask you for some money. Not for myself but for Lloyd’s Ted’s and Jack’s presents and also the license. Gee we are not even married yet and here I am asking for your money, but as you told me I spent that $25.00 on myself. I think $15.00 will be fine. $5.00 for the license, $10.00 for the presents and how much do you want to spend, have you regained your breath yet? I wold buy them myself and then you can give it to me when you are home. I am buying quite a lot of stuff and my money goes out as soon as it comes in.
I told your Mother to get your sports clothes out for you but they are all ready at home, waiting for you. Gosh darling I can hardly wait until I see you in your sports outfit because I certainly think you look grand in it. Well dear I think that is all I have to tell at this moment so I think I will close this letter out. Missing you more and more each day
From your loving wife to be and love with all my heart



P.S I am glad that you passed that examination

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